Are you worried about your lost metal items at home? You can’t find it without using a stud finder. No matter if you have lost keys or gold items, you should buy a stud finder to make it happen. What about using stud finder apps for Android? It’s a perfect idea to use apps for safe finding. You can make effective use of these stud detecting apps, as the devices come with a compass sensor to target walls. It exactly pinpoints the hidden metal items such as nails, screws, metal joists. How you can turn your mobile phone into a metal detector? Let’s find out with these apps!

Magnetic Stud Finder

Magnetic Stud Finder

Magnetic stud finder is a useful app that you can download to trace hidden items behind your walls. The app helps you to locate steel crews, spikes, nails, pins and other kinds of studs. The professionals who work in construction industry often use this app for finding lost objects. Further, app detects metal that has thickness around ¼ inch. The vibrators also allow you to find faster than your imaginations. Overall, the app has got good ratings because of its fantabulous performance.

Stud Detector by Guylyhey

Stud Detector

Want to find something special you lost behind the walls? Stud Detector by Guyluhey is a fine choice to figure out your valuables with ease. You can customize the features to trace the metal using the magnetometer location market attached to this app. The indicator works after you complete the research to making finding a smooth process. The 3 LED lights detection feature is the specialty of this application. If all red lights work, then you are close to the object. It beeps as soon as you find the stud. The interface of the app is friendly and helps new users with proper instructions.

Stud Detector by Chatterbox Software

New stud finder apps

Are you searching for a different style stud finder app? This app is the one you need to download for finding lost studs on your property. You can use it on various devices including smartphones and tablets because of its interface and smart working. Magnetic technology works on this app that helps you to find it quickly and easily. The device starts vibration as soon as it traces the object. The visual indication feature also improves the rating of this app and that’s a unique function available in the metal detector.

Metal Detector by Dexati

Metal Detector Apps

If you are searching for a reliable application that comes with splendid stud finding features. You can detect nails, pins, screws using this detector. It works on scientific calculations that feature a magnetic sensor on your phone. EMF Meter is also available that helps you to show calculations in microtesla. Further, you can also research sand, if you live in an area near the beach. Install it on your Android phone to play hide and seek with your children. You can find out metal objects with your kids to keep them engaged. Gratefully, the audio feedback is also available in the Stud detector that provides an accurate reading.

Metal detector by NETIGEN Utilities

Metal Detector 2

If you are striving for magnetic field values, you can start with this exceptional metal detector app to get desired values. You don’t have to wait for the outcome, as the app features a magnetic sensor that quickly finds a stud. For dimensions, you can see three lights including red, green, and yellow appear on the screen when you come close to the finding. The device vibrates to make a sound when you detect any metal object. Make sure, you don’t use the app near appliances like microwave, computer, and television. You can’t detect copper items, but you can find studs without any issue.

Metal Detector by Smart

metal Detector by smart tools

Metal Detector by Smart is a unique app that works like other applications available in this category. You can find desired results using this detector, as it traces everything made up of metal such as keys, earrings, and all the studs. The manufacturer of this app launched it after facing difficulties regarding quick searches. Thankfully, the app didn’t go wrong at all.

Metal Detector by Gamma Play

Metal Detector by Gamma Play

If you are planning to find ferromagnetic objects, this app is specifically designed for detecting electromagnetic fields in quick time. Besides tracing special metal items, the app has got a user-friendly interface that grabs the attention of mobile users who want to find lost metal valuables.

Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector

Metal Sniffer

You can find all the metal studs easily by downloading this Metal Sniffer. It’s a standard app that has got amazing features. All you can see a graph that covers complete information about your surroundings before you start searching. You always come across signs after getting information on this application. Further, you can find frequencies that appear on your screen. As far as the design and interface are concerned, it is supportive and user-friendly.

iSmartDetect Metal Detector App

ismart detect

Are you searching for a metal tracker? Get in touch with an app that helps you find metal studs behind your walls. The application is designed for Apple devices, but people also download it on Android smartphones. The interface is stylish and attractive in this app that gets the attention when someone wants to detect the objects. The option of customization is also available that works well according to the satisfaction of users.

Metal Detector

Gold Metal Detector

Metal Detector is a typical detection app that traces metals from hidden places. The materials like nickel, steel, cobalt, and iron can easily be traced with the help of this detector device. Currently, the rating of the app is high, as it is known as the basic tool for tracing studs.

Metal Detector by RZTech

Metal Detector by RZT Tech

Metal Detector by RZTec comes with magnetic field sensors that help you to find all the metals with ease. The alarm sounds work as soon as you come across a hidden object.

Stud Finder Scanner

Stud Scanner

Stud Finder Scanner is a fantabulous metal detector that can help you find the studs behind your walls. It scans the object and figures it out fast. So, download the application and begin your search.


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