Augmented reality is a process of overlaying information through technology that creates an artificial environment for a viewer. You can use real-time information in the form of audio, graphics, and text with real world objects. In short, it shows you the digital images data better than the original. For education purposes, the augmented reality concept works great, as you come across 3D visuals and a clear image of objects. Nowadays, teachers prefer to use this technology in schools for better learning of students. Augmented reality apps have also been launched for students who want to learn smartly.

Using these apps increase the learning level of students, as they find these apps attractive and helpful at different stages. Importantly, the majority of the apps are free of cost and not much expensive. So, it builds engagement of kids when they find these apps fully engaging. Let’s take a look at some of the iOS and Android AR Apps.

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iOS and Android AR Apps

3DBear AR

3d bear app

3DBear AR is specifically designed for 3D printing and many more services. Further, the app offers social media sharing, 3D models, and lesson plans services with full creativity. A user can also find video tutorials for better learning and education. If you are interested in distance learning, you can confidently use this app under the paid and free plans.

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Civilisations AR

Civilization Ar App

If you are searching for an app to explore the history and arts from the past, this app offers you stupendous artifacts and ancient Egyptian masterpieces. For kids, there is a massive learning opportunity when they open historic places and discover arts.

Quiver – 3D Coloring App

A quiver is another amazing product that offers you a clear augmented reality experience. Not only do you experience AR experience, but it brings you 3D augmented reality display. The users can get prints of blank colors via websites. Later on, they enjoy coloring the prints with crayons to create a masterpiece. The app is available in free and paid versions. The choice is yours!

PopAR World Map

If you are an adventurous person and want to explore the wonders of the world, you need to download PopAR World Map as the topmost priority. You can cool 3D models and wonder wild animals at different landmarks. Above all, you can enjoy a 360-degree view while using this app. What else you need for Android and iOS apps.

SkyView® Explore the Universe

SkyView Augmented Reality

If you have an interest in astronomy, you can find some awesome view by downloading SkyView® Explore the Universe to come across stars, galaxies, satellites, and planets in the night sky. You can view both night and day objects by using AR mode. Overall, the experience to use SkyView is amazing, as there is no need for any WIFI signal and GPS.

CyberChase Shape Quest!

Cyberchase AR App

The CyberChase Shape Quest covers a wide range of puzzle games along with a superb 3D AR experience. For improving mathematical skills, the app works great for teaching geometry and memory skills. The puzzles engage kids for several hours that require proper brainstorming. So, from a learning perspective, the app is terrific.

iOS AR Apps



If you are searching for 3D AR models, you can consider Augment in your top considerations. For designing and presentation, the app has got excellent features for kids. Above all, students and teachers find it attractive because of features.

East of the Rockies

East of the Rockies AR APP

East of the Rockies is a real story written by Kogawa. The app tells the story of the journey during world war II between Japan and Canada. For teachers, the app is so helpful.

Fetch! Lunch Rush


For kids, you can find so much amusement in the Fetch! Lunch Rush. It’s an app based on the fun, where multi-players can participate at a time. For learning math, the app plays a useful role.


Froggipedia Augmented Reality App

If you want to explore the entire body system of a frog being a medical student, then you should download Froggipedia to enhance your knowledge about frogs. Not only you can learn, but you can enjoy an augmented reality experience by using apple devices. Get print out to learn about the organs of the frog.

Sky Guide  

Sky Guide AR App for android

Sky Guide is a good addition for those who love to explore stars, planets, and satellites. Kids who have a deep interest in astronomy can locate stars and planets by using this exceptional quality app. AR experience makes this app more demanding and attractive.


Wonderscope AR App

The Wonderscope brings an exciting experience for kids, as they feel like moving in the app near the objects. It takes kids at the center of the game, and they can explore more about the objects. At initial stages, the app is free, but it becomes paid as you move on.

Websites for AR

CoSpaces Edu


If you want to use educational stuff on the web, you can try CoSpaces Edu to educate your kids, as it offers coding, 3D features, and educational stuff for children. Teachers and students can learn a lot from this website. It is also available on Android and iOS devices.



If you are a student of science, you can find great benefits from the Lifeliqe website. You can learn a lot about 3D models and lessons about sharing and saving documents. You manage Google Drive, Google Classroom and so many Microsoft software by using this website. Currently, it is available for a 14-day trial, but for detailed use, you have to go for an $8 subscription.



There are so many AR experiences that can teach you handy things, but using Metaverse seems to be the ideal platform for having an amazing augmented reality experience. You don’t require any technical knowledge to use this website especially when it comes to coding. You can create stories and play games on this wonderful platform. Thankfully, you can use the program on various apps.

You can always share your favorite apps in the comments, bestcartoonapp give great value to user feedback so please share your views and Augmented Reality apps with our community in comments.

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