Top Video Streaming Services in 2022 with Comparison

Browse our list of the top video streaming services in 2022 with prices and comparisons by to choose the best TV streaming service for your needs:

If the recent global health crisis has taught us anything, then whatever travesty happens to humanity, our thirst for good entertainment will remain silent. Also, it’s not that streaming services were unpopular even before the pandemic, but the new Coronavirus has given these platforms a chance to flex their muscles in the face of the global socioeconomic crisis.

So, when other companies go bankrupt, thanks to a declining subscriber base, content streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime see their views and subscriptions increase like never before. Also, the platform effectively replaces the void left by closed theaters, delivering original and new content directly to each subscriber’s family.

Moreover, their popularity has increased to such an extent that they are hailed as the death of the traditional cinematic experience. Whether this prediction comes true or not, one thing is for sure, this streaming provider will still be around.

With new platforms launching this year to test their mettle against the established giants, we thought it was the perfect time to list the top streaming services in 2022 available for your viewing pleasure today.

So, in this article, we will list some of the most popular top streaming services providers or live TV streaming services. We’ll explain why they’re popular and help you decide which service you should sign up for unlimited entertainment.

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When choosing a platform, make sure to choose a platform that offers a large gallery of original, new and old classic content. Also, the best video streaming services will have a full interface, with features like subtitle display and resolution options intact. Finally, don’t overcharge your budget on such services.

Moreover, top video streaming services listed below are all reasonably priced and therefore affordable. So, don’t opt ​​for a plan that is proven to stress your wallet.

Fact Check:

According to the market share report released by Forbes, Netflix currently holds the majority of the total video streaming share in the market.  Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney Plus followed with 6.7% shares.

FAQs About Free Streaming Services

Q #1) Is streaming a better option than cable?


With video streaming, you only pay for the content you watch, which does not apply to cable subscriptions. Yes, cable gives you more channels to watch, but it eventually becomes more expensive in the long run, because you also pay for channels that you don’t even need to check.

Q #2) Can you use streaming services on your TV?


Thanks to the obtainability of smart TV’s, now you can use streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime on your big screen TV.

Q #3) What are the basic necessities for a streaming service to work properly?


All you need to enjoy a great streaming experience is a quality device like a laptop, cell phone or smart TV along with a super-fast internet connection. With it, you can enjoy high-definition quality content on any device you want.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV top video streaming services in 2021

For a long time, YouTube has been and still is one of the best free streaming services in high demand. It not only buys a variety of free content that is great for the mobile screen of many smartphone users. But, also provides many talented people to become full-fledged creators by producing and publishing their own video content, thereby becoming an overnight celebrity.

So, YouTube TV takes this concept and extends it by requiring subscribers to pay an affordable fee to get their content without the hassle of advertising. However, this alone may not be an attractive option. So, YouTube has also launched its own original content program to compete with Netflix and Prime.

Also, YouTube TV now offers broadcasts of more than 85 channels on a single streaming platform, which includes content from Sports, News and Entertainment. It lets you record your favorite shows with unlimited storage and gives you 6 accounts at once.


  • Limitless footage
  • No yearly contracts
  • 6 accounts subscription
  • Rewind and quick Forward data


YouTube TV at a seemingly reasonable price compared to other streaming platforms. Thanks to the power it delivers users in the data they can stream and what they can do with this.



Netflix started it all, so obviously it should be on this list. When Netflix started showing licensed content, no one imagined the revolution it would begin when it comes to streaming online entertainment. People are fascinated by his services and become dependent on the services he provides.

Fast forward to 2022 and Netflix features most of the content produced only in the United States. It is also a major player in creating original content by collaborating with creators from around the world. The House of Cards and Stranger Things shows have become pop culture phenomena that have only increased their popularity.

Even though, Netflix faces stiff competition with both old and new players bringing their Agame, the platform still has the edge as a pioneer of the streaming service we know and consume today.


  • Big gallery of old and unique content.
  • Select from subbed and dubbed form of the content.
  • Smooth interface
  • Stop, Forward, and Rewind data


Netflix is ​​still the entertainment platform for many, thanks to its streamlined and comprehensive content gallery and interface. With their gallery of original quality content growing every day, it’s hard to imagine any streaming platform that can dethrone the king of streaming services.

