Top VR Video Players for Windows

Virtual reality has always been evolved to new things and mediums. However, watching movies or videos is the main purpose of the VR. So, there are several methods to watch movies, videos or tv shows in VR. brings the Top VR Video Players for Windows and PC which are given below:

What VR Video Player actually do?

Top VR Video Players for Windows and PC

There are many applications to watch videos in VR. These top VR Video Players for windows generally play videos in VR headset. Videos can be regular or 3D, projected through different lenses.

Whirligig-VR Video Players

Whirligig Top VR Video Players for Windows

This is quite an old VR Video player if we see current VR standards. However, it means it has had sufficient time to make a good set of tools and features. Also, this top VR video players for windows is very simple and lightweight. It allows you to practically watch any type of video and pictures into a VR headset.

Moreover, there are a few simple elements added like virtual theaters. However, this VR Video player is the most lightweight player in our list.

Virtual Desktop

VR Desktop for PC

This is a very famous VR Video player for PC and Windows. This is famous for its versatility. So, this is the Top VR Video players in our list and it is for the right reasons. Also, it is more like a general desktop VR viewer than a VR Video player. However, it can display anything from your monitor to your VR headset. So, that’s makes this VR video player app for windows a great choice. Moreover, it is lightweight for the PC.

DeoVR-VR Video Players for Windows

DeoVR Video players for windows

This is also like Whirligig but its free of cost. Its very effective and light on resources of PC. Also, its user interface is very basic and may be some users find it hard to use it. It has directories based on text. So, basically it is for native users. However, it does its job and its free of cost.

Skybox VR

Sky Box

This is also a top VR video player in our list. Also, it has many options that makes it unique from others. So, the main quality is that it can automatically detect the setting and orientation of video files and accordingly apply them. That’s make the watching experience smoother. So, you don’t need extra time to go into menus for settings.


HereSphere Top VR Video Players for Windows and PC

This is the most expensive one and top vr video player on our list. However, it comes with more features as compare to others. You can stream videos online or easily and edit your videos by applying different effects. Also, it is heavier than others for the system and price is also a bit high. But, if we look at features, it definitely worth the price.


So, above are some top VR Video players for windows. VR is a very interesting way to interact with digital things. These are best VR Video Players that are available in the market. Select according to your choice and tell us about the experience. Also, share with others. Thanks.

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