Unlike other collections of gaming or cartoon making apps, this is a very special collection that contains exclusively Islamic apps that provide the kids knowledge about Islam and the great and noble lives of Prophets and Sahaba (may ALLAH be pleased with them) and in particular about the most enlightening life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Hence these apps offer the kids a great opportunity to know their Deen and its holy message and adapt their lives accordingly. Each app is unique in itself and will certainly impress every parent to help their kids deepen their knowledge about Islam and be a practicing Muslim.

kids islamic apps

10 Surah for Kids Word By Word

10 Surah for Kids Word By Word

Learning the Holy Quran by heart pleases Allah Almighty. This particular app serves as the Quran Tutor for your kids and can help them learn by heart 10 Surahs. On learning the Holy Quran’s verses, the app gives special credit to the kids and keep them engaged in continuing their learning. In all respect, it is a marvelous app that you would certainly like to download.

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Asaan Namaz (URDU) – Islamic Apps

Asaan Namaz (URDU)

Aasaan namaz, as the app’s name manifests, is designed to teach kids how to say all five prayers and also Juma Prayer. There are also a collection of 40 Masnoon Duas in this app that every kid and adult should essentially know. Aasaan namaz teaches kids to say prayers with the help of HD format images. The app features and user-friendly interface which kids can easily operate.

Noorani Qaida Colored Offline with Audio, For Kids

Noorani Qaida Colored Offline with Audio, For Kids

Reading of the Holy Quran requires learning of Arabic language rules to ensure perfect accent. This app is built for the purpose of teaching correct reading to both kids and adults with complete audio instructions. Students usually begin learning the Holy Quran reading with Noorani Qaida and in this app they can find the same Noorani Qaida with many helpful features. The app contains knowledge of Tajweed Rules and will work as the first tutor for your kids. The app is interactive and simple in all its features and will be immensely useful for a great learning.

Kids Dua Now – Word By Word

Kids Dua Now - Word By Word

All Muslims are well-aware of the importance of Dua in their daily lives. Keeping in view this significant religious ritual, this wonderful app has been designed to help Muslims Kids to know and learn Islamic Duas in their daily lives. All Duas in this app are available in Arabic and with word for word translation. There is complete information with each Dua and its significance has been highlighted in particular to add to the knowledge of your kids. This app is a unique source to learn how to seek Allah’s blessings in our life and routine work. Thus you have Duas for eating, drinking to waking up and sleeping. The app is extremely beneficial for kids of all ages.

6 Kalma of Islam 2017

6 Kalma of Islam 2017

In all Muslims families, kids start learning to read the Holy Quran even before their customary general education. They also learn all the 6 kalmas, prayers and many duas. The 6 Kalmas of Islam 2017 is enormously helpful for kids at this stage. It can teach them to recite the Kalmas of Islam with correct pronunciation and translation of Arabic in Urdu and English. The app is also supportive to learn Kalmas by heart.

Islamic eBooks Library

Islamic eBooks Library

Islamic eBooks Library enables you to access and read the great treasure of Islamic books with just a few clicks. The books are available in 38 world languages. So select your native language and get to know the great message of Islam, its injunctions and code of life according to Islamic Shariah. This marvelous app is developed by Dawat-e-Islami and is immensely useful for kids and adults. It helps you read the great Islamic books at home and on the go.

Prophets’ stories in Islam

Prophets' stories in islam

This unique app is helpful to know the great lives of Allah’s Prophets and the message they propagated to humanity. In Islam, Allah’s Prophets are the greatest and noblest men ever lived on Earth. Their lives are great source of enlightenment for all of us. In particular, this app has mention of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Allah’s last Prophet. It is the foremost duty of all Muslim parents to teach their kids about the pious and noble life of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). And this app provides a great opportunity to all Muslims kids to expand their knowledge and know the great lives of Allah’s chosen people.

BDOUIN by MuslimShow

BDOUIN by MuslimShow

This app provides kids with interesting moral Bedouin stories. It also offers especially designed story maker software for kids. They can customize several comic scenes using this software. It is also helpful for composing funny messages and sharing them with friends and family. There is a special segment for comic strip episodes. All the stuff in this app is children safe. Additionally, the kids can find here an abundance of stickers that can be installed on WhatsApp easily.

Islamic Stories -Life of Sahaba

Islamic Stories -Life Of Sahaba - قصص الأنبياء

This is another beautiful app to download accounts of the holy lives of Allah’s Prophets and sahaba of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to enrich knowledge and seek get great inspiration. The contents have been especially simplified for the sake of kids and for their easy understanding. These great narratives are extremely helpful for taking guidance in our lives. Going through them, your kids can learn to adapt themselves according to Islamic Shariah.

Islamic Moslem Stickers for WA Sticker Apps 2020

Islamic Moslem Stickers for WA Sticker Apps 2019

This app is helpful in getting a substantial collection of variety of Islamic stickers to easily download on WhatsApp and share with other people. The extensive range of stickers consists of both static and animated types and contains Islamic messages. The app features an easy, smooth and instant downloading. Check the compatibility of your WhatsApp version with that of this app and start sending the stickers to your friends with a single click.

Apart from Islamic Apps smooth running and easy downloading, one remarkable feature of these apps is that they are free to download for everyone. All the apps contain store of great knowledge and enlightenment for kids. From the Quranic knowledge to Islamic stickers and messages, these apps have great content which will not only delight the kids but will also be helpful to learn more of their great religion and act as true Muslims.


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