Breath Meditation is a process of relaxing mind by engaging in mindful activities that improves your well-being and takes care of illness. With mediation, you can find great body balance, as it enhances physical and mental fitness at the same time when you focus on mind and body practices. It has a deep connection with your mind, body and brain. For elders, breath meditation process comes in the form of yoga. On the other hand, kids don’t find yoga a perfect solution to find mental relaxation. It’s a difficult task for kids to perform yoga, especially the kids under 10.

What are the breath meditation solutions and techniques for kids under 10? Breathing meditation is a terrific option for kids who are not able to perform yoga. Further, breathing mediation techniques are for everyone, as it’s a part of yoga. But for kids, it’s a full-fledge healthy activity that can keep them fit both mentally and physically. How can you find the best breath meditation techniques for kids? One thing is sure that you need a quiet place to practice breath mediation. For kids, it’s a must to find a noise-free place to avoid distractions.

Why Calm Breathing is Important?

Calm breathing is a must for everyone including kids, parents, and everyone in this world. If we talk about children, there is a valid reason to require calm breath. A child goes into fight mode when gets angry and emotional. Children think that they are fighting for their lives in a temper tantrum situation. In such a situation, children take heavy and quick breaths. They feel stressed and pressurized because of less oxygen supply to their brains. The only solution is to do these exercises. This is why calm breathing is important for everyone.

For fresh and healthy breathing, let’s take a look at some of the simple breathing exercises for kids.

Feather Breathing-Breath Meditation

Feather breath

It’s a wonderful breathing exercise that kids find interesting and engaging, as it improves breathing. How to teach feather breathing to your kids? Give them different feather colors to play with. Ask them to hold in their hands and take a deep breath. Ask your kids to keep hands on bellies to feel the rise and fall. Now blow the feather slowly from either side while inhaling and exhaling through the nose. It’s a good technique that gets the attention of kids.

Feather breath uses fun games and colorful feathers to study more about how we breathe and how we can change our breath to make us sense more relaxed or more eager.

What do you need:

  • Feathers
  • Straws

How can you do it:

Seeing the breath:

Put a single feather in the open palm of the hand, holding it just below the chin.

Breathe usually.

Watch the feather carefully and notice how it moves. You will observe that you are inhale and exhale as the feather moves. Can you tell which is your inhale and which is your breathe out based on the movement of the feather?


Now you know that what your breath seems like and that it can move the feather even when you are breathing usually. So, let’s discover how exhaling can feel different, not only for the feather, but also for you.

Grip the feather upright, placing the stem between the thumb and index finger. You will notice how the feather has soft, light plumes, while other parts of the feather are inflexible. You can use your breath to move only the lenient parts of the feather. Then use the breath to change the stiffer parts.

What do you know about the way you must respire to move the soft parts of the feather? And the inflexible? How does every exhale make you feel?

So, play around some more with this and you will notice which parts of your body move when making the diverse breaths. Where does the breath initiate? Which body parts relax or contract? Tell us, which exhale makes you feel better?

Flower Breathing-Breath Meditation

Flower Breathing

A flower is also a helpful tool to teach breathing. If you want to teach breathing techniques to your kids, you can make effective use of flowers. How can you do it? First, get the favorite color flowers of your kids. Ask your child to take a deep breath while smelling the flower. Also, ask your baby to hold the breath for 3 seconds and exhale through the mouth at the 4th second. Keep repeating the process several times to improve breathing. Besides this, you can also practice many flower breathing techniques, but better stay on basics for your kids.

Flower Breathing is actually a Breathing Style that impersonates flowers and fruits. It replicates with the user’s actions, techniques and skills. Most, if not all, recognized techniques and forms are a mixture of graceful attacks named after flowers and fruits that enhance the user’s liveliness and flexibility with their weapon and body. This Breathing Style also improves and uses one’s vision, albeit at the likely cost of their eyesight. Users that have learned Flower Breathing imagine themselves apparently creating and operating flowers in a variety of beautiful colors when releasing its techniques.

Shapes Breathing

Shapes breathing

There are so many breathing techniques that can teach your kids the art of healthy breathing. You can try the techniques of shapes breathing. Squares, triangles, and stars can be used to teach shape breathing to your young ones. How to practice this breathing technique? Hold your finger on the starting point, you can make any starting point while starting the breath meditation. If you start on a square, you can inhale for up to 4 seconds. Now exhale slowly and move your finger on the other side of the square while counting 4. Keep repeating the process several times to improve your breathing.

One Nostril Breath Meditation

one nostrel

One nostril breath is the easier breathing practice that kids love to practice. It’s a naughty act full of fun for younger kids. How to teach this technique? It’s so simple. Ask your kids to keep one finger on one nostril and breathe deeply. Now switch the finger on another nostril and deep breath for a few seconds. Now breathe in and out for several minutes and improve. It’s a good exercise that can keep you away from stress and worries. You can try it too!

Breathing Buddies-Breath Meditation

breathing buddies

If you are looking for additional fun, you can ask your kid to lie down with his/her favorite stuff toy. Ask them to sleep with the teddy bear by holding on to the tummy. Now it’s time for breath on the count of 3, it’s a process of inhaling and exhaling while holding hands on the bear. 7 to 10 rounds are enough to practice breathing buddies. It’s a way helpful breathing technique for kids. Would you like to try it?

Mountain Breathing

Mountain breathing

Mountain breathing is a wonderful process of improving your day to day activities. You can practice it by sitting straight. Now lift your arm high in the air by inhaling for up to 3 seconds. Imagine yourself a big mountain, now release the position of your arm down by exhaling through the mouth. Keep repeating the process for several minutes. Teach this superb breathing technique to your kids for better and fresh breathing. It’s easier to practice.

When you feel a tense event (like a surprising dinosaur in your living room), your body mechanically goes into what is known as “flight, fight or freeze” mode. Also, your heart rate upsurges, your stomach stops digestion, and your breathing becomes more thin.

The purpose of soothing exercises is to get yourself from “flight, fight or freeze” mode back to “rest and digest” condition. This Deep breathing technique also helps you to get more oxygen into your bloodstream. It opens up your capillaries. It has a bodily effect on your body to help you calm down and it lower the stress.

Moreover, deep breathing surely makes a big difference for children. The breathing we want children to do is deep belly breaths, not thin chest breaths. When they breathe in, their belly should enlarge, and when they breathe out, their belly should contract.

Balloon Breathing

Balloon Breathing

Among all techniques, balloon breathing is a wonderful way to fresh yourself. In this technique can be practiced in both standing and sitting forms. The choice is yours. How to start this technique? Relax your body start inhaling and exhaling the process through the nose. Take a deep breath just like you fill up an air balloon. Now slowly release the breath just like to air out the balloon. It’s a good technique that can teach your kids about breath meditation. Repeat the process for several minutes to change the breathing abilities of your kid.

The best thing to practice breath meditation is to reduce stress and worries. Train your kids at an early age, as it helps them to learn breath meditation. Above all, don’t forget to choose a quiet place to practice breathing techniques, no matter if you meditate in a drawing room or living room.


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