Sling TV

Sling TV Top video streaming services online in HD free

Sling TV is one of the oldest and even cheapest live TV streaming services in demand today. It’s not very strong in terms of the interface or the range of channels it offers. However, the fact that it offers popular content at the cheapest prices has made this tool a pillar of the market.

Also, the streaming service hosts channels ranging from lifestyle, theater, sports and news and allows users to stream them in 4K resolution. Features include access to channels like Showtime, Starz, and more.


  • Entree to 4K streaming.
  • Permitted Cloud DVR Free.
  • 50 plus CHANNEL entree.


Though, sling tv does not deliver too much in the variety of channels that one would like to get access. What it does propose is valued content at an inexpensive price than any other online service.

Apple TV +

Apple TV Plus Top video streaming services

Apple already excels in the hardware department. So, it’s time to dive into the content streaming business. So far, the response to his adventures in this mysterious valley has been quite good. Apple TV+ is a flawless video streaming service at an affordable price.

Also, the video streaming service allows you to share your subscription between 5 members. It also lets you download your favorite shows to watch offline. This alone makes Apple TV+ worth it.

Moreover, the content department, however, that remains to be worked on. While the platform has engaged big stars and produced several quality shows, none of the attention-grabbing shows on competing platforms have managed to garner.


  • Disconnected watching
  • Share with five members
  • No ads
  • Effective account management


Although, Apple TV still desires a lot of development in the data department, strictly the service is flawless. With more new data assured in the future, Apple TV + may come close to its competitors in performance.

Hulu Plus Live TV

Get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ for $12.99 month

Hulu has done pretty well in the streaming service wars, battling giants like Prime and Netflix. It continues to carve out a niche audience base, thanks to its award-winning unique data. Hulu Plus is arguably one of the best TV streaming services out there.

Also, Hulu Plus takes it a step further by offering over 65 channels in combination with Hulu’s acclaimed content library. The service allows you to stream to multiple devices simultaneously while also giving users the opportunity to record their shows with 50 hours of storage.


  • Access to over 65 channels
  • Recording with 50 hours of storage
  • Streaming to multiple devices simultaneously
  • Customize with add-ons


With a gallery offering over 65 different channels from sports to news, Hulu+ is a great addition to your streaming subscription. Get access to full seasons of great shows at unrivaled prices.

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HBO Max best video streaming services websites

HBO was the definition of quality entertainment that matured before streaming services took over. The network responsible for bringing us classics like The Sopranos, Game of Thrones and True Detective has now ventured into the streaming world.

Also, with HBO Max, you not only have access to original HBO content, but also exclusive content from Warner Bros. and DC Comics. This top video streaming services is very promising platform. With Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Justice League due out earlier this year, we can expect to see the service’s customer base increase by a mile.


  • Huge Catalog of Movies and TV Content
  • Great Apps
  • Parental Controls
  • Watching Offline on Mobile


HBO Max brings everything that made HBO so popular with fans to the online world, and it does it with panache outstanding. This top video Streaming services are packed with hours of quality content that viewers can enjoy. The absence of a 4K display might turn some off, but the content is too good to ignore.

Acorn TV-Video Streaming Services

Acron TV Live streaming online website

The United States isn’t the only place in the world with great content to offer and Acorn TV proves it. Acorn TV brings some of Britain’s best drama, mystery and comedy content to audiences around the world. Also, the shows here are very popular and perfect for binge-watch.

However, it suffers from a lazy interface that is annoying to look at and often frustrating to navigate. Though, the quality of the offering content is too hard to resist. So, once you get past the clearly lousy interface, it’s still an explosion of streaming content.


  • Access to original content and British classics
  • Streaming to multiple devices simultaneously
  • Streaming to Apple TV, Roku, Android, and Web
  • Easy registration


Acorn TV is pretty easy, this could be its plus or minus, depends on who you ask. However, if you can look past the jarring interface, it has a lot of good content to offer.

CBS All Access-Video Streaming Services

CBS All Access streaming

When HBO masquerades as a go-to channel for fans of adult content, CBS hosts more tame family content. So, when HBO decided to go online, it was clear that CBS would follow suit, and CBS Access was born.

