Quest Browser of Meta | A Beginner’s Guide

Use of Quest Browser of Meta can be a difficult task for you if you have no experience before. But after using it for sometime you will be used to it easily. Firstly, Firefox Reality was a standard web browser for VR. However, it was retired by Mozilla. So, Meta designed the very own browser to use in headset of Quest.

Also, many of the features are very same as you use in desktop devices or mobile devices. Many features will tell you when you point the controller towards them. So, Quest Browser of Meta basically designed for Virtual Reality, that’s why its difficult sometimes to find a feature. brings a beginners guide for Meta’s Quest Browser.

Quest Browser A beginners guide

How to Open Quest Browser

First, on the home screen, select the icon of grid from the toolbar. It will open the downloaded selection of apps. The Quest Browser is by default installed. So, its ready to use, even it’s the first time. Also, the placement of tile can be varying on the app grid. But the tile of Quest Browser is light purple with a ringed planet outline. So, when pint it out with the controller, name will be appeared on it. Then click on it to open.

How to Open Quest Browser A beginners guide

Movement of Browser Window

At the start, the window of the Quest Browser will be pinned at top of the toolbar. To move it, you need to change your position and need to hold both buttons of Oculus logo or buttons of Meta logo. Then window of browser and toolbar will move to other center. Also, you can detach the window from the toolbar.

Resizing Quest Browser Window

After the browser moved, it will take a new curved appearance. So, it will be more suitable, especially when you make screen larger. White brackets will appear on corners after moving to a new location. Select one of them and drag away or to the center to change its size. You will find what size do you want.

Also, there are special VR buttons for videos like 360 that takes you directly into video instead of window.

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Other commands

There are some various unique commands that you can use easily. Also, they are available in the same area. It does not matter the size of screen big or small.

Icon of Microphone on the right side of search bar is for voice inputs. Also, it will be helpful if you don’t want to write text with controller. There are many other voice commands that needs to be enabled from settings. Moreover, on the right side of mic, there is a tab of bookmark and on its right side, there is a tab of websites.


So, that’s the beginners guide for Quest Browser of Meta. This is a whole new world in your headset. After the tips given by us you will get used to these commands. Hope you like our tips and share with friends and family, thanks.

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