It is a fact that Information Technology has revolutionized every walk of life in the modern world and education is no exception. There are hundreds of educational apps available in play store that facilitate kids to learn fast and experience new things more closely. In addition to learning, educational apps for kids also entertain them with music, images, videos, animations that are rich with hilarious characters. This entire stuff makes learning easier and interactive. The collection of educational apps on this page proves it the best.

Funbrain Jr.

kids educational games

Funbrain Jr. offers to kids a whole world of fun activities which help them explore and learn lots of new things. This app brings to them tons of games, stories and worksheets which combine learning and entertainment together and keep the kids busy in positive doings. Funbrain Jr. is designed for preschoolers but the plethora of content if offers can be interesting for all kids. This app is free to download but you have to subscribe for certain features.


adventures of Poptropica

Poptropica is an interesting game for kids allowing them to make changes in characters and make it more exciting. The game offers various challenging quests for players. On the successful completion of a task, there is an award. The kids can also create their avatars to personalize the game. They can also play it with their friends. Poptropica is designed for kids aging 6 to 12. It can work on both Android and iOS systems.

Coolmath Games

brain-training app for everyone

The best app for Maths activities and games which teaches kids Maths formulas and offers them several exercises for practice. The entire stuff has been made interesting by adding fun and games which prove immensely interactive to engage kids and teach them many new things. The activities are challenging and ensure the best brain-training and logical thinking. There is absolutely no violence and hollow action in games rather they are packed with educational stuff to enhance kids’ learning.  This app is designed for kids aging 13 and above and is designed for iOS and Android.

Fish School

ward-winning app teaches children letters, numbers, shapes and colors

Fish School has won Parents’ Choice Gold Award and Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award for its usability and benefits for kids’ learning. It is the best app to teach letters, numbers and shapes to preschoolers. They can also learn coloring different objects and matching numbers and letters. All lessons are designed with brightly colored fish that will certainly absorb attention of your kids and help them focus on learning. To delight them more, the app also allows making fish swim by simply touching and dragging them.

PBS Kids Games

early learning and kids’ natural curiosity to explore the world around them

The PBS Kids Games app offers the best blending of learning and entertainment. It offers you a hub of games developed with famous cartoon TV shows characters and focusing on various academic themes. The nature of all the stuff is meant for kids aging 2 and above. Thus everything here is the simplest in form and content. Children can meet and learn with characters like Peg, Cat, Kratt Brothers, Ready and Jet Go. This app can easily be downloaded on Android and iOS and offers a great learning opportunity.

Phonics Ninja

mindless game for kids

Phonics Ninja is designed for preschool kids to teach letters, phonics and words. The lessons are made using diagraphs and pronounced by a funny Ninja character in gaming style. In addition to this, this game also offers sight, sound, and touch features to teach particularly phonic skills. There is recording option too on it where parents can add tips in their own voice and make lessons more interactive for their kids. This app can be used on multiple Android and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Pizza Fractions 1

award-winning, problem-solving game

Learning Maths is always difficult for most of the kids but now with this app, several concepts will be easy to learn. Pizza Fractions 1 is helpful for learning fractions, denominators and many other Maths concepts in a funny and interactive way. The explanations are designed with examples of pizza to engage the attention of kids. The app offers easy to difficult lessons and also the opportunity to check progress. Kids can begin with basics and move to complex concepts gradually.

NSF Science Zone

teacher, student, or just fascinated by science, the NSF Science Zone app

Kids need supportive study sources to learn various scientific concepts and this special National Science Foundation’s NSF Science Zone app is extremely helpful for that. It has lots of videos and images to explain science and engineering topics. The best part is that its material has been taken by authentic and reliable sources and has been simplified to level of kids’ perception. Learning from this great source means your kids are getting the best possible information. The app NSF Science Zone is meant for kids aging 12 and above and can work on both Android and iOS.

NASA Visualization Explorer

NASA Visualization Explorer, the coolest way to get stories about advanced space-based research

NASA Visualization Explorer for iOS is one of the best educational apps on this list for kids of all ages. It provides them with images and videos to know lots of interesting things and understand complex questions about the universe.  They can also read here the latest space news and stories. This app is meant to enhance the learning of your kids. The more they explore its features, the more it entices them to dive deep into it to learn about stars and planets.

Toca Kitchen Monsters

Pick any ingredient and prepare it in your own way! Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix

Toca Kitchen Monsters is made especially for your little doll to stimulate her interest in cooking. It presents two monsters for which you have to make delicious food out of 8 ingredients. Try making different recipes and make them happy. If you feed them with the same food again and again they may spit it on you. This free app is a smaller version of the popular Toca Kitchen Monsters and can be enjoyed only on iOS. For Android, you can go for Toca Kitchen 1 and 2.

Education is not confined to a classroom only. There are multiple sources to gain knowledge and the above apps are meant for this purpose. They offer a great and fun way to your kids to learn their academic subjects practice them just by playing games. Free feel to try them because they are available without any charges.

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