Top Windows Clock Widgets

There is a different variety of top windows clock widgets available in the market. So, there is no need to stick with boring clock widgets. However, you can watch the time on windows taskbar, but some people like to add clock widget on their desktop. Also, this clock widget can stay on top of all other applications. So, you can easily keep your schedule. brings the list of top Windows Clock Widgets in this article. So, read and select the best.

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Top Windows Clock Widgets for PC HD animations

Sense Desktop

Sense Top Windows Clock Widgets

This is top choice for windows clock widgets in our list. It has very amazing interface. Also, it supports the drag and drop feature. So, you can move it at any place on the screen. You can change the time zone from its settings according to your location. Also, you can change the format of time. You can select from more than twenty themes to change the look of windows clock widget for every day. Moreover, you can change the size of widget according to the available space.

This widget can display weather info along with time to help you in outdoor activities. Also, it will show temperature too with wind condition. It has amazing animations for weather and forecast for the whole week. You can change it according to your choice.

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Digital Clock 4

Digital clock for windows

This windows clock widget shows time in digital form. When you open it for the first time, it will display on the top left corner on desktop. Also, it will hide under other icons if you didn’t pay attention. Also, you can update it, exit it and change its position. You can change its setting by right click on it. If time doesn’t show, then click on its empty space. You can move it to anywhere on the screen. Also, you can change the time format and appearance from its settings. It has variety of different plugins that you can add.

.Clocks-Top Windows Clock Widgets

.Clocks for windows

This is another top windows clock widgets from the Microsoft store. It offers 5 different types of clock widgets to show time on the desktop. Also, you can add extra widgets from the store. Basic widget has simple user interface. However, you can get more styles with premium version.

You can change size, format and other settings easily. Also, you can move it anywhere on the screen. Its free of cost and a must use windows clock widget.

DS Clock-Windows Clock Widgets

DS Clock PC free HD animation

This is another fully customizable windows clock widget. By default, it shows time and date. After activating it, you can change the default view from settings. You can change format, time zone and theme colors. Also, you can change font size and color for the widget. You can drag and change position of it. It has extra feature of stop watch in it. So, this is very good windows clock widget and a must have.

Conclusion: tried to bring you the top windows clock widgets. These applications are the best in the category. Use them and give us feedback. Thanks.

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