Your android phone is a source of both utility and entertainment. A short break from daily work allows you to play with your phone by playing games, watching movies and enjoying music. What about converting photos into caricatures and cartoons? Well if it entices you here is a long list of those apps for your android phone that are meant exclusively for this fun excitement. They are available for free download and offer you so many engaging features that can double the pleasure of your free hours. Give pleasant surprises to your colleagues and friends by converting their photos into cartoons and embellishing them with a variety of funny touches. Most of the below apps comes with paid and free version, we have listed both link for you. Lets begin Picture to Cartoon Converter Apps List for you now;

Comic Strip pro

Comic Strip pro - Cartoon Comic Maker

This immensely easier comic maker app is especially meant for those who have just begun the caricature art. Its features allow you to put thoughts in bubbles and add also speech to the comic characters you develop. You can choose from a variety of fonts and colors for your texts. Additionally, you can resize and rotate images, modify the layouts and add sound effects to characters. There’s still much more for you to discover and apply your creative knack. Its a Paid app but you can try free version from here.

Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor: effects, blur & art

Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor effects, blur & art

It is the best internet-based application app to develop excellent comic images. The app provides you 640 amazing frames with lots of filters, effects and montages options to decorate cartoons of your family and friends. The editing option in this app is Lab PRO which is quite easy to operate and is sure provide great fun. Just drag a photo in the app and create high-quality artworks! Its a paid version, you can try free version here.

Selfie Art – photo editor

Selfie Art - photo editor

Selfie Art is meant to sooth your love for artwork! The app is loaded with multiple innovative features that include awesome art filters, and every week you have a new bunch of them. Its special aging effect option “Face Aging Camera” allows you to see how your image would look after 30 years. If you have artistic skills, this app would be a special treat for you with a wide range of coloring and real painting effects. Its a paid version unfortunately you free version yet.

Pencil Sketch HD

Pencil Sketch HD

This app is an advance version of Pencil Sketch app which has already a large fan group of android phone users. This new app boasts one-click tap auto enhancement, multiple photo effects, filters and frames.  You can also adjust colors and brightness of the images, use pencil styles and erasers for editing, add fun stickers and also write funny text messages in a variety of font. All these features will surely be inspiring for the people already using this app. Its a paid version you can try free version from here.

Face Animator – Photo Deformer Pro

Face Animator - Photo Deformer Pro

This app offers you all the features of comprehensive software with quick and user-friendly options to transform a face into a funny image. You need only to select a photo and the Face Animator will automatically detect and offer you options to transform the different parts of the face. Click what inspires and the caricature is instantly ready. You have also the option to transform the photo manually with 7 deformation tools. Its a paid version but you can try free version from here.

Sketch Me! Pro

Sketch Me! Pro

Sketch Me! Pro is the paid version of a very popular free XnSketch app. It comes with several awesome editing options to adjust colors, brightness and opacity of the images which are hardly available with other apps. The app is also supportive for sending the images through social media platform. Another impressive feature of this app is that it is absolutely ad-free. So there are no irritating pauses while using it. Have a look on free version from here.

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO is packed with amazing features that can delight kids and adults alike. This app has an upper hand than the previous ones for allowing you to create a full-fledged comic story with different characters. Another plus of this app is its ability to generate animated funny characters, using one frame to develop the next. You can also add voice over to different characters and make them more real. You can also use built-in models of the app. Well you can go through from a free version here.

Photo Studio PRO

Photo Studio PRO

This app has an extensive range of professional editing features which make it a superior app. You have editing tools such as picture-in-picture effects with a massive number of stickers, frames, filters, textures, shapes and correction tools. Similarly you have numerous choices in coloring the images and enhance their brightness and colors. You can tilt shift and blur caricatures. For creating stories and collages, you can use options to combine characters, adding backgrounds and embellish them with stickers and accessories. Photo Studio Pro is all-round amazing app that will surely impress you with its unique options. like above here is the free version link.

Pencil Sketch Ad-Free

Pencil Sketch Ad-Free

If you are fond of handmade drawings and paintings, this ads-free app is meant for you. It comes with so many impressive editing features that will provide you the best fun hours. There are special tools for you to set edges and curves. The app allows you develop images in four different styles “Pencil”, “Sketch”, “Doodle” and “Comic”. Create pencil sketches from your photos and opt for both color and black and white images using its user-friendly editing bar. The app also allows sharing images on social media.

Bound Tip; if you want to convert your picture size then this one is for you;

 Resize Me! Pro – Photo & Picture resizer

Resize Me! Pro - Photo & Picture resizer

This app comes with an easy to use editing tool kit for rotating, cropping and resizing photos. It also allows you to keep EXIF tags, GPS data and saving images in in JPEG or PNG formats. Just with a click you can share your artwork with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This list of picture to cartoon converter apps will certainly help you to find out the one that serves you the best and provides you the opportunity to draw comic images and manifest your artistic abilities. They are also the best source of amusement for kids and encourage them to enhance their creativity. Once you start enjoying them, you can further go for their paid versions and assert yourself as a caricature pro.


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