There is always some sort of relation between cartoons and children, even in adults. Therefore, many people wanted to watch quality cartoon series to keep their child part alive. Cartoon series also helps in cognitive development and creative learning especially in children alongwith making your time more joyful.

So, we have a list of cartoon series to help you with that. Below are some great Cartoon Series for you to watch in 2020:

THE SIMPSONS (1989 to Present, 31 Seasons):

The Simpsons

This show started 31 years ago and still running and became the longest running American show. It is memorable, quotable and very fun to watch not only in America but all around the world.

Its not possible to see the series and not smile. Show’s quality remains the same over the years. It has a very high potential of joy. You may need to pause many times to stop the laugh. The characters belong to working class family and they are living their life. This simple concept played in simple and excellent ways.

If you think episodes are too many then you need to just start the series and after that you will be addicted. Now you know where to start, just go and have fun.


BOB’S BURGERS (2011 to Present, 10 Seasons):

Bob's Burgers

This show is the Simpsons heir apparent. It also got the love for its characters as in the Simpsons.

This show is very funny and long as a series should be. It comprises of pop culture and contain some great original music. Many people watched the series more than one time.

It really has a family-oriented comedy and it is the first show in a very long time that has such kind of taste and story. In our opinion, if you are a cartoon lover, must give it a chance.


FUTURAMA (1999 to 2003 and 2008 to 2013, 7 Seasons):


This Sci-Fiction based comedy show was made from the same creator as the Simpsons but the stories are different. It also includes romance and fantasy.

It builds on the story of Philip who get frozen in 1999 and wakes up in 3000. The theme has many interesting aspects as time travel, aliens as well as true love story. This show is pleasingly plotted and smartly produced.

The series was stopped in 2003 but comedy central brought it back. Futurama undoubtedly a pleasure to watch series if you want to have some fun.

HOME MOVIES (1999 to 2004, 4 Seasons):

HOME MOVIES (1999 to 2004, 4 Seasons)

Home movies was unusual series but what a beautiful series. An intelligent school kid loves to make movies with his two friends. These small movies show the bigger plots outside his basement. There he deals with his mom, his coach, teacher and neighbor kids.

The show is animated in a unique but good style. The characters are loveable in their own way. If you want to spent a pleasant time then this is must to watch.

DRAGON BALL Z (1989 to 1996):

DRAGON BALL Z (1989 to 1996)

This series has one of the largest fans following. Based on the manga ‘Dragon Ball Z’ by Akira Tori Yama, is the best example of hard-hitting style series.

It has some beautifully made fight scenes in cartoon history. This series has many memorable characters including main star ‘Goku’. If you are a lover of fight between good and evil then you should watch this series.

POKEMON (1997 to Present):

POKEMON (1997 to Present)

Its not bad to admit that you have watched at least one of the episodes of this series. Pokemon has clever writing. It spreads from Movies to TV comics even in happy meal toys.

This series actually based on games, evolved around strange and loveable characters. The main character is iconic. If you watch the series you will interact with many other interesting characters. So, Pokemon can be good source for your entertainment.

THE PINK PANTHER SHOW (1969 to 1976):

THE PINK PANTHER SHOW (1969 to 1976)

This series based on Pink Panther films from 60s. The Pink Panther show featured blundering funny adventures of a cartoon inspector and his “peanut butter garlic sandwich”.

It was a cool range of animations which gave us some wonderful characters to cherish. On many occasions it will make you laugh hard. You can watch with your family to have a good time with them and yourself.

Tom and Jerry:

Tom and Jerry

This series constructed on long lived cat and mouse team. The duo has survived generations and continued to cherish with new material till today.

Tom and Jerry also have won the Oscars for best short subject Seven times. Basically, it’s a rivalry between cat and mouse. Their little funny fights will make you smile. They are adorable and clever. They cause fun trouble through their fights at home where they live.

The music of this show contains action and thrill sound effects with emotions. That gives the audience a better fun experience.

NINJA TURTLES (1987 to 1996):

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1

If you are a fan of action cartoon series then this is the best match for you. The series comprise brave green fighting team. If the evil attack, these guys didn’t give them a chance. Welcome to the world of Ninja Turtles.

There are four mutated Ninja Turtles trained by a martial artist rat. They battle with criminals, evil people and aliens etc. They first appeared in American comic book 1984. This animated series lasted for 10 seasons. In our opinion, cartoon action lovers must give it a chance. We hope they will never regret.

SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU! (1969 to 1970): 

SCOOBY-DaOO, WHERE ARE YOU! (1969 to 1970)

This is the cartoon’s first “procedural”. There were many scooby-doo cartoons over the years but it was the one having the gang solving the crimes. They were chasing ghosts.

This was the place where they changed the world by solving tough cases. They had solved many mysteries and find out that there are no ghosts but actual men. The roles of each character in the series are strongly defined. Intense cartoon story lover will like this series.

let us know in the comments, what are your favorite classical cartoon series of all times. Or which cartoon series do you still recommend to your kids? we are keen to know from you. Well, mine favorite is tom and jerry 🙂

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