Cartoons are one of the best memories of everyone’s childhood. So here are some awesome apps from which you can also look like a cartoon and can enjoy your spare time and you can see now a days it’s a trend of cartoon filters so you can use below apps for that and look cool and unique.

Cartoon photo filter- cool art :

Cartoon Photo Filters cool arts10 million downloads on the play store shows that cartoon photo filter app is on of the top cartoon camera app for android. Its main feature is that you can select any photo from your phone and convert into a cartoon. You can also directly change a scene into cartoonish one by just opening the camera inside the app. There are different cartoon filters which you can change if you don’t like the default one this thing makes this app more flexible. The interface of this app is quite simple to understand and use no learning is required to use this app.

Sketch Me:

Sketch & CartoonThis app was made for the sketching purpose but it also have feature to change you photo into cartoon. The process is simple select your photo from the gallery and apply some cartoon filter on it and you will see your picture into cartoon. This app also have other features like drawing, painting and brushes etc. The interaction of this App with the user is quite simple and responding. This app allows you a ton of cartoon filters and you can also adjust that filters according to your use which make this all very compatible and friendly use with no restrictions.

Cartoon Art pics photo editor:

Cartoon Art Pics Photo EditorThis is also one of the top apps which gives you cartoonish effect for android in 2019. More than 1 million people have downloaded this app till now. It comes with different features like cartoon camera, awesome Cartoon editor, close to 50 cartoon effects etc. This app can also change the picture into cartoon in live section just by opening the camera in the app and the live camera also provide a ton of different effects. This app also allows you to share the picture direct on social media like Instagram, Facebook and all other platforms which allow the sharing.

Cartoon photo editor :

Cartoon Photo EditorThis app is one of the best photo to cartoon changing app with advance editing skills with a lot of adjustments. It contains a lot of cartoon filters and artist effects when you change into cartoon pic. Like all other apps this app also has  live cartoon camera feature and in this app you can change just by swiping the filter and this thing make it very reliable. This app has a very fast processing speed and in his live section the processing is very awesome. This app is getting more popularity time by time on play store.

Artista cartoon & Sketch filter& artistic effects:

ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Filter & Artistic EffectsArtista cartoon app is best app for advance editing skills out in play store. This app has many awesome features like a ton of filters cartoon effects and adjustable cartoon filters. This app is one of the most flexible app out there in the market. Many people prefer this app on other apps due to its advance editing skills. The more you have skills the more you can enjoy the features of the app. This app is very reliable and interesting if you deeply use this app and this app also has a live camera like other apps so you can also use that for live sections.

Cartoon photo filter effect:

Cartoon photo filter effectThis app has more than 30+ cartoon effects to use and they all are a click away. You can use them just by a single click and that thing makes this app most friendly user app in the market. You can also use live camera for the live editing of pictures in to the cartoon. You can download this app direct from play store. This app also has other features like sketch styles and artwork on canvas, putting prism effects, cartoon drawing and coloring. They claim that this is the best platform to become an artist like Picasso or Da Vinci.

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Cartoon camera:

cartoon cameraCartoon camera has a lot of effects in it like all other apps. It has real time effects and take photos, selfies and videos with your camera, or change existing photos on your gallery. An important feature of this app is that it comes with many artist and cartoon effects and you can adjust settings to create an infinite number of variety of your photos. This app is also interesting Because it also has features like pinch to zoom, tap screen to auto focus, switch between the back and front camera. This app also allows you to direct share the pictures to your social media.

Cartoon face changer pro:

Cartoon Face Changer ProThis app has some limitations but in that limitations there are no limitations. The limitations is that you can only change your face to cartoon but that cartoon face has unlimited effects and filters so you can have what you want. You can also change your face similar to any popular cartoon like Naruto or One Piece and any of the character app allows. It also allows you to change the angle of the face like rotate, flip and zoom in, zoom out etc. Like other apps this app also allows you to share your content on your social media.

Cartoon pictures – cartoon photo editor:

Cartoon Pictures - Cartoon Photo EditorThis app is simple and easy to use and this is a powerful selfie camera photo editor app. This app comes with great key feature and some of them are sketching, drawing, printing, cartoon making, oil painting, artsy pictures, effects, photos of cartoon me. This app has a great feature to put more than one filter on your picture which gave your image a unique and new look. This app claims that they allows you free art style which no other app ever claimed. You can make your own content without any restrictions and boundaries. Only the limitation is your imagination.

Cartoon yourself :

Cartoon YourselfCartoon yourself is one if the best photo to cartoon picture app of android in 2019. This app also has more than 1 million downloads on play store which makes this app so interesting. This app is of great interest for those people who loves to change their pictures into cartoon for fun or any other purpose. it also has many other features like drawing, painting, graffiti, Lomography, sketch cartoon, pencils, brushes and many more effects. This app is also famous for its processing speed, it converts your picture into cartoon with in seconds and the conversion process is very fast.



I have given the links of all apps and you can directly download from the play store. This all apps are very customizable and trustworthy. You can also tell us if you know another awesome apps for this.


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