Also, CBS presents its show gallery with a new combination of shows. It’s currently home to Star Trek Discovery and Picard, which didn’t get the answers they hoped for. That could all change with next year’s The Stand, Stephen King’s highly anticipated epic. So, things could finally get better for the platform.


  • Access all new and classic content from CBS
  • Elegant and comprehensive interface
  • Works on all devices
  • Easily switch plans
  • Special student plans at lower prices


CBS Access brings CBS programming online. This top video streaming services is good and spectacular at the same time. While there is still some work to be done regarding the quality of the offering content, things may change for the sake of the platform as 2022 arrives.

DirecTV Now-Video Streaming Services

Direct TV Online tv series movies dramas action

DirectTV is a powerful live TV streaming service that aims to bring as much home entertainment as possible to its users. Its simplest plan is filled to the brim with over 160 channels covering sports, drama, news and other genres of content offerings.

This platform offers live broadcasts of your favorite sports games in high definition when combined with an excellent Internet connection. In addition to the above benefits, this tool also provides users with the latest news about the latest upcoming events on the channel in the package.


  • Live sports and TV programming
  • Compatible across multiple devices
  • Access to the latest news and content information
  • Access to more than 160 channels


DirecTV is now a great platform to bring the cable television experience Online. With a large gallery of channels on offer, this service is worth checking out.

Showtime-Video Streaming Services

Showtime online tv series

After HBO, if there is a network that has made big strides in the adult content department, it’s Showtime. The top video streaming service in 2022 has grown rapidly to offer original raw content that continues to be highly acclaimed globally.

Also, it brings a whole gallery of popular shows like Dexter, Homeland and more to one perfect streaming platform. The streaming service offers a streamlined interface that is only immortalized by a gallery of good quality movies and TV content.


  • Access to original Showtime content
  • No ads
  • Download for offline viewing
  • Live TV streaming service
  • Get movies on demand


The gallery of quality shows alone should entice viewers to subscribe to the service. However, the fact that it also allows offline viewing is invaluable.



Other Top Streaming Service Providers



This is not as intuitive as other Live TV Streaming services in 2022. For starters, the interface lacks the tools needed to attract more users. However, on the plus side, it packs more channels that can be considered top tier and is also cheaper than other live top video streaming services in 2022.

Amazon Prime TV

Amazon Prime tv series free

Prime can easily tiptoe with Netflix; in fact, this tv is almost overtaking as the new king of streaming. Their gallery is also filled with great shows like The Boys, Marvelous Ms. Maisel, and Jack Ryan. Prime excels when it comes to giving users the power to choose the content resolution they want.

Also, the platform provides users with real-time information about the cast and crew of the show you are watching.

Philo-Video Streaming Services

Philo Top Live Tv Streaming services in 2021

Philo offers a wide range of entertainment and lifestyle channels at very affordable prices. Also, its affordability is perhaps its greatest achievement. It is very easy to use and offers a powerful DVR that packs more than 60 channels. Although, it is full of entertainment content, it is sorely lacking in news channels. So, if you are a news person, skip this service.

Fubo-Video Streaming Services

FUbo TV Online Top Streaming Services

Launched in 2015, Fubo is a great streaming service for sports fans. This service hosts some of the most specialized sports channels available. The downside is that this service does not host a turner network and is very expensive. So, choose Fubo only if you are a sports fan and have the money to spend.

Disney Plus-Video Streaming Services


It is probably the big name on our list. The mighty Hollywood studio is finally making its presence felt in the streaming wars. Hosting content from strong franchises like Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Disney’s collection of original and classic content. There’s too much to offer fans of blockbuster entertainment to get.

In addition to entertainment, Disney Plus also hosts ESPN sports programming and Hulu shows.



Streaming services have made content more accessible than ever. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a future without them. There is also the possibility of making cinemas and cable networks obsolete. So, it makes sense to join one or more platforms from this list of top video streaming services in 2022.

As far as our recommendation goes, Netflix is ​​still the most powerful of its competitors, with its library getting stronger every day. If you are looking for alternative options for your cable problems, YouTube TV and Hulu Plus Live TV will satisfy you.

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