The Top Free & Paid Language Learning Apps for Android 2022

It was never easy before to learn a new language, you have to attend a full-fledged 6 to 12 months long course to be proficient in a foreign language. But with the development IT technology and specially the smart phones, it became very much simple and easier to learn a new language. These days people are learning different languages just for fun. Today we are going to discuss some great language learning apps for android that will help you in making progress on your new language learning.

Duolingo: language lessons

Duolingo is the probably the best language learning app for android that you need. It has more than 35 languages to learn for free and in a fun manner. You can surely learn a new unfamiliar language quickly using Duolingo. It offers audio, video, and images in an interactive way to engage you in developing new memory muscle smoothly. Multiple choice questions are given to recall the learned words in this language learning app. The best thing about this app bite size lessons that does not put stress in learning new words/vocabulary at all. You can speak and listen, write, and read the foreign language words.

Top Features:

  • Largest language learning community
  • Turn new language learning into your daily habit
  • Also have amazing website to learn on PC
  • Improve your Vocabulary and grammar
  • Full featured language learning games
  • Personalized learning with progress tracker
  • A Pro version for ads free experience
  • Available on Apple App Store too.
  • New Language courses are added frequently

Duolingo support the following languages lessons currently; Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, Arabic, Latin, Hawaiian, Scottish Gaelic, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, English, High Valyrian!

Memrise Easy Language Learning

With Memrise you can learn foreign language with native speaker word by word videos. You can select from a range of commonly used phrases and practice them with natural speakers. Tune your ear to listen unfamiliar words sounds. You can learn the basic script writing in the app. Further, you can set and track your goals i.e. daily target to learn 5 new words etc.

Cake: Lesson updates every day

Cake is probably the best English language learning app for everyone. It provides you 5 daily phrase to grasp with your daily routine. Short videos of native speaker are available on the app. You can watch, practice and like these short videos of English language words and expressions. Its pretty neat and fun way to learn the foreign language. Further, you can practice the new words with conversation by writing or speaking in the chat rooms. Cake provides a step-by-step lesson system to make you expert in the English linguistic in no time.

Babbel: Language Learning

Babbel is a subscription-based app, it has more than 10 million subscribers. Which shows its huge popularity in the android world. You can learn and practice 14 languages on this app. Like all above apps, you can listen, speak, write, and read in this app your chosen language. Its take from the beginner’s level to advance level in days. You can also work on your grammar or listening skills in this app via dedicated courses and podcast.

Further, you can also refresh your old knowledge/vocabulary in its refresher section. Its learning mechanism provides you ability to get aware of the new words by repetition so that you are comfortable in the unfamiliar language words. You can also play games in the foreign language to improve the memory cells in natural way. You can also review the other community members writing skills and guide them for the good along your way to study.

You can also schedule in the app to remind you about your daily vocabulary appetite. Just dedicate 15 minutes daily in the app and you can learn any of the 14 languages instantly. It offers following languages; Spanish ????, French ??, Italian ??, German ??, Portuguese ??, Russian ??, Polish ??, Turkish ??, Norwegian ??, Danish ??, Swedish ??, Dutch ??, Indonesian ??, English ????

Learn 33 Languages – Mondly

Mondly is very powerful tool to learn different languages. Mondly app acts like a private tutor that helps you in your language learning journey. You can pick up from 33 foreign languages. You can practice speaking and writing with Mondly chat bot. Images are used to memorize the objects, animals, meals etc. Weekly quiz along with daily lesson practice for better grip on the leant vocabulary.

With its amazing and interactive lesson-based system, you will get fluency in no time. Its track and reward your performance based on words learnt, time spent in the app and phases learned. It has collection of 5000+ words library consists of images, grammar and day to day used words in every language. You can practice verb (past, present and future) in the app. It has more than 1 thousand interactive lessons. Start your language learning journey with family and friends for better results.

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