This fabulous collection of Cartoon Apps for Girls encases ten wonderful learning games for your little princess. They are intensely entertaining and provide the kids tons of fun and excitement. They have also got a special touch of education which can promote kids’ motor skills, sharpen their memory, and improve their concentration and help them learn to give quick and accurate response.

baby girls android apps

Barbie Magical Fashion

princess, mermaid, fairy, hero android app

Barbie is a fascination for all little girls and this app brings them a unique opportunity to adorn their Barbie with a variety of dresses, make ups and adornments. The app offers a range of hairstyles, outfits, shimmering gems and jewelry and many such things that will give Barbie every time a stunning and smashing look. It is all up to you what look you select for her – a princess, mermaid, fairy or a modern fashion doll. The regalia here is endless!


  • You can make a variety of hairstyles and insert streaks of color to the hair.
  • You can apply lovely fairy tale make-up to finish your magical look
  • Also, you can decorate your tiara with shiny gems and make a sparkly necklace
  • You can change your princess gown and shoes
  • Insert a mermaid tail, fairy wings or hero fittings – you can even make unicorns.
  • You can uncover magical gift boxes sideways with fun surprises
  • You can save your enchanting looks.

Cinderella Story for Kids

Cinderella fairy tales android apps

Like Barbie, Cinderella has also a large fan group among baby girls! Cinderella Story for Kids will surely entice your little princess to play and learn from this famous fairytale character. This game comprises activities like spot the error in the pattern, classification, search for odd object, Jigsaw puzzles etc. It is one of the best girl games which enhance spatial intelligence of kids and develop their reading interest! It is designed by psychologists to help building child’s brain skills such as memory, logic and attention.

What’s inside?

  • It has 2 game modes: Story and Mini Games
  • It has 65 attractively designed Story episodes
  • This app has 13 beautiful and beneficial Mini Games with four levels of difficulty
  • It has luminously composed music
  • This app has challenging and thrilling puzzles
  • It has superb and charming visual style
  • It contains varied content for hours of fun

Masha and the Bear: House Cleaning Games for Girls

Cartoon Masha girl android app

This cool preschool game is full of cartoon animation and sweet music in the background! This game introduces activities that will cast a very healthy impact on the kids learning. They include clean room with their favorite cartoon characters Masha and the Bear or wash laundry or place the toys in drawers after playing. All the activities in this game focus on easy learning and ultimately develop kids’ concentration and motor skills.

Key features of the cleaning games for kids:

  • These Baby learning games are appropriate both for little ones and for preschooler kids
  • It has “Clean up messy room” game for clever kids! Little tailor can cut fabrics and fix toys and clothes. Kids can also iron, clean floor, fix scratches, beautify house and so on.
  • It has “The courtyard” game. Leaves are falling! Kids can tidy up the yard and remove trash! But first of all, they can collect the herbarium.
  • It has “Washing laundry” game too. Masha is so dull – she required to take a shower! And the washing machine will help the kids with laundry.
  • It has mini games for kids! You can order by size, find all animals’ footprints and enhance motor skills!
  • This app has easy and cool gameplay appropriate both for babies and for 5 years old child, for kindergarten and home.
  • This game is free and family-friendly.
  • It is for girls and boys who loves Masha and the Bear videos!
  • This app has games for boys and girls!

Fairy Tale Princess Dress Up

Princesses Dress Up with Fabulous Fashion in this Creative Game

This gorgeous top cartoon apps for girls engages them to dress up adorable princesses with fabulous dresses and ornaments. There are four princesses in this game and they are all famous characters from the celebrated fairytales. They include Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, the Princess and the Pea and Snow White. It is now up to you how you dress them and maintain their unique looks! When they get ready, they will take to visit the magical wonders of their fairyland where on every step you have lots of things to explore.

You can show off your fashion abilities and imagination by mixing and matching gowns, crowns, accessories and many more. It has hundreds of fashion mixtures to select from. You can make up your own discussion and dress up your separate fairy tale princess in bizarre fashions in a wonderful make believe dress up game. Also, you can visit the palace, the garden and the magical realm with tons to explore. Moreover, kids can take their fashion wisdom and dress up their princesses in this artistic game.

