If you want to learn some unique writing styles or have an interest in calligraphy, you can do it by using great use of technology. Calligraphy is the kind of writing that comes with great design. The calligraphy improves the presentation of your text and that gives life to the content you create. How to produce quality content with a nice presentation? Learning calligraphy has always been a tough job, but with the advent of some applications, you can present your text with nice colors and designs. To know more about some best calligraphy styles, let’s take a look at some of the best Android and iOS apps.

Calligraphy Penmanship

Calligraphy Penmanship is the most popular app used for learning calligraphy. If you want to produce fine quality text with amazing styles, Calligraphy Penmanship is the app to make it happen. You get a chance to learn different text styles with attractive designs. Step by step you get to know about various styles that simply standout your content. The app also comes with some disadvantages, and the most important thing is its big size. So, you need a smartphone with big memory to run this application. As far as the features and functions of the app are concerned, the app is magnificent and free for all users.

Calligraphy HD

If you are looking for fine quality calligraphy services, use Calligraphy HD to manage extraordinary special texting with a nice presentation. The app appreciates creativity and imagination factor for quick learners. For successful results, you can download the free version of the app. The point is to create stunning and attractive content using the features. of this app. Further, the app is free, but you can also download the paid version to enjoy additional features such as changing the background color. Above all, the app is only available for iPhone users. Looking at the availability of this app, users prefer to use iPad to enjoy big-screen results.

Calligraphy Calm – Ink Brush

Calligraphy Calm is a good app for learning new letters. The app was designed by Japanese and Chinese calligraphy specialists. A user can learn a lot of skills by doing regular practice, as the app teaches a lot about new styles for free. The app features 4 different brushes, traditional black ink, undo button, texture paper, and the feature of saving 3 calligraphy assignments at a time. These are the tools that improve your calligraphy for free. Furthermore, if you look at the paid version of the app, you increase the functionality of this app. In the paid version, you find around 6 brushes, 16 inks, 10 texture papers, an eraser, and the option of downloading an image.

LazyDog Calligraphy

If you are looking for a variety of calligraphy tools in one app, download this application to learn different writing styles with ease. You can generate so many letters in different styles, whereas Italic Script, Chancery cursive, Gothic script, Roundhand are some of the famous scripts. You can also learn a lot about writing with this application. The app is free, so you can easily turn your writing into calligraphy using the latest features of the app. Further, the application is easier to download and use. Interested users can also download the images once ready. The app size is also effective for phones that come with small memories.


If you are looking for a perfect app that offers great functionality, make Calligraphy your ultimate choice. The app is free and comes with unique features, as you learn to know the difference between handwriting and calligraphy. Both are unmatched. Calligraphy comes with creativity and imagination, while handwriting comes with fluency. One has to be a specialist to create a masterpiece, so calligraphy is all about creating masterpieces. It’s not easy to generate letters in different styles and designs, the best is to download Calligraphy to learn different styles at once. The most interesting thing is to learn your signature with this high-quality application.

Calligraphy Art

The artwork never ends until you stop learning it. If you are fond of creating letters with attractive designs, you can simply download the Calligraphy Art to become a skilled calligrapher. The app is a basic tool to learn the art of calligraphy, so one can do effective practice using this application. If we talk about the features of an app, it comes with a wide range of features that support creative writers. The app is fully ads-free, so just download and have fun with your writing passion. Interested users can find around 60 attractive backgrounds, 100 calligraphy fonts, 50 gradients, and more than 15 colors with stylish pencils.


Cashgraphy is a wonderful application that brings some exciting features to learn calligraphy. Everyone who likes calligraphy wants to produce unique and stylish text using creative skills. The app supports every user who wants to impress the audience with stylish content. From all aspects, the app is supportive and free of technicalities that make the app user-friendly. The ratings can’t be challenged, as users have given the highest ratings on the app store. Being a user, you not only enjoy the ratings, but you can see different color pens to make your text adorable. Currently, the app is free, but you can also download the paid version to avail of maximum features.


Last on the list is the calligrapher. It is one of the most popular apps available on app stores for content lovers who want to explore new content styles. The functions are just great whether we talk about using pens, pencils, background, and various colors that bring life to your texture. You can generate high-quality calligraphy using the features of this free app. You are free to use it, as you won’t see any trial period option. Just download the app and start using it. The only drawback is the ads that annoy users.

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