Educational games make a huge difference in kid’s life, as kids find an opportunity to learn and grow their minds with the help of technology. The use of technology has become common among kids, though it’s bad. However, kids of 2020 have developed exceptional online skills whether it comes to seeking online education or playing online games. In addition to enhancing skills, we’ll take a look at 8 free online educational games for kids. It’s not easy to find free online educational games, but we have got a few in our feed.

Sheppard Software

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Being parents, you always want your kids to engage in educational activities. Let’s allow them to explore Sheppard Software. It’s an educational website having more than hundreds of free games for kids. The purpose of creating this software is to enhance the learning abilities of kids because the content on this site is produced keeping in mind the choices of kids. It is understood that kids learn to play in a creative environment full of fun and entertainment. Thankfully, the software is featured with superb sound and visual effects that grab the attention of kids.

Further, games come with different levels that put children in challenging situations. Thus, kids have to use the mind to come out of trouble situations by utilizing their educational skills. As far as instructions are concerned, kids find it easier to operate and use.

It has hundreds of free, online, learning games for children. But anyone interested in online learning can use this website. It has so many subjects like geography, math, animals, science, creative activities, language arts, health and lots of levels for all abilities. It has loads of games and activities for learners of any age.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

If you are looking for more educational games for your younger ones, you can rely on National Geographic Kids for your little fellows. It’s an educational website comprised of free online educational games that can put a nice impact on your kid’s life. Kids get a chance to learn fun facts, quizzes, and more about different countries, but the basic purpose of this game development is to educate kids around animals and the natural world. This is why the game is named as National Geographic Kids.

Using this platform is amazing for kids because kids learn to grow creative skills while playing games like Journey to Freedom, The Underground Railroad, and many more. Thankfully, your kids can know enough about animals and science with this amazing online free game.

More Details:

National Geographic Kids actually not organized for teachers. This is a fanciful resource for students to use and explore their comforts and follow their interest. Though it isn’t an inclusive site and has some gaps in the animals and countries it covers, its offerings keep growing. The website can be a great way to present the diversity of life on Earth. It motivates students to learn about new animals, watch the numerous science and geography series, or discover the U.S. states or countries of the world. The Homework Help section can deliver additional support with light research papers or projects. Teachers can also hunt for content that match topics they’re working on in the classroom.

Teachers of newer students can find this educational tool a great way to enhance engagement and add extension activities for science and social studies lessons. There are also subtitles on videos for accessibility purposes. However, the site content is free, there are a number of links to subscribe to the National Geographic Kids and National Geographic Little children magazines, as well as a link to the National Geographic store.


hassle-free reading of digital books

Funbrain is an exceptional free online game that serves educational purposes. Kids can easily develop reading, literacy, math, and problem-solving skills by playing this mindful game. The facility of reading books, comics, and videos are available on the game to get the attention of school going kids. It’s a free educational game ideal for school kids up to Grade 8. Funbrain offers a hassle-free reading of digital books including Diary of Wimpy Kid Brewster Rockit and many others.

It is created for children in grades Pre-K through 8. It has been the leader in free educational games for children since 1997. This website presents hundreds of games, books, comics, and videos that grow skills in math, reading, problem-solving and literacy.

Teachers and parents can trust this site to deliver a fun and safe experience both at home and at school. Also, it does not collect personally identifiable data from children. For additional information you can see their Privacy Policy.

Mr. Nussbaum


If you want a game that offers vast learning for grade level kids, Mr. Nussbaum is the perfect educational website for your kids. It’s a website that delivers conceptual learning ideas with themes that also become a source of information for kids and their teachers.

The game is used in computer labs and classrooms to cover interesting topics taught in classes. Not only the game is used as a source for gathering information, but it serves a great learning purpose. Importantly, kids get a chance to enhance mathematical and educational skills by covering a range of subjects. In short, it’s an educational free online game for kids.

It was developed with the idea that critical concepts, themes, ideas, and fact sets taught in the classroom can be improved over the internet through interactivity. Additionally, for teachers to have a reliable k -8 internet website to use in the computer lab or in the classroom, that likely covers one or many topics currently being taught. The Math portion of this website contains dozens of interactives labeled by grade level and topic. Directly below the links to all different themes offered on the website. There is a color-coded display to help correctly identify grade-level proposals for activities. For example, red for 1st Grade, orange for 2nd and so on.

There are several different topics are offered including fact practice, estimation, rounding, fractions, decimals, money, time, coordinate grids, metric and standard units, and many more. Many of the games offer a preliminary video explaining how to play. If your district blocks YouTube, the videos may not be accessible. Some activities need a name. It recommends that students never use their actual name but makeup something. Names are not saved and login isn’t compulsory to play.

Poptropica-Educational Games

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Poptropica is another popular online game that provides kids an opportunity to play free engaging games safely. They can also read stories along with adventure games. Therefore, kids get a chance to play amazing adventure games by utilizing their skills and knowledge. Interestingly, kids also travel in the islands of the game with their created characters and that’s full of fun. Above, all the game is reliable and safe for your kids, as it follows the privacy laws and fully certified.

ABCYa!-Educational Games

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ABCYa is an educational computer game created by school teachers. The game was developed for the purpose of improving the knowledge and educational skills of kids covering math and arts, specifically for the elementary students. Kids can learn languages in a game environment because the platform offers more than 400 games to kids.

For Grade 6 students, there is a massive learning opportunity in the form of multiplication, parts of speech, and most importantly typing skills. Not only it offers teaching skills, but it provides fun to kids while playing.

PBS Kids-Educational Games

PBS Kids

Are you looking for an educational free online game for your kids? PBS Kids make a nice impression because the game is based on entertainment. It helps kids in both school and home life, especially when it comes to improving gaming skills with education. Indeed, it’s an educational resource that offers creative games services with full fun. Thankfully, kids get a chance to improve their knowledge, thinking, imagination, and creativity. It surely develops the childhood of your kids by enhancing their physical, social, and cognitive skills.

Primary Games-Educational Games


PrimaryGames has the best free online games

If you want to entertain your kids with exceptional learning skills through online free games, let’s provide them an opportunity to play primary games online. The Primary Games was founded by Susan Beasley, a teacher who took an initiative to bring entertainment in the life of her students while learning. It’s a terrific idea that worked great and still, the idea works for the benefit of students.

Primary Games offer a range of learning chances to kids when they easily enhance their reading and math skills. The puzzle games are also there that involve brainstorming of kids and it’s the best mind engagement for all grade students. Thankfully, the games are free to play for different age groups starting from the Grade 1 level.

Engage Kids’ Minds with Educational Games

Educational games have great value and importance in the life of kids because these games offer a range of skills at the same time. Your kid learns to play online games and also engages the mind in learning several educational skills including math, reading, and problem-solving. Importantly, some games are good for enhancing the writing skill, so never consider them useless for your kids.


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