ieaching kids is always hectic and the most difficult thing is to maintain their interest in learning. However, with other so many comforts, technology has made it also easy, interactive and entertaining for you and even for kids. This collection of apps to help kids learn to read is the best evidence on it. It contains the most useful and award-winning apps that can help you teach your kids letters, phonics, pronunciation and meaning with the help of animations, songs, jingles and games.

 Interactive Alphabet ABCs

Interactive Alphabet ABC's learn to read apps

Designed following the Kindergarten Reading Foundational Skills format, this is extremely helpful app for parents to train their kids to get familiar with alphabet. This would certainly be the best app to help kids learn to read quickly. It comes with three amazing options of singing, tracing and typing alphabet that keeps the kids engaged and do not let them feel bored. This interactive app will teach your little ones in the easiest way to pronounce the letters and words by following their exact sounds. The sing mode on this app presents dancing letters with playback to teach and entertain the kid.

ABC Gurus

ABC Gurus best learn to read apps for kids

ABC Gurus features great interactive features. It allows your kid to personalize the letters, coloring and adorning them with multiple accessories like that of the cartoon making apps. This feature is perhaps the most helpful one to familiarize and develop personal interaction with letters. There are wonderful options in accessories such as cartoon eyes, smiles and grinning mouth. While the kids starts coloring, he listens the phonetic sound of the letter too. When the kid completes his/her art, can click to transform the letter into a funny animation.

Starfall ABCs

Starfall ABCs reading app for kids children 2021

Starfall ABCs is designed for kids aging 2-4. This app features ABCs section of a popular website – which has already a larger fan group for offering innovative learning options. Starfall ABCs helps your kid to recognize, listen, pronounce not only letters but also words and sentences. The app also comes with games to reinforce kids’ knowledge and encourage them to learn at a much faster rate. This intuitively-crafted educational app is available at $2.99. Download Starfall ABCs from playstore link from here.

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet helps your kids to learn alphabet easily and also develop everyday vocabulary in an interactive and entertaining way. It offers simple methodology for letters and words recognition and pronunciation. There are especially designed puzzles with talking letters while the addition of cartoon animations makes learning more entertaining. This app is meant for teaching kids aging 2-5 years of age and is available in $6.99. Playstore link from android devices.

Elmo Loves ABCs

Elmo Loves ABCs

Elmo Loves ABCs is a unique app with several adorable features to make learning easier for your kid. This app has two prominent awards on its credit; ON for Learning Award and Parents’ Choice Silver Award. These awards provide the best evidence on the functionality of this great app. It offers the basic alphabet lessons and vocabulary in formats of songs, coloring pages and games. With the help of ABCs tracker, you can check the learning progress of your kid any time. You can also personalize this app by adding images and videos of your family.

Monkey Word School Adventure

Monkey Word School Adventure

Join Monkey is packed with many useful learning features that teach your kid letters, phonics and spelling without any hassle. It teaches words pronunciation in a smart way by syllabifying them into bits so that kids can repeat them easily. This method ensures a fast learning and helps kids develop a command on vowels and consonants phonics. This app is available in a very low price that is only $1.99 but it can prove a real help to your little one to learn the basic reading lessons in the most interactive way. Download from Playstore.

Learn with Homer

homer kids reading learning apps

Learn with Homer has many impressive distinctions. It has won Mom’s Choice Gold Award for its ultra-premium features. The lessons on this app are based on Harvard and Stanford research and offer you the best preschool stuff to get your kids ready for kindergarten, and first grade. It allows you to personalize the content as per the needs of your kid. The lessons and exercises focus learn reading skills, phonics, word recognition without any hassle. With all these features, this app is available absolutely free.

Hooked on Phonics — Learn to Read

Hooked on Phonics Learn & Read

This free app is based on Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read sequencer. It covers the preliminary steps of this popular and awarding winning educational program. Also, it teaches reading skills to the kids following three interconnected steps from letter to words and then developing stories out of these words. It is meant for kids above 4 years of age who have learnt alphabet and their sounds. The app also offers learning games to kids to maintain their interest in learning. Here is the download link for Playstore.

Wallykazam! Letter and Word Magic

Wallykazam Letter & Word Magic

This innovative option in learn to read apps for kids offers lessons through popular TV Cartoon characters of TV show Wallykazam. The kids meet here their favorite characters Trollman, his pet dragon, Norville and many others on the show and lean words, phonics and pronunciation. The app lays a special emphasis on teaching kids letter-sound associations. There are several learning games for kids too to boost their interest and enhance letter knowledge their vocabulary. Download Playstore here.

Noodle Words

Noodle Words learning apps for kids

This app employs hilarious animated antics to teach kids words and their meaning. This makes this app far more interesting and entertaining than other apps. Though it comes with a brief set of vocabulary yet the teaching methodology adopted in this app benefits the kids enormously. The kids can use this app on their iPads. This app has also won Parents’ Choice Gold Award and a Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award for its innovative features that have made it so popular.

Most of these wonderful apps are free and the rest are available in a small amount. The most amazing thing about them is that they stimulate the interest of the kids in learning to read. Developing reading interest in kids proves very useful in their overall as well as academic grooming. The apps in this collection can prove the best initiative in that direction.

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