The introduction of online educational tools has helped us to modernize education in many respects. Using these tools, teachers can continue teaching online, creating the educational tutorials, making lessons plans, preparing presentations and explanatory notes. All this stuff makes learning easier particularly for those who want to study at home. With every passing day, there are more innovative apps and tools with upgraded features. This collection brings to you 7 most popular and effective online tools to create lessons for students and providing them the best learning opportunity. Parents can also use these tools to engage their kids in learning their lessons.

Socrative for K-12

Socrative is meant for K-12 kids. It features technology-led intelligent options to help advance students’ learning at home. This app is extremely supportive for creating productive and engaging learning materials to interact students. Both teachers and parents can use this app for generating games, quizzes, competitions, and exercises based on academic lessons. To evaluate students’ progress, it provides multiple tools to create questionnaire and check answers in real-time. You can also monitor students individually as well as on class level. By developing your account on this app, you can save progress reports, download and share study material with your students.

DesignCap Presentation Templates

Creating templates for your presentations could be a time-consuming job when there is already a lot for you to prepare a presentation. This app can help you get professionally designed templates to be used in your presentations and make them more attractive and inspiring. Check gallery and spot which template can suit the best to your material and begin developing your presentation. You have also the option to customize and edit the template according to your requirement. There is a huge range of fonts also along with other online resources to make presentation more expressive. This app is also helpful for sharing presentation online with your students and colleagues. The best part is that you can try it free.

Crossword Puzzle Maker

Crossword puzzles introduce you to a variety of puzzles. They are designed with a special purpose that is to instigate students to think better and learn problem solving skills. You can find here simple to complex puzzles for students from preschool to 5th grade. The answers of puzzles can be downloaded in PDF form and saved for future use. There is also a variety in themes that can interest different students. Crossword Puzzle Maker is introduced by and signing up free Facebook, Google, or with your email address, you can utilize all resources the website contains. You can also find here useful content to create lessons on different subjects for students of different grades.


Blendspace offers you a hub for creating interactive projects, presentations, and similar educational stuff applying its user-friendly tools. This app is rich with options and allows you to generate digital lessons for students from preschool to 12th grade. The preparation path for lessons is quite easier. You need only to establish a free account on Google, Facebook, or your email address and commence your work using all online resources as well as your own stuff. This app will also help you find out the relevant material, images and videos to be added in your lessons from Google and YouTube. You have simply to drag and drop the content that can help your help your students to understand different academic topics. You can also develop questionnaire and quiz to test the progress of your students.


Videos have made it far easier to both understand and explain things which remain allusive in theoretical explanations in texts and lectures. FlexClip is an intuitively-designed video tutorial maker app that helps teachers and parents to make custom DIY educational videos and explain difficult academic topics to students. The app allows you to develop step-by-step educational video lessons, add music, add texts add templates and merge other videos in your lesson. You have also options to zoom and split videos. Additional features of this app include HD downloads, longer videos, and custom watermarks. FlexClip can only be used on Google Chrome.


Educreations is immensely supportive for teachers who are search for easy to use tools to devise creative activities for their students and interact with them. With the help of this innovative academic-oriented app, they can create video tutorials, import and share pictures and documents from different resources, add a web page and place videos on their website. To explain various academic topics to students, teachers can also easily share videos with their students and help them understand their lessons more clearly. Educreations is the best option to create and run digital classroom with basic whiteboard tools. This app also allows 50MB of storage space as well as email support to users.

Explain Everything

The features of this unique app are expressive by its name. This app is packed with all those tools that you need to devise your lessons and teach your students at home. This is one the best Android mobile whiteboard app that can work on your iPad and Chromebook to produce videos, and sketch notes. The app is quite supportive for developing video introductions of lessons, displaying outlines of lessons and adding your narration as playback, stressing the important topics. You have also the facility to do voice chat with your students, sharing video links of further educational tutorials and relevant web links. The app allows you to try all these features free but for more upgraded features you need to subscribe the app.

 The variety of the above online educational tools can server you the best to develop all sorts of lectures and presentations. These apps are supportive to add material, videos and images in your lessons and make them more engaging an expressive and ease learning. Most of these tools are free to use while others are available for a nominal subscription. However they ensure enormous benefit and provide maximum convenience in teaching online.

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