Creating and sharing cartoon images has become a common trend these days. It gives you pleasure to see yourself and your friends as cartoon. The process of converting pictures into cartoon is a fun and enjoyable task. Both kids and youngers love cartoon: kids on TV and youngers on social media as a profile picture, to hide their identity and have some laughter. That’s why many photo to cartoon apps for android are introduced so that everyone can easily turn photos into cartoon. With these apps, you can create amazing cartoon avatars, funny caricatures, stunning emoticons and beautiful cartoon characters to represent yourself, your sense of humor, your artistic abilities, mood and creativity. In addition, photo to cartoon apps are also helpful if you want quick response or more likes from facebook, Instagram, whatsapp and other social networks.

Play Store has a variety of photo to cartoon apps for android but to save your time and effort here we had selected only the top 100 apps. The best thing about these apps is that, all these apps are totally free and highly famous. You can download anyone you like from the list given below:

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

cartoon maker android

Moment Cam is the choice of millions of users because it lets you make your own emoticons and cartoons. You will be able to transform your favorite pictures into animated cartoon. There are many beautiful locations which you can use as backgrounds to enhance the look of your comic images. You can set the picture background according to the current event too. This photo to cartoon app gives you a lot of possible combinations to design your cartoon portrait as you think. On best creations, MomentCam also rewards you.

Cartoon Photo FiltersCoolArt

cartoon photo editor

This is an easiest photo to cartoon app that does not require any extra skills for making cartoon of yourself. There are a variety of cool filters, special effects, blur and blend options to create impressive cartoons, paintings and sketches from your pictures. Furthermore, this photo to cartoon app is best to create quality selfies and professional artworks within minutes.

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Photo Cartoon Camera- PaintLab

carton art

Photo Cartoon Camera app offers many amazing filters to make special cartoon images, remarkable sketches, impressive drawings and cool art works. You can choose modern, comic, film, artistic, blending and many other stylish filters. This photo to cartoon app also enables you to beautify your selfies, use double exposure, try different layouts and generate eye-catching photo grids.

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Photo Cartoon Editor & Effects : Cartoon Yourself

photo cartoon

Photo Cartoon Editor app lets you show your creative powers to the world. Your pictures will look as if someone expert has made them. Because this photo to cartoon app provides different effects and filters to convert your pictures into pop art, oil paintings, cartoon animations, pencil works and colored sketches etc. You can also use this photo to cartoon app to make your selfies more elegant and more stylish.

Art Filter Photo Editor & Pic Art Painting Effects

art filters

If you are looking for an easy but quality art filters, then this photo to cartoon app is just for you. As it gives you 50 plus filters to apply on your target pictures. Only in one tap, your picture will change into a cute comic character, the remarkable painting of a painter and the best sketch of an art master. This photo to cartoon app also supports multiple effects and all picture sizes so you can easily share your creations across all social media.

Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor

turn pic to cartoon

More than 30 awesome effects are included in this photo to cartoon app for android. You can put any cartoon effect on your selected picture because all effects are mind-blowing and seems realistic too. Nobody can guess that you had designed your own pictures as this photo to cartoon app lets you professionally turn your photographs into artistic works.

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Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker

Cartoon Avatar

This app is different from the above photo to cartoon apps for android. It allows you to make your own cartoon avatar with best combinations. There are many eyes, hair color, hair styles, nose, mouth, mustache and many more things to create your own cartoon face and funny stickers. A variety of backgrounds, material for decoration and text adding options are also the part of this app.

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor










Amazing cartoony Photo effects for your Photos, Just like a beautiful painting. More than 300 filters. You can enhance the artistic styles by using enhancement tools (exposure, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc). Plus, you will get a net art filter every day. Premium version provides extra features as well.


FlipaClip: Cartoon animation

FlipaClip Cartoon animation










It’s the Most Powerful and fun tool whether you are drawing, brain storming or animating. Practical tools like Brushes, Eraser, Ruler shapes and fonts! Use up to 3 layers for free and with pro 10 Layers. Animating frame-by-frame using Intuitive animation timeline and practical tools such as Onion skin, Frames viewer, Grids.

Draw Cartoons 2 – animated video maker

Draw Cartoons










In this app we can discover one of the most thrilling and fun methods to express ourself through art. The complex process of making cartoons just became a very easy task. The app can take care of every feature of creating cartoons, from portrayal characters to publication. We can enjoy the new characters constructor and latest designs.

This app has many features like we can build smooth cartoons by keyframes. It has embedded library of characters and substances. We can create items from scratch or we can use templates. We can voice over cartoons or insert music. We can unlock many features by in app purchases.

Deep Art Effects – AI Photo Filter & Art Filter

This app is the ultimate art editor filter app for the lovers of high-quality photo filters. It can transform pictures and selfies into well-known fine art paintings with the help of Artificial Intelligence. We can use free art filters and art things. We can choose from more than Fifty plus art styles and find our desired photo art effect.

