VR technology is getting more and more popularity day by day. Every major company is launching its on VR devices to get share of this demanding need. New VR apps are coming each day with better view and experience. Today we are going to share few cartoon apps for your kids for VR devices, although adults can also enjoy this cartoonist experience.

Virtual reality cartoon apps are far more superior genre than conventional anime apps to enjoy animated images, videos, stories, and games. They are empowered with innovative technological features to allow you inhabit imaginary dream worlds and superhuman cartoon characters. There are hundreds of excellent options for you to enjoy playback music, effects, costume designing, fantastic equipment etc in the virtual reality. You can view HD4K audio, video results that mesmerize the you. This collection brings to you the best picks of VR Cartoon Apps for Android.

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Water Slide 3D

realistic water slide in vr

If you love water sliding, this VR gaming app is meant for you. It features a 3D realistic water slide and waterpark that perfectly displays a real world with all its excitement and fun. You have full control on speed, twist and tilt of the rides to meet 40+ challenging levels. You can also make loops and whizz collecting gold coins as rewards for your performance. This interesting app allows you to enjoy water sliding both in 1st or 3D person view. There are options to choose from multiple riders, rafts and tubes.

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Cardboard puts virtual reality on your smartphone

This intelligent app provides you a doorway to virtual reality. It allows you to share your VR experiences, find out new apps and set up a viewer on your Android phone. Google Cardboard is the cheapest and the easiest app which is compatible with both Android and iOS. There isn’t any option to adjust pupil or focal distance, you have only default option. However, it does not affect the results because the default option covers all those options which you find on a cheap headset. Enjoy free set of demos and take a fancy tour of Versailles, Arctic terns, the northern lights and visit places on Google Earth.

Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality social VR platform

Fulldive is a social VR platform for earning money in cash, rewards and gift cards in multiple crypto currencies, by browsing the web with the help of Fulldive Browser. This amazing social navigation platform helps you to follow your friends, share and comment on videos. You have also access to an innumerable videos and games in VR market. Fulldive also allows you videos streaming from YouTube, video player, VR camera and photo gallery and VR store. This app can run on Cardboard and Daydream if you open it through the library of these apps.

VaR’s VR Video Player

ultimate VR player for virtual reality and 3D videos

VaR’s VR Video Player is designed for making out of the box 3D VR videos. This app provides you with several modes to enjoy an immersive virtual reality experience. You can add real time movements to animated images. Its intuitive tools allow you complete control on display parameters. You can adjust light, colors, saturation, distances, change setting and get video preview with immense convenience. There is an easy option of adjusting 180º or 360º panorama. VaR’s VR Video Player supports full HD mp4 videos.

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 (Cardboard Game)

ultimate VR Roller Coaster experience in vr online


This amazing app brings to you an exciting experience of enjoying VR Roller Coaster experience. Its current version features more advanced and impressive features and doubles your pleasure of epic 3d rides. Create your own customized Roller Coaster in Virtual Reality with the help of in-game tutorial. You can take part in competition and be viewed and ranked by other participants. If your device does not have gyroscope, you can just bend your head right or left and can rotate the view. This all extravaganza is just a click away from you.

VR Temple Roller Coaster for Cardboard VR

full Virtual Reality (using Cardboard) or can be experienced using regular touch controls (no VR headset required).

This app brings to you another great option for roller coaster rides. It is designed to impart to you 360 VR Roller Coaster fun passing through an ambience of ancient temples. You also go through caves, tress and even underwater world, observing multiple exotic sea species particularly the hungry sharks make you journey more challenging. You can enjoy this simulation through full Virtual Reality or using regular touch controls. The app allows you a full control on speed to run your roller coaster on high or low speed. It can be enjoyed on devices with or without gyroscope.

VR Roller Coaster

Experience the real life sensation of riding a rollercoaster in #1 3D roller coaster simulator on Android

There are many simulations for a roller coaster rides but hardly any to offer you conductor seat. But now here you have one. It brings to you real life excitement of enjoying the top 3D roller coaster ride. You have an absolute speed control to pass through sharp turns, steeps, inversions and slopes. There are lots of sensational moments during your ride. VR Roller Coaster comes with fantastic 3D graphics and intuitive controls to maximize your gaming enjoyment.

House of Terror VR 360 horror game

Solve the puzzles, search for clues and mainly do not the caught vr cartoon apps games

If you are a fan of horror games, this unique VR game is made for you.  It presents to you virtual horror scenes; darkness, traps, monsters and many challenging twists. You have to make your way through all these odds and ensure your survival. Every moment in this VR game is puzzling and a pose a test to your nerves. To play this game, you have many options. You can opt for VR button, VR glasses, Bluetooth joystick, or Lakento MVR.

VeeR VR – Oculus Go, Rift, HTC Viveport, Gear

latest VR movies


VeeR VR is the right place to enjoy the latest VR movies that offers you a huge collection to fill your time with great amusement. The enormous range includes movies of all types Sci-Fi, travel, anime and documentaries. With this Android app, it is quite easier for you to bookmark and buy titles and watch your favorite blockbusters in your free hours on all VR devices. No matter which VR headsets you are using, VeeR is compatible on all of them.

VR Rollercoaster Train Simulator

Roller Coaster in beautiful theme park vr game android

VR Crazy Roller Coaster Simulator allows you to take a ride in Roller Coaster Train. Your journey is full awesome odds; winding passages, sharp turns, slopes etc. while you can have a look of the city panorama from height. You can enjoy this simulation in Virtual Reality or Simple Mode. The interface is interactive to enable VR, simple mode, dual Screen and play options with just a tap. For this simulation gyro sense is must. You can use your device into VR glasses or Google Cardboard glasses. Rotate on your axis to take view of left, right, up and down. You can control blurriness by rotate lenses.

Hopefully once you install any of the vr cartoon app you will enjoy it a lot in simulated environment that include entertainment and education as well. And we argue you to checkout over awesome collection of cartoon camera apps here. Please get back to use to share your experience with We will also add more great apps in this collection, so stay connected to our site for more updates.


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