Gacha games were introduced two years ago. The gacha games got popular in the year 2022 and now millions of smartphone users play these games on their smart devices. Some of the games are still under development, while the majority of the games have been updated. The game is so popular in Japan, where a user has to accomplish tasks that have a connection with luck.

So, a player tries luck by pulling out random game items such as suits, weapons, armor, and particular characters. Gacha games cover some interesting factors, where a player requires game currency to access precious objects like lotteries. If you want to try your luck, let’s play the gacha games mentioned below.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact

If you like combat and looking for amazing combo techniques, you won’t get bored with Honkai Impact 3rd game. It’s a game that makes you a hero when you come across superb fighting techniques. You learn to improve your defense in this game. If we take a look at the theme of the game, we come to know that a girl fights against dark forces that are against humanity.

A girl becomes a hero and fights against enemies to revive humanity. A group of girls joins their hands together against evil forces. The game gives you a chance to improve your strength and skills by participating in battles. You can buy weapons by using your game currency.

RAID: Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends

If you are searching for fantasies, then join RAID: Shadow Legends to go beyond imagination. You can come across warriors that can make you a champion of the game. RAID comes with fantasy and amazing gacha elements. To stay in the game for a longer time, you have to fight against the enemies to proceed further. By doing so, you can gain currency.

Further, you can choose among 100’s of characters to select a hero for the battle. The stronger players you choose, you more you win battles with comfort. To improve your chances of winning, choose the best and strong players. Overall, the game has good graphics that keep you happy when you move forward with your favorite heroes.

Might & Magic: Era of Chaos

Might and Magic Flora

Might & Magic was quite famous in the 90s. The kids of the early 90s can also experience the game today with some advancement. The game has been launched on computers as well. The innovation of smartphones has also made the game popular, as it is easier to play on smart devices. As far as the game style is concerned, there is a need for a strategy to play the game.

Without making a game plan, you can’t make any strategy. So, you need to choose the right weapons and the right allies to beat your enemies at the right time. Make the best team to come out victorious and keep discovering maps, heroes, and enemies in the game.

Destiny Child

Destiny Child

Destiny Child comes with attractive graphics and visuals that improve your focus on the game. You aim to become a leader of a big army in this game. It’s a battle of cards, so you need a wise brain and strategy to play this game. To test the strength of your enemies, you need a counter-attack strategy. You may also join Destiny Child players to defeat their enemies.

So, you don’t have to spend extra money every time to discover new things. Further, you can open all characters and cards when playing the game. You also achieve awards and earn extra coins after you become an expert in the game. After reaching the finals, you get incredible rewards and that’s your target.



Langrisser is an adventurous sort of game that takes you to the next level once you meet all the challenges with comfort. You reach the next stages after overcoming obstacles and challenges. The game comes with good graphics and you can enjoy a cool soundtrack in the background. The game environment is also friendly and created for new adventures. Welcome to the game world of adventures!

Every character in the game has different strengths and skills. Choose your favorite hero to defeat the enemies with comfort. Also, you can fight fast by choosing your favorite character. Further, you can cross all the obstacles with ease when playing with your favorite hero. For getting some support, you can make a team of your friends to win all the battles.

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

One Piece bounty Rush

Looking for pirate and sea adventures? ONE PIECE Bounty Rush delivers you everything that belongs to the world of the sea. You can create manga characters to begin your game experience.  The game is full of combat, where you fight for the treasure with other players. The game comes with awesome graphics, even the pirates and environment looks real along with their actions.

Every team consists of 4 players that you select yourself. Further, you can unlock characters by getting currency to win battles. Without money, you can’t move forward. For doing adventures, it’s up to you whether you play alone or choose teamwork.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes

Disney Heroes also make a huge impact whenever it comes to choosing anime characters. It’s a perfect gacha game that covers a range of Disney Heroes. You can choose your favorite characters from Disney to do some adventures. Make sure, you select heroes after checking their strength and ability. Also, keep in mind the challenges and obstacles you face during your journey. Those who want to play with their favorite heroes don’t miss this game. For fans, it’s a good addition.

The game increases fan following and that’s one of the best things about this game. You can play with Aladin, Jack Sparrow, and any favorite character that you like in Disney movies. The heroes save the people of the city from infections. The Digital City got attacked by a virus that Disney Heroes rescue using their skills, powers, and expertise. The game has more than 70 characters that give their best to disinfect the city.


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