The apps in this collection are packed with options to change male faces into females and vice versa. There is endless fun in creating mind-blown images and using options to rotate, enlarge and shrink as per your likeness. Each app in this collection has something new and enticing for you. They will allow you to evoke tons of laughters applying each new option on the funny images you make and Laugh your head off. They come with simple interfaces, plenty of follow-up options and easy to use features that help everyone to use these apps easily.

Face Changer 2

Swap faces between friends and with your favourite characters

Face Changer 2 comes with more advanced features than its previous version. This app is highly supportive to get funnier and impressive results by turning male faces into females. The app has 50M users at present that are enough to prove its excellent functionality and striking results. To change or swap faces, no complex process is involved. Simply take a selfie get an entirely changed face just following a few steps. This face changer app also provides you fun accessories such as hats, glasses, stickers and also multiple backgrounds. Save or share photos with friends and family! The app also provides you fun quizzes, games and funny photos stacks.

Face Changer Video

animate faces in photos by adding funny animated objects

Face Changer Video is the best app for developing morphing and animating faces by changing their gender look. You can also add funny animated objects to photos to make them funnier. The app comes with options to develop moving and talking characters. It allows you record your voice and distort in into funny voice to be added to an animated character. Other options include popping eyes, smudging the images, making them skinnier or fatter and many such others!

Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo

cut and paste face in a photo

This app comes with simple yet impressive face editing features. You simply select, cut and paste faces and within a few moment an amazingly nee photos is before you. There is no limit of face swapping and morphing while you have a remarkable collection of stickers, fonts and other attractive accessories. Create instant meme and funny photos and send them to your friends. The interface features Cut mode, Zoom mode, Face Gallery and Text to let the kid inside you play with!

Face Swap – Photo Face Swap

Celebrity Face Swap

Face Swap is a free app for swapping faces in photos and developing amazingly realistic images. All features of this app are easy to use. Face swapping with this app allows you up to 6 faces in each photo. You can use the images already present in you gallery and take fresh ones using the device’s camera. Once finished with your artwork, you can save or share the images on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. There is wide range of photo effects like face bomb effect or face juggler to give them a distinguished look.

Face Warp – Plastic Surgery

Face Warp - Plastic Surgery

Face Warp has so incredible face morphing results that this app is termed with virtual plastic surgery. The app features options for switching faces, resize them, modify facial outline and replace or alter features eye, nose, mouth, eyebrow etc. To make them more cute and funny, this app comes with several templates. There is an automatic face detection option; however you can operate it manually too. Save the results and share them with anyone with a single click.

Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

It enables you to check hundreds of possibilities to see how your face will look as woman, child, ugly, creepy or how will it turn in old age. In every change, there is something new and stunning to note and enjoy a new wonder. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor has lots of options to amaze you and obviously to your dear and near ones. Use option of Artificial Intelligence for morphing faces. Add emotions to faces and edit lips, nose, ears, eyes and eyelashes. For adornment, you have toms of stickers available with this app.

Face Lab: Gender Changer

transform to a woman or a man using our amazing beautify tools

Another great app to transform men’s faces to women’s while the editing options allow you to make faces beautiful by reducing aging affects. You can turn faces to old age, showing wrinkles on them. All possible face enhancement tools are available in this app. It allows you editing all facial features, hairstyle and facial contours in a few steps only. Explore and apply all the unique options this app comes with.

Face Morph

 switch your face to other face - face morphing

Though the options are limited in this app yet the results are quick and wonderful. Moreover, the app comes with easy to use morphing features. You can instantly swap a face to other one, blend or morphing faces to animals. Once you have developed images, you can now save and share them too with people on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Face Changer Photo

face swap app lets you change faces with your friends, celebrities or even animals

Begin your fun time from this app’s Face Changer App Photo Booth and see what amazing options you have! Its easy face swap options allow you to create most interesting female faces using images from your gallery and give them funny yet realistic look. You can opt for celebrities or even animals. Just think of new ideas for the faces of your friends and family members and give them the least expected new forms in just a few steps.

Face Change

create wonderful fun face change

What this fantastic brings to you is altogether amazing and out of the box. It features the cutest overlay and effects to create strikingly original and impressive cartoon faces. You have so many powerful photo editor tools that are helpful for a creative caricature activity. GO ahead and enjoy an unlimited fun time by downloading this face changer. The app also provides you tons of stickers, photo editing functions and saving and sharing options for your artwork.

Fun through these apps is not limited to you only rather they allow you to share your artwork with friends on social media platforms and get hundreds of likes. Thus they are not only helpful to translate your ideas into fun images but also introduce you to the community that has the same taste as that of yours.


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