If you love playing adventurous and thrill games, the best is to look for horror games to have full-time fun. The horror games offer suspense, scary sounds, and a fearful environment to those who like to see horror shows. If you are looking for some horror adventures on your smartphones, just play the horror games mentioned below. You can play these games to spend quality time full of action and horror. Would you like to experience a horror environment? Let’s play the horror games on your Android and iOS devices that are given below!


Horror field horror game

Horrorfield is a full-time horror game that can give you goosebumps when you face different horror situations in the game. The game is not difficult to play, as you can easily play it online with your friends and family mates. You’ll come across a butcher who is always ready to hunt you when you appear in front of him. Other than a butcher, a lot of crazy monsters will appear on the scene for ruthless killing.

Your job is to save yourself from monsters by choosing your favorite characters available in the game. Some of the famous characters include a doctor, engineer, thief, scientist, police officer, mercenary, and a basket player. These are the seven characters that you can choose to play this fast-paced horror game. Don’t get killed by a monster, ghost, and a butcher. Play for survival.

Slender Man Hide & Seek Multiplayer Free

sLanderman horror game

Slender Man Hide & Seek Multiplayer Free is a scary game that grabs your attention when it comes to enjoying scary shows. You can play this game with multiplayer to manage it with your friends. The goal of the game is to find amulets of dolls and destroy them placed in the chest. On the other hand, the Slender man’s goal is to catch the game heroes before they destroy the amulets.

The game comes with horrifying graphics and creepy sounds that develop your interest in the game. The music and sound create a frightening environment that keeps you busy for hours. The interesting thing is to choose the roles in the game, whereas you can play it as a student or a Slender man at the same time. If you are playing as a student, then get rid of Slender man’s eyes, or if you are playing as a Slender man, then your job is to get all the students.

Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by day light

The Dead by Daylight Mobile is an exceptional horror game that you can play with up to five players. The game can be played among five players, where one of your friends is a villain while the rest of the friends are his victim. So, the other four friends have to hide from that one friend and it comes with full entertainment. In the journey of hiding and seek, you come across scary experiences that can give you shock and goosebumps. Indeed, the game is based on a hiding and seek story that brings thrill and suspense at every end.

It’s up to you to choose the survivor and ghost of the game manually at any stage of the game. The choice is yours whether you wish to be a killer or survivor. You can also choose your favorite characters based on their strengths and powers. By availing of customized options, you can do a makeover and choose clothes for the characters you choose in the game. Further, the graphics of the game are amazing that builds your interest when you enter the world of suspense and thrill.

Slendytubbies: Android Edition

Slendy Tubbies multiplayer horror games

Slendytubbies is a wonderful horror game that brings endless horror in the game with some frightening characters. The purpose of the game is to collect the custard bowl to save from the tubbies who acts as a Slenderman in this game. The game is online, so you can either play it with a single player or also you can play it with multiplayer by involving your friends. The graphics are attractive, but the best thing is to look at the additional features of the game that can frighten every player who plays it.

The background music is scary and you can hear a scream when getting close to the tubbies. It is so really frightening for the players. In some situations, the tubbies turn into big monsters that can put you in a troublesome situation. The option of texting is also available in the game that you can do while playing with your friends.

Dead plague: Zombie Outbreak

Dead Plague

Want to have some horror fun? Let’s play Dead plague: Zombie Outbreak to find yourself stuck in between zombies. The game is based on Hollywood movie style, where you have to kill zombies that are ready to hunt you. The action takes place on an island where virus outbreaks that can infect you to make you a dangerous zombie. The virus came out from a research center and merges into the environment quickly to make you a horrible zombie.

Being a hero, your job is to get rid of zombies and fight against them till your last breath. You can shape up an online team consisting of four members to get into the horrible scene. The graphics are tremendous and the game is based on multiplayer and single-player options. You will come across so many types of zombies in the game that can finish you easily.

Use weapons to kill them or else you can be eaten by the merciless zombies. You can also use grenades and small bombs to kill zombies, but the use of a gun is the best option to hunt find an escape. Also, the game is available in different languages, so you can translate it as per your region. Overall, the game comes with extremely horrible situations that require you to stay brave while playing. You can also checkout Gacha Games and Idle games.

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