How to Keep Original Photo After Editing on Samsung: 5 Ways

Samsung smartphones with unique design, leading-edge software, and awesome camera quality are one of the best options for mobile users. Alongside unrivaled display technology, long-lasting battery, secure folder, and other features, Samsung’s camera stands out as well.

Editing on Samsung

But, some users said that they’re unable to save the original picture after editing. If you wonder how to keep original photo after editing on Samsung, then keep on reading.  

Retrieve Original Pictures Disappear After Update

Some users reported that when they perform an update on their Samsung phone and edit photos, the original one disappears. If the same thing also happens to you, then don’t worry. Fixing this issue is in your hand.

Before you save the edited photo, simply click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Then, click on the ‘Save Copy’ option. It will save two photos in the gallery, i.e., edited and original.

Get Original Picture Back After Editing

Have you deleted an object from any picture that you have saved and now wish to get back the original one? Just select the required photo and click the Edit button. Now that you have saved the picture, after removing any object click the Revert option from the right top.

 Next, hit the Save option to get back an original photo after editing. You can see the object you have removed.

Restore Deleted Pictures in Gallery

Recovering deleted photos and videos is possible using the Samsung Gallery app’s Recycle Bin-like feature. You can get back the removed picture within 30 days. Open this app and click the three-dot menu option in the bottom right corner.

Next, click Recycle Bin. Choose and open a single photo or video from the list of deleted media files and click the Restore icon. Click Edit and Restore to restore multiple items.

Recover Original Photo on One UI 3.0

Recover Original Photo on One UI 3.0

Another method to get back the real picture that is being edited on One UI 3.0 is to use the Gallery app. Launch the Gallery app on your phone and click on the edited photo. Then, choose to edit the picture. Click on the Revert option.

Next, choose the Revert to Original option. Click on the Save button. The edited picture will revert again to the original one once you save it.

Revert Original Picture using Google Photos

Google Photos cannot only be used for backing up images and videos. You can also use it to get back your original picture after editing. Open Google Photos on your Samsung Smartphone and then open the edited picture you would like to undo editing.

Click Edit and then Revert. Next, click Save and select Save as Copy. You can use Google Photos on your PC, iPhone, Mac, and Android as well.

If you have too many duplicate photos on your smartphone or computer, install a proficient duplicate finder tool to identify and delete duplicates. Some of the best ones will automatically detect duplicates and remove them for you.

How to Identify If a Photo Has Been Edited?

If you are not sure whether the image is photoshopped or not, then check the details and signs of pixelation. Determine the shadows and check EXIF (exchangeable image file format) and Geolocation Data. You can also use photo analyzing tools. 

Notice the way light interacts with the photo’s objects. Shadow will violate the laws of physics if any items have been added or removed. Compare low-contrast edges, textures, high-contrast edges, and surfaces.

How to Secure Your Photos for Privacy?

There are several photos that we all want to hide from prying eyes. Move your pictures from your phone’s gallery to the Secure Folder. This folder safely stores all the data by keeping them in an encrypted format.

Choose the required picture or album. Click the More option in the bottom navigation drawer. Choose Move to Secure Folder. Grant it permissions and submit pattern/PIN lock/password if you’re a beginner.

How to Hide Private Albums for Safety?

images and videos on Samsung Android phones

New folders with images and videos on Samsung Android phones appear as a new album in the Gallery app by default. Gallery app is created by third-party applications. If you want to hide unwanted or private albums, then open the Samsung Gallery app.

Click the three-dot menu button and then tap on the Hide or Unhide Albums option. Toggle the folder or album you would like to hide. Remember that you can’t hide Screenshots and Cameras.

How to Allow Samsung Gallery to Make Suggestions?

Samsung Gallery app analyzes the photos and then recommends the best possible suggestions. For this, open this app and click the hamburger menu button. Next, choose Suggestions.

Now, you can select any option as per your need. If you like the recommended changes, you can save the photo. However, you can directly share the modified picture or eliminate the changes. You can even create a video collage using your pictures. 

The Conclusion

 That’s all about how to keep original photo after editing on Samsung. There are many interesting Samsung Smartphone camera features you can use to get picture-perfect photos. So, keep using your camera and discovering the functionality you don’t know about.

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