This app is more than filters and with improved photo effects. This app is a place where masterpieces happen right out of our pictures. We have to decide what kind of art procedure to base it on. For example, we may want to change a photo to sketch, pencil drawing or oil on canvas. Well, typical photo editing apps would have maybe given up here. We can create art with AI. So, download the app now and check it out.

Deep Art Effects










Cartoon Photo Editor

This app is one of the most remarkable free camera applications. We can apply casual and artistic effects to our new or existing pictures. We can transform our pictures to cartoons, oil paintings, sketches, pencil drawings and many more. We can see a “different world” through the lenses of our camera.

We can apply cartoon effects to the pictures in your gallery. We can apply real time effects and take pictures with our camera. We can use back and front cameras of our phone. We can pinch to zoom. We can select from many inspiring effects. It also supports auto focus. We can share images with our friends.

Cartoon Photo Editor






Moments Cartoon Caricature – selfie network cam

This app has cartoons and emoji caricature, Filters and contests. We can use camera to convert moments of our life to coloring sketchup caricature images or add stickers, splash effect and many others to our cartoon or face.

It has features of special drawing, sketching and doodling in it. We can select stitch of different dimensions. We can add coloring with full stack of colors and blurs. It has selfie contests by uploading photo to our leaderboard. It also has caricatures wars under winners tab. We can take part in our selfie contest. We can be rising winners according to likes received weekly. This app’s avatar maker will rise our photos to tops in social circle.

Moments Cartoon



ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Filter & Artistic Effects

This app is the best photo editor for artists. It has art filters, cartoon effects, pictures and photos, sketch styles and artwork on canvas. We proudly presented to you the painters, artists, animators, photographers by Lyrebird Studio.

We can do photo editing by adding artistic effects like popart, oil painting effect and cartoon effect to our photos by applying art filters and many more. This app has filters inspired by many renowned artists. This app can professionally and perfectly work for us completely Free. It can become our own Picasso or da Vinci by just simply editing photos, creating epic pictures and cool art with our phone.

Cartoon & Sketch


This app is the world’s first AI technology-based effects app that has supports to export 10M Pixel image. This feature makes it possible to print the art.

This app uses the new emergent AI technology to allow us to quickly alter images using preset ‘fine art’ templates. These are inspired by the leaders of fine art. It has simulated painting styles from Van Gogh to Monet which gives us the choice between artistic styles.

This app goes even larger by allowing us to create high quality versions of the photos up to 2880*2880px; which is very convenient for printing. Also, every week 2 new effects will go live and elegant up our creativity with this app.




Make Your Animation and Cartoons

The best feature of this app is their 46 brushes you get. This app is amazingly easy and interestingly fun to work with. You create drawings by using your fingers and the app turns these drawings into cool animations for you in just few steps. You can create your animated work by your own choice, using your own imagination. They provide you with grading color palettes and adjustable sizes brushes along with the choice of adding background. You can blend different layers of animations in a scene. They support 9 layers.

Sketch Camera

This app is very impressive camera applications and is completely free. We can apply casual and artistic effects to our pictures. We can convert our photos to sketches, cartoon, oil paintings, pencil drawings and many others. This app can completely change the view of the camera.

We can apply many real time effects on our images. We can use front and back camera. We can zoom pictures. We can save pictures by single click. It also has support for autofocus. We can share output with our family and friends on different platforms. This app is very good in performance with some amazing effects and filters.

Sketch Camera

Painnt – Pro Art Filters

This top cartoon app can turn our pictures into masterpieces, for real. It uses the most advanced AI technology to vividly improve our art with loads of fully customizable high-quality filters. This app can turn our photos into artwork that look like real paintings, with many beautiful color palettes and shrill brush strokes.

We can select from Thousand plus filters which includes classical, comic book, modern, abstract and mosaics. We can often add new stunning filters to our collection.

We can preview and fine-tune the settings for exclusive results. We can also render realistic paintings in high quality. We can save and share to social networks. We can join its community where we can display our artwork and get feedback.


Painnt - Pro Art Filters



PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video

This app was named as “Most Entertaining” app in Google Play Store’s Best Apps of 2017. This app is an animation creator and cartoon maker. It is simple to use and brings maximum functionality. We can make cartoon videos, animated GIFs and funny doodles in few simple steps. No progressive skills required to use this app.

This animator is jam-packed with animation tools like duplicate frames, layers, fully prepared drawing tools, animated stickers, Emoji features and many more. All of these amazing features are free of cost. This app contains all the tools that we require. All we have to do is download and start making art.

PicsArt Animator GIF & Video

Sketch Me! – Sketch & Cartoon

With this top cartoon app for android, we can Turn our photos into drawing, cartoons or sketch images in single click. We can create quick works of art.

