Top Hidden Features of Windows 11

Windows 11 is full of hidden features. Many of the them are yet to be explored. explored some very underrated features and tools of Windows 11.

Many users don’t know about the Top Hidden Features of Windows 11. However, more famous features like desktop, taskbar or start menu are used widely. Other features are not much known. So, thoroughly exploring the Windows 11 you can discover the hidden features. Below are some very amazing features of Windows 11 that you can check:

Top Hidden Features of Windows 11

XPS Viewer-Hidden Features of Windows 11

This is a format of file for digital documents like wise to pdf. So, Windows 11 has optional feature of XPS viewer. However, by default its not enabled. You need to go to start menu first, type “Optional features” in the search bar. Select the feature. Click on view features. Type XPS in the search box. Select XPS and click on Install. Then wait for the installation to complete. Now, you can use the feature of XPS.

Top Hidden Features of Windows 11

Clipboard Manager

2 Clipboard Manager hidden features of windows 11

Windows 11 includes very helpful and amazing feature of clipboard manager. This feature shows the history of copied items. Also, it is helpful to add symbols and emojis to the files. However, it needs to be enabled just like XPS viewer. Once, it enabled, you can use it easily by using Win+V shortcut key.

File History-Hidden Features of Windows 11

This is the feature of Windows 11 that backup files to the external storage automatically when its enabled. Although, its not a big secret feature but it didn’t show on Windows 11 settings. Now, its only accessible in control panel. So, they tried to hide it from users.

Type control panel in the search box. Select large icons from view menu. Then select File History. After that, click on turn on.

Steps Recorder

This is pre installed small and kind of unknown application of Windows 11. So, it records actions of users with picture slideshow. You can show these slideshows to software support services. Also, it was hidden in the Tools folder of windows. You can find it from search box or Win+S shortcut key.

Voice Typing-Hidden Features of Windows 11

With this amazing tool, you can write text by speaking into the microphone. Firstly, you need to turn on the microphone option. So, you need to press Win+H shortcut key to enable feature of voice typing.

Also Check:

Troubleshooter for Devices and Hardware

It’s a thing of amaze that the main troubleshooter to solve issues for devices and hardware now not available in main settings of Windows 11. But, it doesn’t mean that it does not exists. You can use CMD command line to open it. The command is given below:

command line Windows 11

System Configuration Tool (MSConfig)

This is also a very useful option. It is to configure boot settings of Windows. Also, it is very useful to disable third party services and startup programs. So, you can open it from Tools Tab in other utilities.


There are so many hidden features of Windows 11 but we cover important ones here. We hope that they will be useful for you as well.

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