Living playhouse means a lot to kids. If you have kids at home, make them creative and hard workers. There are so many ways to enhance the creative and hard-working skills of your kids; the most common one is to engage them in setting up living playhouses. With this activity, kids can spend quality time making playhouses. Mostly, kids prefer to create playhouses in outdoor living areas because it’s an outdoor activity. It is why living playhouses are known as tree houses. A treehouse is a place to gather childhood memories. Have you ever made a treehouse?

If you had a playhouse in your childhood, you would have gathered some lasting memories. Haven’t you gathered childhood memories? If you have missed the opportunity of making a treehouse in your childhood time, then don’t let your kids miss this golden opportunity. Building a treehouse for kids can keep them away from many lazy activities. Help your kids to design a playhouse if they are not able to create it. Your guidance can boost their confidence when it comes to making a treehouse. Today, we are living in the times of technology where kids like to use digital devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The outdoor activities have reduced to a great extent; even kids face challenges while planning for such activities. Looking at the challenges, kids should make living playhouses to spend a good time with siblings and friends. The role of parents is very vital, so parents should encourage kids to have outdoor activities. It is the only way to come out of the phobia of computers and smart devices. It is the job of parents to motivate their young ones to such activities or else they may lose physical health. Apart from studies, kids should participate in healthy brainstorming activities. What about growing a living playhouse? Let’s take a look at some examples of the living playhouses!

The Runner Ban Teepee

There are so many options to make living playhouses, but the best one is to make the runner ban teepee for your kids. It’s easy to make, even you can make it with little effort. What are the things you need to make this treehouse? You need runner bean seeds, chicken wire, garden twine, grass area, and around 10 long bamboo canes. Make sure the bamboo canes are not longer than 6 feet. After gathering all the important items, your job is to make the playhouse. How to make a living playhouse with all such items?

The first task is to spread the canes in the ground by making a circle. Create a decent space for the room; now tie the canes with wire or better cover with the chicken wire. Moreover, you can dig a garden for up to 1 foot to make the base of canes. You can also use been seeds for making the base. Keep things organic, so use water and soil to grow your playhouse. Transfer seeds into the soil to see the growth of your house. For more beauty, you can also add chips at the base and better secure the canes with strings. It’s a way to get rid of weeds.

The Willow Den

Another type of house is Willow Den that can make your kids excited. Tie willow branches into the ground by using the structure of your outdoor area. You can make any shape that you like to design the Den. For making this house, you need a bundle of willow rods not longer than 6 feet. Other than rods, you require a weed-suppressing straw. As far as making is concerned, you need to place the rods after making holes in it.

It would be great if you plant the rods, in the den for doing permanent work. For vertical support, you should add old rods because of the durability. Keep the roof open to let things grow. For décor and appearance, you should add grapevines and sunflowers. Add plants to get rid of insects and make the best use of herbs.

The Benefits of Making and Growing a Living Playhouse

If we look at the benefits of making and growing living playhouses, we can find so many benefits. Children playhouses offer tremendous benefits to kids, as they learn so many interesting things about living. Not only do they learn interesting facts, but they adopt a creative lifestyle and self-management. Parents should make kids self-learners from all walks of life, so making a living playhouse is a brilliant idea that one should follow for sure. If you have kids at home, ask them to make a playhouse to enhance crafting skills. Furthermore, it teaches so many things to kids. What are some benefits? Let’s take a look at the benefits of making living playhouses!

Kids improve their imaginations when they make playhouses. They improve imagination and cognitive development. Further, kids learn to know about the outdoor world that also improves their senses. They feel good about outdoor living and it improves their thinking power. They smell, sound, and visual more about outdoor living. Making a simple playhouse isn’t the only benefit that kids enjoy, they also bring décor to the house. In this way, kids improve their decoration skills. Additionally, they add furniture and other sitting items to get comfort. By doing so kids become good designers and develop décor senses while building a playhouse.

There are plenty of benefits kids enjoy while designing living playhouses. Among all benefits, they enjoy the growing benefits of a house that help them in the future. Some do cooking inside these playhouses to create an environment while some read books. So, a lot of activities are performed by kids in the treehouse. With this, kids not only improve creative and cognitive development skills, but they also improve educational and cooking skills when spending quality time in the living playhouses.

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