If you are planning to educate your kids differently, you should teach them to learn arts and crafts. Nowadays, children don’t pay attention to arts and crafts because priorities have changed. Why the time has changed? Technology has played an important role in changing kid’s priorities and also the time. Looking at the technology advancement, children can learn art and crafts activities online. They can increase their knowledge by visiting free websites to learn crafting and art. In this article, we’ll focus on free online games created for kids to enhance their arts and crafts skills. For learning the digital design art concept, let’s consider these platforms for massive learning.


Origami Way and Proud Paper (YouTube): Learn Origami and Paper Crafts

origami instructions and diagrams

If you want to start from basics, then you can continue with Origami Way and Proud Paper. It’s a perfect website for kids to learn arts and crafts from the basic concepts. It’s a kind of Japanese art of paper folding that has got various design ranges. Origami Way is a website that provides complete guidelines in terms of learning the art. A kid can learn designing in detailed steps by opening images. It teaches you how to create an image on different pages including a square paper sheet. It’s a basic way to complete origami projects under detailed guidance.

For enhancing skill levels, kids learn to create basic shapes like butterflies and paper boats easily. It’s their beginning, so before making technical images, they start from these basic images. YouTube channel hosts a range of Origami projects to teach arts and crafts to children. Indeed, it’s a creative activity that engages children for a long time because it doesn’t involve tools. Kids have to use their minds to learn arts and crafts. Isn’t it helpful?

DIY Slime (Web): The Ultimate Guide to Make Slime at Home

ultimate guide to making slime

Nowadays, kids like to play with slimes especially girls. By reading this article, you can learn to make slime with your kids. It’s good news for your kids to make slime by utilizing their creative minds and skills. Your child can play with slime made up of safe ingredients and that’s a good sign. It’s a DIY process to follow by seeking instructions from the website.

The detailed step by step instruction is available on the website along with a variety of recipes. By looking at the instructions, you can make a range of slimes without using glue and borax. In this way, you can learn to make slime free from chemicals, but don’t ignore the instructions given on the website. Further, you can download the Art and craft Apps instructions as well to make slime and other shapes.

Kids Activities (Web): Stuck-At-Home Survival Guide

Kids Activities

If you are stuck at home with your kids, you can consider arts and crafts learning by using Kids Activities (Web). It’s a blog that presents so many creative projects for kids of different age groups starting from toddlers to the middle class. Being a parent, if you are worried about the creative skills of your baby that are not good enough, you can browse for a range of creative things for your younger ones.

You can print out the activities for free by browsing different data on this website for your kids. It’s a special platform for kids who are stuck at home. Those who are in quarantine can use this platform for free to gain different skills of art. Thankfully, your kids can have fun using this amazing website.

Happy Hooligans (Web): Arts, Crafts, And Good Old Fashioned Play

creative skills for your kids

If you are searching for exceptional creative skills for your kids, you can visit Jackie Currie’s art crafts that she has designed with a creative mind and approach. Jackie has shared a lot of creative designs on the web for kids who want to explore arts and crafts skills for free. The target of Jackie is to improve the art skills of kids by growing and developing their minds with this amazing Happy hooligan (Web).

The website presents different sections that can help parents to educate their kids with unique skills. The recipes for arts and crafts are available on a variety of projects. So, you get a chance to bring a smile on your kid’s face by turning on this helpful website.

The Best Ideas for Kids (Web): Repository for Activities and Free Printables

Best Ideas for Kids

If you are not technology-friendly and looking forward to teaching arts and crafts to your kids, then you have to come to the right platform. The Best Ideas for Kids (Web) offers some outclass printables for children. The website is featured with crafts, slime, and different activities that can enhance the knowledge and skills of kids without going through payments and sign-ups. The website is easy to use and operate for new users.

Further, you can also visit the holiday section to find some unique variety for your kids. You can find a range of activities and events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, and American holidays for easy printing options. Hopefully, the new updates will appear soon because this website covers creative things for children.

DIY Projects for Teens (Web): Lists of Activities for Older Kids

DIY projects

If you have teenagers at your home and they want to improve their creative skills, this website is the best for all bored teenagers. For DIY projects, the website is a good package for teens because it suggests a range of activities covering arts, crafts, gadgets, food, and fashion. All based on DIY methods that make it amazing for teenagers.

Teens can watch videos on the website to learn and explore about fashion, style, and so on. In this way, your kids can learn about so many things whether it comes to dressing and home décor, the website is a useful source.

Lockdown Entertainment for Families

All the above-mentioned skills related to arts and crafts are lasting for kids of different age groups. Families that are stuck at homes due to lockdown can improve their skills by browsing the above-mentioned websites.

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