There are 9 item categories in this Game:

  • It has crowns, glossy, festive and funky
  • It has Hairstyles – up, down, beautiful hair styles!
  • This game has Necklaces – jewels, colorful, fancy and fun
  • It contains Dresses – stunning and fabulous!
  • It has Shirts – different flairs for different princesses
  • This game has Gloves – don’t forget that a princess loves her gloves!
  • It has Pants – lots to select from
  • This game has Skirts – short, long, lots of styles
  • It has Shoes – big heels or casual – you can never have several pairs!

Ready, Set, Monsters! – Powerpuff Girls Games

endless army of monsters with the Powerpuff Girls

This awesome app brings to the opportunity to participate in an endless action and fighting with monstrous baddies. Every moment in this game is full of suspense and thrill. The game options here allow using punch, kicking and smashing your enemies and winning over them. You have to just to tap controls to launch your Powerpuff Girls and can unleash a superfast action. On each next level, they become stronger and tougher to win the battle!

Princess Story Maker-Cartoon Apps for Girls

favorite princesses Style them - storybooks of classic fairy tales

Princess Story Maker is a classic app to awaken the graces of a gorgeous princess and doll up her with a range of ornaments and royal dresses! The princess in the game needs your help to adorn her and now it is up to you what you select for her from the magic closet. This app invites the creative power of your little one by giving her an opportunity to display her sensible selection of costumes and make up and colors for her beloved princess.

Pink Cartoon Cute Kitty-Cartoon Apps for Girls

Pink Cartoon Cute Kitty is an Android mobile theme with 3D effects, 3D weather, app icon packs and Pink Cartoon apps for girls

This app is designed to give your phone a brand new look with the cute and eye-catching pink cartoon kitty which will certainly delight your baby girl. It is loaded with the smartest 3D effects, icon packs and many Cute Kitty wallpapers. In addition to these, you get also3D weather and clock widgets with this app. It is compatible to all smartphones of major brands and various versions. Let the kids try their creative knack to design new themes by mixing options and personalize the phone screen.

Cooking Diary®: Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game

restaurant critics write bombastic reviews, chefs create new masterpieces, cartoon apps for girls

This special app is meant for those who take special interest in cooking and like to relish a variety of foods. It would surely be a special feast for girls. The app has lots of features. It introduces you to a wonderland – culinary capital Tasty Hills with many activities to join in. This Cartoon Apps for Girls is the best opportunity to test your cooking skills, making tasty dishes, taking part in competitions with other players and even developing your own restaurant and so much more.

My Home – Design Dreams-Cartoon Apps for Girls

designing and decorating your very own home cartoon apps for girls

This home decorating gameplay is a classic app which comes with entirely new and exclusive art of developing and decorating a dream home for you. It is again a test of your skills and your sense of exterior and interior decorating. This Cartoon Apps for Girls allows you easy and interactive options to display your minds on screen and design living and bedroom with realistic characters in a gorgeous villa. You can develop a complete storyline enjoying the most awesome real designing experience.

Little Panda’s Space Kitchen – Kids Cooking

Cartoon apps for girls recipes and fantastic space kitchen for kids android app

Have you ever thought of cooking in space? This app introduces you to a space capsule kitchen and offers you the opportunity to prepare yummy foods there.  Little Panda’s Space Kitchen is innovative and in all respects and smartly-designed app which will absorb you in the game. The kitchen is stuffed with all sorts of ingredients you need to prepare your dishes. The game packed with curiosity and suspense. You have access to fantastic kitchen machines, flying pot, oven robot and a lot more.

These Cartoon Apps for Girls are significant for developing various psychological skills of your baby darling; especially cooking skills and helping them concentrate, select and match. The games’ contents have been developed by experts to enhance kids’ education and therefore these apps have for more importance than ordinary games. Along with the educational aspect of these games, they are also important for fun and entertainment point of view. So they will keep your baby girls busy in positive activity and learn many new things.

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