This app has different kind of effects. It is very easy to use with full control. We can save our creations and share them with our friends through social and other platforms.

It has features like black strokes, white strokes, pastel, pencil sketch, color sketch, cartoon, halftone, stamp, hatching etc. It has edge strength, and opacity adjustment settings. We can also adjust Contrast, brightness and saturation. This app is really a fun to use and you will appreciate our suggestion.

Sketch Me! - Sketch & Cartoon

Learn to Draw Glow Cartoon

This is also one of the top apps in this category. This app has the easy drawing tutorial for beginners and others. We can learn how to draw cartoon & anime procedure step by step. Once we start to use this app, we will never get bored. It has many eye-catching effects and coloring schemes.

In this app drawing and glow coloring is very easy. It requires no skill and age limit. We can glow color our cartoon in this app. It also contains amazing cartoon pages. All this app and its features are free to download and use. Must give it a try.

Learn to Draw Glow Cartoon

Photo Overlays – Blender

This best cartoon app is a simplest and easiest way to blend two or more images together. We can do it with advance photo editing and enhancement tools.

We can create double or multi exposure images by blending or mixing photos. We can enhance photos attractiveness by applying effects, overlays and many more advance editing professional tools. With this app we can create an amazing poster of our pictures by blending them into one.

Photo Blender app is one stop app for all our photo blending, image enhancement and picture editing requirements. It is simple to use and powerful app to get perfect output every time.

Photo Overlays - Blender

Varnist: Photo Editor & Art Filters

This cartoon app is an easy way to transform our pictures into great artworks. With this app we can make our images more attractive, expressive, funny and crazy. This app has a great variety of stylized filters at our disposal. We just simply need to take a photo, select a style and enjoy. We can share the results with everyone on other platforms.

This app has many different kinds of styles. It has paintings from well-known artists like Picasso and Afremov. It has unique drawing techniques like manga or sketch. It contains many visual artworks like mosaics and stained glass. It also has cool natural effects like fire and lightning.

Varnist: Photo Editor & Art Filters








Carbon Photo Lab – Double Exposure Blending Effect

This app can transform our pictures into artworks using threshold effects (known as Galaxy Effect).

This app is the right tool for us to bring our imagination into reality. It creates astonishing photo effect and take our old, dull and flat images to a whole new level. By using its thresholds, color adjustments, photo blending, Photo Mixing with different patterns, we can compose and create a solid scene. It is fully loaded with creative graphic essentials, tons of backgrounds to Mix our pictures. We can create many of mood effects from one single image.

We can create a unique photo blending, photo mixing, double exposure or superimpose photo in a different way using creative graphic of this app. It has everything we need to make our picture awesome.

Carbon Photo Lab - Double Exposure Blending Effect

Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator

This avatar maker app is a very useful and fun app. We can still create our own cartoon avatar easily by joining various parts of face.

This app can design comic characters very simply. This app helps us to show our creativity by making avatar of ourself. It is is full of fun and addicted play for make awesome avatar of us.

If we don’t know how to draw anime or cartoon and we want to make comic cartoon then this free app is the best choice. We just need to merge different face parts and get ready to make crazy cartoon characters.

cartoon maker

Camart – Cartoon Photo cartoon camera:

This photo editor is the perfect app to apply the most astonishing artistic cartoon effects real time on our camera. We can take the coolest selfies, create artworks from our pictures and can record videos that look like live paintings. It has many of artistic filters to choose from like cartoon, sketch, pencil, watercolor, manga, comics and many more.

With this app every picture becomes an artwork. Every recorded video can be a piece of art. We can even create art by just looking around through the camera preview.

We can also adjust settings to make an infinite number of variations to our pictures. We can also share results with others.

cartoon camera

Draw Glow Cartoon – How to draw

This is another amazing cartoon app. With its glow brushes we can draw the interesting cartoon and comic images. We don’t need any experience and assistances to learn how to draw the cartoon images. It has many coloring schemes. It has many outstanding drawing tools like the glow brushes. It has beautiful cartoon and comic drawing pictures. It has detailed drawing lessons to learn it step-by-step. We can apply our favorite color schemes. We can save images to gallery. This app has unique place due to its high level of creativity. Users can check and extend their abilities to draw on this app.

Draw Glow Cartoon - How to draw

Photo Editor – cartoon Art Filter

This app has the best photo painting effects and we can use these great Photo Editor completely free. In this app we can turn our favorite pictures and landscapes into the most accurate painted images. We can use Camera photo and videos effects in it.  This is one of the most impressive free camera application and Photo Editor. We can apply cool and artistic effects to new or existing pictures. We can transform our photos to cartoons, sketches, oil paintings, pencil drawings and many more. We can see a “different world” through the lenses of our camera.

