Great photos usually happen when shot spontaneously and quickly. There is no way to reproduce a unique moment again at any time, so it should be captured right here and now. 

When such an occasion arises, there is no time for planning a shot and polishing a scene from accidental “intruders” caught in the frame. So, every avid photography lover sooner or later finds himself (herself) looking for a fast and easy way to remove unwanted stuff from images. 

Imagine you are at a fantastic Instagrammable spot offering an impressive view. You rush to the most picturesque place to take a quick shot while there are no random people at the site. You press the camera button a few times in the hope of taking a couple of perfect pics, but then you notice an accidental person in the photo that seems to be the best one of them. You feel frustrated and disappointed.

However, there does exist a method to save that successful photo. TouchRetouch offers a solution. With it, you can get rid of that random person and other unwanted details in the background here and now by doing just a few quick screen taps or swipes. 

TouchRetouch is all about removing unwanted content from photos fast and with ease. The app allows decluttering photos from minor defects like skin blemishes or wrinkles, annoying electricity wires, accidental people, meshes, etc. TouchRetouch offers two categories of tools: automatic — for simple retouching cases, and manual — for difficult tasks.

Key features:

  • Single brush to do quick repairs and remove large items 
  • Object-aware algorithm for removing objects that are close to other objects
  • Smart mesh detection and removal algorithm
  • Flexible line removal tool with control points for curved lines
  • Restore brush to bring lost pixels back
  • Three gallery views
  • Source modes in Clone Stamp 
  • Smooth 360° photo editing

TouchRetouch is aimed at both photographers and avid photography lovers. The app is fast and simple, so it saves valuable time. It is also secure to use because it doesn’t collect personal data.


Accidental people are not a problem for the app, even if they are standing close to other objects in a photo. The intelligent object-aware algorithm allows solving complex content removal cases where two objects are adjacent and you want to remove one of them — it will erase an undesired item while leaving a clean finish near the edges. The smart blending technology implemented in the algorithm will mix the pixels properly so that no smears are produced. 



You can erase lines from photos with much ease. A single tap on a line will mark it whole and remove it in a split second. With the Auto & Manual modes and the selection control points, it is possible to adjust the shape and thickness of linear objects with more precision.



The app’s mesh detection and removal algorithm automatically finds, selects, and eliminates meshes from images in almost no time. No need to routinely mark each line in a mesh. You only have to select the tool from the main menu — and the mesh search process will launch. Pure magic!



If you need to remove a large object from a photo or have a difficult background, it’s recommended to do manual retouching with Clone Stamp. That will allow avoiding distortions in place of an erased item. The tool works like a copy-paste brush — with it, you can copy some content from a source area and put it over an unwanted item in a target area. This tool is also useful when you need to repair the background after removing an object from it. 


  • Restore and Reapply brushes: With the Restore and Reapply features, you can bring lost pixels back when needed and re-add the same changes to a photo.
  • Source modes in Clone Stamp: The source pointer can be locked in one place so that it does not move around, or it can be set to slide back to its initial position, thus making it easier to clone textures.
  • Smooth 360° photo editing: Navigation around a spherical panorama is truly enjoyable; no need to leave the 360° View to move to another part of a photo or switch to another menu or tool.
  • Resize option: It is possible to downsize images to the desired dimensions.
  • UI personalization: It is possible to choose among the Light, Dark, and System appearances as well as experiment with different app icon looks. Users can also choose from three gallery views.
  • Extensive set of instructional resources: The app offers a whole block of guides in the in-app settings, offering a series of step-by-step tutorials covering each and every aspect of editing with the app, onboarding tour, useful tips and tricks, etc., for users to get the best out of the app.


TouchRetouch 5.0 is available for $3.99 and requires Apple devices running iOS and iPadOS 13.0 or later. The app is not subscription-based, does not offer in-app purchases, and does not show disruptive ads. You can download the iOS version of TouchRetouch by using the badge below.

app store

The Android version of the update is coming soon. You could try out the beta by joining the open beta test program from the app page on Google Play.

With TouchRetouch, decluttering pictures is fast, takes little effort, and is much fun. You only need a phone and the app installed on it to create magic in your photos. 

Try this ultimate image and time saver — and stop worrying about unwanted objects or items accidentally caught in your frame!

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