If you are looking for some fun over phone calls, you can change your voice to have some fun being anonymous. It’s a daunting task to change the voice over the phone. Thankfully, the use of apps has made things easier when it comes to changing the voice on the phone. Now, you don’t need to put pressure on your throat when the apps are there for playing a voice changer role for you. The voice changer apps come in different styles, where you can include effects to the program. The features cover the change of gender and voice when you use these apps. Interestingly, you can change the voice during calls. You can’t even recognize your voice using these apps. Let’s talk about the voice changer apps!


Robvox Voice Changer app

Robovox is a voice changer app that comes with some superb voice changing features. You can change your voice with perfection, even you can’t recognize that it’s your voice. You can get the recording of your voice, as it saves the conversation. The app covers a built-in feature that quickly changes the tone of your voice. You can find a special conversation function in the app that can help you to change the male and female voices with ease. Also, you can copy the voices of celebrities using RoboVox.

Further, you can also use the filters and effects while recording. Interestingly, you can save audio in different formats. The app also helps a user to learn it correctly, so that a user may easily manage the recorder. Further, you can also reduce background sound that irritates many users. The audio player and equalizer are built-in that comes with good effects.

Call voice changer

Call Voice Changer

Call voice changer is an old app that works to change your voice. You can record audio with effects. The app also brings a variety of sounds to cover fun and entertainment at the same time. The app quickly changes the sound with effects, even it is quite difficult to recognize the sound. The male voice can change into a female voice, whereas the female voice can change into a male’s voice. Other than people’s voice, the app also supports the voice of a robot and animal.

Further, you can use hotkeys with the help of this application. Also, it has got a terrific equalizer with sound effects that can play beautiful voices of females and males. You can also change your voice into a child’s voice, as the app comes with a high-quality tone with no distortion at all. You can also do editing in the voice app to manage the settings as per your convenience.

Voice changer with effects

Voice Changer with effects

The Voice changer with effects has got something special for users who want to have some fun on the web. You can change into many voices using this helpful app. Many users look for fun when it comes to communication on phone. For doing pranks, they use apps that can change their voices. This particular app offers some great benefits to users who want to change their voice into a new one. You can make effective use of hotkeys as well. Further, you can also reduce the background noise on this app.

Moreover, you can also record your sound by using the functions of this app. It’s up to you whether you turn your voice into a baby’s voice or you choose the voice of a female, the app makes it happen. Cartoon voices are also available that can add some fun to the communication when you do prank with your friends. If we talk about the features of the app, we can find so many features that come with effects. You can attach it to messengers to enjoy the additional features. Also, you can reduce background noise to utilize the benefits of the app. It’s free for all users, so download the app and have fun with your friends.

Call Voice Changer Male to Female

Call changer voice

There are so many voice changing apps available over the web that can bring fun to your life, but no app comes close to Call Voice Changer Male to Female when it comes to having fun. You can speak into a new voice that is strange for everyone. You can play the app on different platforms, as it allows you to manage the recording of your voice without facing any difficulty. It’s a particular app that can change a male voice into a female. For online broadcasting, the app also serves great.

The voice translation feature is also added to the app. If you want to enjoy the effects of echo and reverse, this app works great. The option of installation is also simple, where a user doesn’t have to work hard to download the app. It is easier to install and use. You can easily change the tone, frequency, and quality of your voice. The option of saving your audio is available, even you can record the voice of your friends.

Funcalls – Best Voice Changer & Call Recording

Fun Calls

Looking for a free voice changer? Try Funcalls – Best Voice Changer & Call Recording to have fun with your loved ones. The app is specifically designed for messengers and other call software. The design and interface of the app are simple and user-friendly whether you use it on a microphone or use it directly. The application inspires everyone. The voice translation facility is also available in the app that improves its value.

The app can quickly translate your language into another language when you speak to your clients on phone. You won’t have to change your language, as the app translator makes this happen. The performance of the app is also terrific whenever we look into the translation mode. If we talk about the change of voices, it changes your voice into a baby’s voice quickly, even you can change your voice into opposite gender in no time. It’s good for having fun!


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