How to Get Free Movies and Music from Local Library

If you have a library card, then you can get access to free Movies and Music from Local Libraries. However, many people didn’t know that. Now a days, there is much more than magazines and books from local libraries. So, you may get free and legal copies of movies, tv shows and free music from local library with your library card.

How to Get Free Movies from Local Library

Also, there are many other websites and applications which provide free movies and music. However, they get money from ads. will give you list of free public libraries for free movies and music. Also, it will be ad free.

Freegal Music

Freegal Free Movies and music from Local Libraries How to get

Music lovers now can lawfully get the music videos and music with this website. However, you need to subscribe for this library. Also, these are free of digital rights (DRM) restrictions. So, you can use it for non-commercial and personal use.

Moreover, it is ad free. Your saved music may be capped, depends on subscription. If download supported, then you can keep the files permanently on your mobile or computer to listen offline. Also, it has complete albums and playlists for different type of activities. According to them, they have round about Fifteen million songs and 40000 plus videos of music.

Hoopla-Free Movies and Music

Hoopla Free movies and music

If you are a fan of audiobook or eBook then this is for you. You can borrow free audio books and eBooks. Also, you can stream movies, TV Shows and music. You can toggle between kid mode and adult mode easily. You can get a binge pass for 7-day access as a guest. Its different from a free trial because you can borrow for more than once. So, you can watch and get favorite content free of cost. Also, you can install it on Android and iPhone.


kanopy for android and iPhone

This is a famous streaming service as a library. Also, it is accessible in Two Hundred countries through Four Thousand Libraries. You can watch TV Shows, Children Programs or documentaries etc. It has almost all kind of content. It has play credits to get the access for each month. Moreover, library pays for the user rights for every program. Many programs are credit free which includes Great Courses and children content.

Moreover, it has children friendly version. It focused on children aged from 2 to 8 years. You can toggle between the child mode and adult mode.

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OverDrive-Free Movies and Music


Maybe you already know about OverDrive. It has the biggest collection of library media. So, it includes audio books, eBooks, graphic novels, video, audios and many more. So, if your local library uses this service to get content, then you can get access through the website of your library. The content may vary but it will include all the genres for you.


From the above services mentioned by, you can get free movies and music from local libraries. Also, you can get kids mode on some services. We hope that you will enjoy these services and share with others.

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