Being a mom with little kids, you are doing probably the toughest job, you have ever imagined. Tending kids and maintaining a household need organization to ensure the best desired results. This page contains ultra-smart and genuine apps that can help you make your daily chores easy. The must-have apps for moms are diverse in nature and are useful in many respects. They can help you looking after your kids, teach them and take them out for entertainment. On household side, they are equally beneficial for creating to-do list, shopping lists and maintain a family journal.

Hey! Vina


Hey! Vina is a free app and is designed for iOS. It works like a social media platform yet restricted to a special social network of moms. Moving to other cities is so common particularly for working ladies. If you are one, who has recently shifted to some new place, use this app and connect with moms like you. This is big opportunity to discuss, take advice, make friends and share so many things with your community. You can continue with your friends from wherever you are.

You can click into wherever you are in the world to meet new friends when you travel. Also, you can move to a new city, transition life phases, or simply want to grow your social circle. You can SIGN UP WITH FACEBOOK – It use this to confirm your gender and find people who you should know.

You can TAKE QUIZZES – It use quizzes to find people who you’ll be well-matched with. Also, JOIN A COMMUNITY – Communities is a new way to encounter people like you. Join a community to filter your card deck. You can SWIPE RIGHT TO MEET – Anonymously swipe to specify who you want to meet right now. In this app, GET INTRODUCED – once you have a match, you can get introduced to your new potential friend. This app makes it easy to meet with a personalized introduction.

MEET UP – You can message with your vina to meet up in real life. KEEP IN TOUCH – You can add your friends to your Vina List to group chat and many more. READ THE VINAZINE – You can get real life advice to navigate your social world and live your best life from real women just like you right in this app.

Download android version from here and IOS version from here.


simple family organizer

Cozi has promising features to keep in touch with your family and keep record of many important things of your household activities. The app is free and is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. It provides you with the best opportunity for developing family memories and sharing to-do lists, reminders and calendars. You can send updates on family events to your dear ones living away. It also helps you create shopping lists and save recipes. Cozi is helpful for maintaining a full-fledged family journal with easy and smart options thus best apps for moms. You would certainly like this great app.

This app is astonishingly simple way to manage everyday family life. It has a shared calendar, reminders, grocery list and many more. This app is a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner and The TODAY Show “must-have app” for an easy life. It is free, easy to use, and available for any mobile device or computer.

Other Features:


  • You can keep track of everyone’s schedules in one place with a simple color-coded calendar.
  • You can set reminders for yourself or others in the family so no one misses practice or an important occasion.
  • Also, you can send automated daily or weekly agenda emails to any family member.
  • You can subscribe to other calendars you use like your work calendar, school calendars, personal calendars and team schedules.


  • With this app, everybody in the family can always know what you required at the grocery store.
  • You can see items added by other family members in real time and never overlook the one thing you really required to make dinner.
  • You can make to do lists for anything – a shared to do list for the all family, chore checklists for the kids, a vacation packing checklist.


  • You can organize all your recipes in one place that’s accessible anytime, anyplace – at home or at the store.
  • You can add ingredients to your shopping list rapidly and schedule meals onto your calendar.
  • In this app, you can cook from your phone with helpful features like the no-dim button that keeps your screen on while you’re cooking.

Download android version from here and IOS version from here.

Playground Buddy

find playgrounds around you

Playground Buddy is a free navigation app which can help you to take your kids to playgrounds in your locality and let them enjoy in wide open space. This app for moms can help you find direction to reach playgrounds and take streets view before leaving home. You can also share these details with other parents and even to those who do not have this app installed on their device. Playground Buddy has 200,000 worldwide playgrounds on it yet you can add more if you any such place missing on the list.

Other Features:

– You can access a worldwide database of over 350,000 playgrounds, in over 170 countries.

– You can search for playgrounds near you, across town, across your country and across the world.

– Also, you can see photos or street view of playgrounds before you visit.

– You can easily get directions to the playground of your choice.

– You can share playground details and location with others, even to those without the app.

– In this app, you can make and save a playground favorite list.

– You can add new playgrounds and improve current playground listings for the benefit of others.

You can Download directly from Playstore and APP store.

Flipp-Apps for Moms

find best deal around you

Grocery shopping is an essential part of household management. You would certainly like to buy economical things from a superstore, saving maximum money and buying quality things. Flipp is an amazing app that facilitates your buying. Just enter the zip code and download offers and coupons from 800 plus stores and grocery shops. The list includes the most popular store such as Walmart, Kroger, Target, and Toys R Us. The app also allows you to make buying lists, save coupons and loyalty cards. Download for your iPhone, iPad from here and for android devices here.


family road trip planner

Trekaroo is a free app for iOS and helps you tack kid-friendly activities and delight them. This app provides you food details and lodging packages of hotels, and restaurants in whatever locality you are traveling with your kids. There are also reviews of other families and parents to help out you select the best place for you and your kids. The details include rating, price, suitability and mileage from your location. This app also allows you hotel booking from home. Download IOS version from here.

Baby Connect – APPS FOR MOMS

comprehensive baby tracking application

Baby Connect APPS FOR MOMS is packed with the best features to ease moms. For its multiple distinctions, this app has selected as a Featured App by Apple. Baby Connect keeps moms in touch with their infants all the time. It helps them to record feedings and diaper change timing, noting even minute details such as from which side they nursed their infant last time. This app for moms is also helpful for saving details of your baby’s medical history, height, weight, sleep and mood habits. This app is workable on both iOS and Android systems and is available in two subscription packages of $4.99-$8.99.

Breathe, Think, Do-Apps for Moms

research-based app helps your child learn Sesame’s “Breathe, Think, Do” strategy for problem-solving

This free iOS and Android app has been designed ingeniously, based on research-based strategies to look after kids. It introduces a character taken from the most popular Sesame Street cartoon series to pacify and guide young children. The character has been devised following child psychology. Hence children get used to it within no time and follow its everyday life instructions without any resistance. There are interesting lessons on how to breathe, learn vocabulary and lots more educational stuff.


Get the best route in real time with help from fellow drivers APPS FOR MOMS

As a mother, you have lots of daily chores to do and with them you have to drop or pick kids from school. You have certainly experienced the embarrassment being locked into traffic jams while the kids crying on the backseat. Sometime it proves such as nonsense that it exhausts your nerves. Waze is meant to save you from all this. You get timely information on traffic jams, accidents, and any other unfortunate incident on your pathways before you caught into them. This app also briefs you on gas stations and gas prices in your surroundings to save your precious money. Android version can be downloaded from Playstore and IOS version can be download from APP Store.


your kids’ art APPS FOR MOMS

Artkive is free to download APPS FOR MOMS and can run smoothly on both iOS and Android. This novel app is extremely supportive to a mother’s world of love for her kids. As a mother, you have lots of golden memories upbringing your kids. This app helps you preserver most of those memories with the eye of camera and upload these images on this app, tagging with date, time and age of your sweet little one. Make pics of your kid’s first artwork and save them for future. The app also allows you to share images with friends and far off family members. like all other download links here is the Playstore link to download artkive and IOS app.

After going through all these APPS FOR MOMS, you have certainly made up your mind to try the most appropriate one to help out you in your daily chores. Explore the features they offer you in detail and you will be certainly inspired by them. They will certainly prove the best apps to support you to manage the day-to-day life as a busy parent. Please share this link with other parents to help them too. If you use any specific app other than mentioned above you are more than welcome to share in the comments with our audience. Vr apps for android are very popular these days so have a look on these as well.


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