We can play with our pictures and can record an expressive scenery or story for our social media to impress our followers.

Photo Editor - cartoon Art Filter

Artful Photo Blend

With this app we can experience the perfect mixture of beauty, ease and functionality with amazing effects.

This app allows us to blend 2 pictures together to create a double exposure effect. This app offers categorized blend effects like Nature, Sunset, Mountain, City, Monument and many more. It has multiple blend styles and pre-created previews to create our diverse images perfect every time.

It has option to select picture from gallery or camera. We can categorize blend effects. We can save results on SD Card. We can share images on social media directly from the app. Must give it a try.

Artful Photo Blend

Pencil Sketch Art – Cartoon Photo Editor

This amazing cartoon app can turn our pictures into a funny cartoon drawing. It is a wonderful cartoons photo editor that we need to make pictures like cartoons. It will allow us to turn ourself into a funny cartoon.

It has the ultimate cartoon with a camera filter that will apply cartoon image filters to our pictures to make them pop up. So, we can surprise our friends. We can be an artist and stand out from the crowd with this app. We can make our pictures like masterpieces. We can also create a glorious caricature. This photo editor is more than just a simple app. We can unleash our inner artist with many filters and effects.

Pencil Sketch Art - Cartoon Photo Editor

Picas – Art Photo Filter, Picture Filter

This app has been presented twice on Play Store as Google editor’s choice. This app is a free art photo filter & editor. It can turn every photo & picture into breathtaking artworks within seconds. It has deep neural networks and artificial intelligence. It offers more than One Hundred amazing artistic filters and styles for attractive photo & picture effects.

For photo art, this app lets us quickly and easily upload an image and then apply an amazing filter. This top cartoon app for Android allows us to add a drop of artistry and imagination to our photo pictures. So, give it a try.

Picas - Art Photo Filter, Picture Filter

Cartoon Face Changer Pro-Anime

This app is one of the best cartoon apps in store. It has a large number of wonderful faces and it is very easy to deal with these faces. We can apply many amazing filters to our images. It has Naruto faces and friends. It can Faces One Piece and his friends. It contains many of the iconic characters that we can discover by ourself.

We just need to take new image or chose image from the gallery to edit it. Then we have to select face to put on our face photo. We can zoom in/zoom out and rotate left/right with 2 fingers to adjust a face. We can share them to social media.

Cartoon Face Changer Pro-Anime

Cartoon Photo Editor – Pictures Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon Photo Editor - Pictures Cartoon Drawing

Photo Art Effect Pic Editor

Photo Art Effect Pic Editor

Cartoon Camera Photo Editor

Cartoon Camera Photo Editor

Learn to Draw Cartoon with Tutorial – DrawShow Kid

Learn to Draw Cartoon with Tutorial - DrawShow Kid

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WeDraw – How to Draw Anime & Cartoon

WeDraw - How to Draw Anime & Cartoon

Cartoon Photo Maker – Picture Converter Editor App

Cartoon Photo Maker - Picture Converter Editor App

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Cartoon Me

Are you excited and eagerly waiting to be a Cartoonist and make your very own Cartoonish Avatars? You are at the right place, here is the ideal application “Cartoon Me” to illustrate your imagination, creativity and design your very own Cartoons.

What Cartoon Me offers you?

The perfect application to illustrate your creativeness, inventiveness, also to have a fabulous time and enjoy with your friends, is Cartoon Me! Built with extraordinary user interface and instinctive controls, the application contains large number of different cartoons. You will have amazing experience of making your own Cartoon Avatar of your decision.! Use interesting and humorous animation characters like Spider-man, Tom and Jerry, Skeleton and other very entertaining and amusing cartoon characters to make Cartoon Avatars of your companions and share with them through social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Message and others to have the ultimate fun time and wait for the hilarious remarks and comments!

How Cartoon Me works:

Cartoon Me is very easy to use. There are only 2 steps to create your very own cartoonish image.

Step 1:

Select a picture of yourself or your friends, or you can simply click a picture instantly.

Step 2:

After clicking or selecting your image, you have to select the perfect cartoon character that are already exists in application, and you done. Your cartoonish image is ready!


Cartoon Me also fascinate you with an extra feature of effects and texts that you can add to your cartoonish image to give it a perfect touch. You can also modify your image by using different font styles and colors. The application also facilitates you with basic photo editing features like crop, rotate, resizing, and many other features to touch up your best clicks.

Cartoon Me


  • Easy to use, 2 step procedure to make funny cartoonish images
  • Extraordinary user interface and instinctive controls
  • Many funny and amazing cartoon characters
  • Share your master pieces to different social media platforms directly through app
  • Many extra features to further edit your clicks

Download this funny and creative app “Cartoon Me” and have hilarious time by making countless cartoonish images and enjoy remarks and comments by sharing it with friends and family members via the app itself.

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