Typing is an engaging activity full of learning for kids. Nowadays, kids want to learn many online skills just to gain expertise. It is good for kids to learn new skills as it improves their resume. Among all online skills, typing has always been a good skill for kids at an early age. Students take more interest in typing, especially those who wish to be a content writer in the future. For students who aim to be a writer, you can find typing the best skill to learn. No doubt, typing has many benefits for kids, as it helps students in many ways. Nowadays, everything has become digital, even classroom assignments are also prepared on computers that require good typing skills.

Teachers also prefer to type content rather than using a whiteboard in classrooms. So, kids also have to prepare assignments on computers. This is why, they should give importance to typing, as you know the trend of computer-based assignments has increased in the last few years. If you are a student and bad at typing, you should improve your typing to compete with the time. Remember, time never comes back, so gain as many skills you can to become an expert. For easy learning of typing, we have got you covered with some best typing platforms that can help you type fast.

Animal Typing (Android and iOS)

learn touch typing on a keyboard for kids

There are so many apps used for typing. Animal Typing is one of those apps that help kids to learn typing fast. The app is full of fun learning, as it offers exciting animals including rabbits, snail, and a horse that become fast with the typing speed of kids. The efficiency and speed can also unlock other animals like Cheetah when kids work hard to learn typing.  With the help of this app, kids learn typing in a creative style, as it enhances the speed of your kids. Kids also get feedback from the app after completing assignments that increase their confidence level. Further, this typing game is best for kids of up to 10 years old. The more practice kids do, the more they become an efficient typist. In this app, the Bluetooth keyboard can also be attached to enhance typing features.

Dance Mat Typing

first lesson of typing for kids

Dance Mat Typing is an attractive typing app for kids that comes with good features. The game is full of colors and fun for the kids including four levels, every level is better than the previous level. Also, kids learn the basics of typing whether how to keep fingers and hands on the keyboard. The positioning of the hand and letter placement is the beauty of using this app. Moreover, kids can take a test to check their typing abilities and get rewards as well. Kids can also learn the usage of capital letters along with the appropriate use of shift keys, slash, and the apostrophe in this app. As far as functions are concerned, the app is easier to handle and operate for the newbies. The instructions are friendly and easy to follow.

Keyboard Fun (iOS)

children are learning to read with lower case letters

Kids with disabilities can use Keyboard Fun to learn typing and other skills. The game has launched exciting features that cover autism, physical, and learning disabilities to letters. Kids can also learn to match keys to pictures on the screen. It helps kids to learn words quickly on the keyboard. They press the correct alphabet letters after looking at the screens that teach them to use lower and upper case letters properly. Above all, kids get feedback after taking a test that improves their performance and work progress.

Typing Fingers (Android and iOS)

Typing Fingers uses a completely new approach to teach the efficient touch-typing (ten-fingers)

Typing Fingers is a famous app used for learning advanced typing skills. With the help of this app, kids can learn exceptional typing skills at an early age. The game has almost 32 levels that teach kids to learn the alphabet, letters, and symbols at different levels. After clearing one level, kids find motivation in the form of prizes. This encourages kids to learn more about typing, as they find motivation. Further, kids also improve the hand coordination and correct usage of fingers on the keyboard.

After clearing the initial levels, the game becomes more interesting for kids, as they have to shoot the correct letters and alphabets shown on the screen. It’s an art to learn typing through games, whereas Typing Fingers meet all the standards for early learners. The certification and reward system is just great that keeps children goal-oriented. Moreover, this game improves the work accuracy of kids when they handle school assignments.


Typing Lessons Tests Games Achievements Themes for kids

Type-a-Balloon is a famous app used for learning advanced typing skills and is the one of the best kids typing apps for android. The game is designed in a unique format that grabs the attention of kids. The reason for the attraction is the fun style that gets the attention of kids who want to learn typing. Kids have to type the letters appear in the balloons. So, it adds fun to learning. The game improves the focus of kids because kids have to keep eyes open to watch balloons. If a balloon disappears, kids lose one of the five lives. Interestingly, the wrong answer also deducts the marks. It makes the game impressive for kids, as they learn advanced typing skills fast. The game is best for all learners, even parents can also learn typing with the help of this game.

Get Those Tiny Fingers Moving

It is the right time to get your hands on the above-mentioned typing apps. All these apps are designed for learning typing skills for kids, but elders can also join the learning program. Kids not only enhance learning skills but learn to handle computers after learning advanced typing skills in a fun style. This also improves the creative skills of kids and reflexes when they focus on the screen. Encourage your kids to learn typing and these games are best to make things happen.


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