Top To Do List Managers

Now a days, things are going digital, so as to do list. So, with top to do list managers, you can organize, write and prioritize your daily tasks more effectively. Also, you can attach notes, files and links with them. brings the list of top to do list managers for you to check them out.

Top To Do List managers for PC and iPhone Apple Windows


Todoist Top To Do List Managers

This is a very rare and our first choice. It is the best to list manager application in the market. Also, it has all the top features that you need. It has custom views, collaborate options and natural language input.

Also, individual users who required to manage their different tasks of their lives, like shopping to work, it is best for them. Moreover, it has business version for small teams. They can coordinate in their projects and collaborate together.


  • Support for different platforms.
  • Top Features like natural language input.
  • Very Good Interface.
  • Offline Working.


  • Some top features missing for free users.
  • Price increasing sharply.


Todoist Pricing

Asana-Top To Do List Managers

Asana To Do list managers

It is also a top to do list manager in our list. It is suitable for any team or business. Its like a project management application. Also, it works alone better. Moreover, if your teams pass a task to another, then this top to do list manager is for you. So, it is for teams as well as for individuals to manage their work easily.


  • Has modern design, fast and flexible.
  • Effective free version.
  • Rich in tools and features


  • Not for graphical work.
  • Slightly higher prices.

Pricing:-Top To Do List Managers

Asana Pricing

OmniFocus-Top To Do List Managers

Omni Focus

This is another top to do list application with a lot of features and tools. Also, it works well and very powerful app. You can insert a big amount of detail to your tasks. You can buy it as standalone or one time free or subscription. Well, it depends on the type of work. This to do list manager prescribes a method to how to stay organized. Also, this app is designed for the users who follow the method. It didn’t offer the option of collaboration like previous apps. So, it is best for the users who liked the organized way to do things and tasks.

However, it is available only on Apple devices. Also, it has some support for a web application. Its best for the users of iPhone, iPad or Apple watch. It is not for windows and android users. Also, it seems to be good for solo users.

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  • GTD design
  • Good features and tools
  • Can add extra details
  • Options for subscription or license


  • Collaboration not included
  • Pricing is confusing
  • Only for Apple devices
  • Extra clicking required in the fields

Pricing:-To Do List Managers

OmniFocus Prices

Final Comparison:-

final comparison of top to do list manager


There are so many to do list managers available in the market. We pick top of them. We have evaluated them for features and prices and brings a short comparison for you along with pros and cons. tried best to bring you the quality apps. We hope that you will like our effort in this regard.

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