Facebook is one of the most popular social apps used worldwide. There are so many social apps that people use, but nothing beats Facebook when we do a comparison. The app has gained the attention of many users whether it comes to local users or business entities, everyone entrepreneur uses this platform to promote business. Despite considering the business promotion factor, Facebook offers so many features to end-users. The addition of stickers has also surprised people, as the use of stickers helps to show your expressions on Facebook.

Facebook stickers are like images that you can share with your friends to show them your expressions. It’s a kind of fun activity that has improved the usage of Facebook, as these images and stickers can be used in comment sections and also in messengers. How can you use stickers to express yourself? First, we’ll know about these stickers.

What Are Facebook Stickers?

Facebook stickers are emojis used for expressing your feelings. These emojis are taken from different movie scenes and TV shows, even animal characters are more common in these emojis along with celebrities for showing expressions. Generally speaking, Facebook stickers are not 100% emojis, these are slightly different from emoticons. These are pure stickers based on personality and characters to show expressions.

A sticker is an image that is larger when we compare it to the emojis, while emojis are the only faces. Further, you can see text around stickers while emojis are text free. Now, if you are confused with the word sticker, then we have got you covered. Facebook sticker isn’t a physical sticker. It is entirely different from a physical sticker because we use it on comments and posts. Further, it comes in different colors and letters that attract readers and users.

Facebook starts you out with only a little number of stickers that you can practice. You can get more amazing stickers by clicking the shop basket icon button in the upper right top window of the sticker. All the stickers presented are completely free. In the future Facebook will announce paid stickers that will have tons more options and choices.

Occasionally, adding an animated GIF to a conversation makes it more amusing. There is an option to insert an animated GIF through Messenger by clicking on the + button and scrolling over to the “GIFs” button on the top menu.

From there, you can opt from trending GIFs or search for a GIF in the search box as you can scroll horizontally. Then click on the GIF that you want to send.

How to Use Facebook Stickers

Facebook stickers are used in various places on Facebook. You can search them on the search tab to find specific stickers you want to use. You can type anything on the search box to see your sticker on the screen. Also, you can look for Happy, Angry, and Sad stickers after searching for the relevant options. Choose your favorite stickers and packs to change your mood. The stickers are a kind of icon that you can easily choose from the available options. Keep browsing for the best stickers and scroll down the cursor to look at various images. Once you like the image, your job is to click on the sticker to get it.

How to Send a Sticker in Messages or Comments?

The use of stickers also matters a lot, especially when it comes to sending to your friends. You can send through messenger and also you can post stickers on comment sections. Your job is to click on the sticker icon to activate it. The selection of stickers is not a difficult job; it only takes a second to choose a sticker.

How to Add a Sticker to A Photo?

If you want to add a sticker to your post, you can do it while sharing the post. Click on the photo and video you want to share, just upload your content. After uploading the content, click on the pencil icon and hover over the photo to add a sticker to your post. Besides adding one sticker, you can add more than one sticker to your post by clicking on the sticker. Click and drag the sticker to your post, even you can change the size of the sticker as well.

How to Get More Facebook Stickers?

If you want to add more stickers to your Facebook, you can also do it. There are so many sticker packs that you can explore on the web. Almost, a pack includes around 20 stickers. You can choose different themes to add to your Facebook, just go to the sticker store. Thankfully, Facebook doesn’t charge money directly. It’s a good feature that Facebook offers to all active users. Now you can add stickers to your collection by clicking on the blue plus icon on the top right side. By clicking this, you can open the sticker store. By visiting the store, you can browse all the available packs. To preview the sticker, just click on it and press download for the downloading. It’s nice to add stickers to your collection.

How to Remove Facebook Stickers?

If you want to remove the Facebook sticker, there is an option available for removing the sticker. It doesn’t mean you can block the sticker option; the option will remain there but you can only remove the sticker packs you have downloaded from the store. Yes, you can only remove your collection. Further, you can always remove the sticker in the pack, so it’s a good option that many users avail of.

Join The Facebook Stickers Group

You can also join the Facebook stickers group to get updates about stickers. To see a new collection, you can join the stickers group to have fun. You can become a member of the group to get a link to the sticker’s collection. Now you can explore a variety of Facebook stickers after joining the group.

Avoid Sticker Apps

If you wish to add more stickers by using different apps on your Android and iOS devices, there is no possibility. It is better to avoid sticker apps, as these apps cause problems with your Facebook. The most convenient idea is to get stickers from the Sticker Store on Facebook. It is the right platform to get access to stickers.

More Things to Do with Facebook Messenger

Facebook stickers can be used in posts and messenger. No doubt, a messenger is a right platform to send stickers. It’s a way to express yourself, so choose a pack to let your friends know your feelings on the messenger. Are you ready to utilize stickers on Facebook? It’s full of fun!

2.) Mention A Friend In A Group Message

If you required to get a fast response from someone in a group message, then just write the “@” sign and select their name. They will get a special notification calling their attention to the message. That way, it is easy to jump right back into the conversation to answer someone’s question or to give a response.

3.) Mute Notifications from Busy Messenger Conversations

To mute notifications for a current discussion, click down on the name of the conversation from the Home screen. This will show you a drop-down menu of options.

Click “Mute” and then mention the period of time during which you do not want to be notified of activity in that specific discussion. You can turn off notifications for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours or until you turn on notifications back.

4.) Send Voice Clips Through Messenger

You can also send voice messages through Messenger by clicking the microphone at the bottom of the screen. Click the Record button and then tap and hold again to record your message in audio. To finish and send the voice message, remove your finger from the Record button. To cancel your clip and not send it at all, you can drag your finger off the Record button.

5.) Adjust The Size of Emoji

Emoji can do a great job of assigning emotions. What’s better than sending an emoji is sending a bigger-sized emoji. You can make emoji bigger by pushing down its icon. You will get notice that the emoji will increase in size, but it will erupt if it gets too big. Once you release your finger on the emoji, it will be sent to the other person.

6.) Customize Color And Emoji For Conversations

Messenger app allows you to change the color and emoji for the messages. You can insert a color theme to the conversation by clicking on the name at the top of the window and clicking on color. In that same menu, you can opt for the emoji that you want to link with the conversation. You can also set a group name when send message to friends, or a nickname if it’s just a one on one message.

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