Every parent is concerned about the usage of mobile when it comes to their kids. They always want to keep an eye on the kid’s mobile because for many reasons. No doubt, kids are immature and don’t know the right usage of a smartphone. They can engage in cyberbullying and other activities that can affect them badly. No one wants to damage the repute, so parents should avoid such problems by seeking the support of kids monitoring apps. The use of such apps can help parents to monitor kid’s mobile use. In this time of digitalization, technology has made everything accessible for kids. They often come across activities that can cost them in future life.

How to Track Kids Using Your iPhone?

If your kids are fond of using the iPhone and take it everywhere they go, you must track them by using the advanced built-in features of Apple device. You can also track the location of your child by using this device, just you need to explore the additional features of the iPhone by checking into the settings option.

How to Track Your Child’s Screen Time Using Your iPhone?

Besides tracking the location, you can monitor the screen of your kid’s mobile by accessing their device. Open the settings and tap turn on screen time to check their activities. You can check everything by visiting parent’s mode, but the best is to look for new apps with more advanced features.

Top 10 Apps for Parents to Monitor Kids Phone Usage


Qustodio kids monitoring apps

Qustodio is an app that you can use for monitoring the activities of your kids. The purpose is to watch the browsing and social media activities of your kids. The software is available for various smart devices including Android, Windows PC, and iOS. With this app, you can have a check on the activities of your kids that how do they use the search engine and social media apps. The app is free, but the premium feature is also available that can help you track more activities including Twitter, Facebook logins, and text checking of text messages and calls. Above all, you can also track the location of your kids.

It is awarded PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice for best family parental control & screen time application. This Parental Control App makes parenting easy with daily screen time limits, app monitoring, including Facebook and YouTube, app blocking, child tracking and the most progressive reporting.

You can start by downloading this top Parental Control App onto your device. Then download the Kids App Qustodio companion software onto your kid’s device or devices. Together, the apps allow you to flawlessly manage your child’s daily screen time allowance on linked mobile, tablet or desktop devices across different platforms including iOS, macOS and other major operating systems.

  • You can set and manage daily screen time limits.
  • It has website, search and app monitoring.
  • This app has facility of website or category blocking (block games, porn, gambling and lock out unwanted content).
  • It has safe search option.
  • This app has unsupported browser blocking
  • It has advanced reporting (7-day history)
  • This app can send alerts.

To enjoy more options like app blocking, geolocation, even more monitoring insights, as well as screen time allowances, you can upgrade to Qustodio Premium.

You can enjoy everything you get in Qustodio Free family parental control & screen time app plus:

  • It has new YouTube Monitoring
  • This app has new Family Locator geolocation kid tracker (can also ‘find my device’)
  • It has app blocker (block by app or category)
  • It has 30-day reporting history.
  • This app has advanced Facebook Monitoring.
  • You can have priority support
  • You can have Priority access to new Qustodio parental control options.
  • Also, you can link more devices for full family mode.

Moreover, it has all new Family Locator, a mobile GPS tracker conveniently built into the Qustodio family parental control & screen time app. It lets you find family’s phones, locate whole family on the move, add desired places and share locations. You can find your family’s happy place with Family Locator.

Net Nanny Family Protect Pass

Net Nanny Parental Control

Net Nanny Family Protect Pass is another amazing app that can help parents to keep an eye on the mobiles of their kids. If you have more than 2 children, you can watch on all the devices by installing this app, as it allows you to create different profiles for each child. Right now the device is available for Android, Mac, and PCs. The app helps you to figure out the web pages browsed by your children and filters web content easily. Moreover, you can block mobile access for your kids when it’s time for sleep and homework. The app is free, but it also comes in a one-year license. It’s up to you how you select the app.

Features include:

  • It has internet filtering software with pre-defined age-based options and unlimited customization tools.
  • You can block or allow Specific Websites.
  • It has Time limits and schedules for Internet use.
  • It also has facility of Profanity masking to limit experience to unwanted language.
  • This app has Safe search enforcement.
  • It can alert you to know when websites are blocked, when children request extra access or time and summary reports to review online activity.
  • It has Remote Cloud-based Parent Console to see reports and make changes to settings.

New users can be offered an in-app purchase of its Pass for $59.99 for 1 year.


MamaBear Family Safety

This is one of the best Kids Monitoring apps. If you are concerned about the social media safety of your kids, then you must install MamaBear to keep a check on your kid’s mobile. The app is perfect for tracking location, monitoring social media, and many more at the same time. You always get a notification when kids upload photos, videos, and any stuff, even you can know about all the activities and tagging on apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this way, you can stop bullying activities.

With this app, parents can chat privately with family members who are logged into this app. Parents can also monitor and set consents for their children’s activities on the Grom Social app including:

  • You can track Followers of your child
  • You can check Who your child follows
  • It can check Your child’s live posts
  • You can check Comments your child makes
  • You can check Comments that your child receives
  • Moreover, kids in the family who have this app downloaded on their mobile device can privately message their parents or guardian with the app.

DinnerTime-Kids Monitoring Apps

Diner Timer kids monitoring apps

This is one of the top Kids Monitoring apps. DinnerTime is another handy app used for monitoring your kids. The app is ideal for parents because they can stop the activities of kids when it comes to study and bedtime. Not only they can restrict the usage of kids, but they can lock and unlock the mobile of their kids anytime. Above all, you can check the detailed report of mobile usage, that how your kids have used the device. It makes the app magnificent.

Screen Time-Kids Monitoring Apps

Screen Time - Restrain yourself & parent control

Screen Time is the best to know the time your kids have spent on their devices. Parents can remotely look at the time duration spent by kids on their screens. Further, they can assign homework to kids by using this device. Not only they can assign tasks, but they can also put a limit on the usage. Moreover, kids can immediately pause the mobile of their kids by using the additional features of this app. This top Kids Monitoring apps is very useful for parents.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

YouTube has always been a favorite app for kids. But it can divert the attention of kids when some adult content or ad displays on the screen. To stop such things, YouTube has launched YouTube Kids only for kids. To avoid links and block ads, you have better install YouTube Kids, as it’s a friendly app for your kids.

Bouncie-Kids Monitoring Apps

Bouncie kids

Bouncie is an ideal app for teens who like rash driving. It’s an app that can keep a check on the driving safety of teens. How does it work? It helps parents to know about all the risky behavior of teens while driving, especially when they exceed the speed limit and do the misuse of the braking system. No doubt, the app is so useful for parents.



If your child ignores your call and you are worried because you don’t expect such type of behavior from your child. RespondASAP is the best to install on your phone to get the attention of your child. The screen of your child’s mobile creates a sound alarm that allows the child to respond quickly. This feature makes the app stunning. This best Kids Monitoring apps are very impressive.

Bark-Kids Monitoring Apps

Bark Kids monitoring apps

If you are worried about the cyberbullying and want to keep a check on the device of your kids, Bark seems to be the convenient application that detects all the online activities of your kids and takes quick action. This top Kids Monitoring apps will keep a check on your kid.

Checky-Kids Monitoring Apps

Checky - Phone Habit Tracker

Checky is an app designed for tracing the activities of teens who are addicted to their phones. It tells parents how many times your child has used the phone. Being a parent, you can know about the usage of a mobile phone in your absence. So, it’s a perfect app for parents to monitor the activities of kids.

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