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People of the 21st century are lucky, as they are living in the times of technology where everything has transformed into digital. The competition has also increased, hence the demand for technology and IT skills have increased. Further, kids have also joined the race when it comes to learning E-courses. Everywhere you can see technology. Among all skills, programming seems to be the most demanding and highly paid skill that kids prefer to learn these days. A lot of skills are there that kids prefer to learn, but coding has no comparison at all. In this article, we’ll discuss the best sites for kids to learn programming.

JR Code Avengers

Kickstart your child's future with at-home digital learning.

JR Code Avengers seems to be the creative site for learning programming. It’s a user-friendly online platform that guides kids about coding. The platform offers the course to kids of different age groups, hence all the guidance is available regarding update codes. Ideally, the platform is superb for the students of intermediate level who are around 15 years old. Anyhow, the courses available on this website are not free, a user has to go through the subscription process, but the option of a 30-day free trial is available for all the students and it is a favor that students can enjoy. Moreover, you can come across projects and quizzes above 100 with unlimited access to over 500 lessons. The facility of cloud storage is also available with a smooth slack channel.

Code Combat

most engaging way to learn to code for kids

Code Combat is an amazing coding game for kids of up to seventeen years old. You can begin learning for free at initial levels, later on, the game requires monthly subscriptions for the next levels. Further, kids can learn Python and JavaScript coding using text-based programming at different levels. The group learning opportunity is also available in the game for kids who want to learn with other community players, they can connect with them easily. Further, Code Combat offers exceptional graphics to users and all the lessons begin with basic concepts covering variables, loops, and syntax.

Khan Academy (The Best Programming apps for kids)

free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

If you are planning to offer free learning to your kids, Khan Academy is the best choice to avail of personalized learning (programming apps for kids). Your kid can follow instructional videos to learn programming at different levels at a different pace. Khan Academy aims to educate kids for free who wish to achieve personalized learning goals at home. Further, free coding courses include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Above all, kids learn to draw animations and build graphics with visualizations.


designed for first-time coders kids

If you are interested in playing puzzle games to try something different on the web to learn to program, you should try Lightbot to make your dreams come true. Lightbot is a wonderful online game that provides an opportunity for kids to solve logical problems. For beginners, the game is awesome, as it helps to learn coding in easy ways. Further, kids learn programming with fun, and the app is paid for macOS, Android, iOS, and windows.

Programming apps for kids: Swift Playgrounds

robots do incredible things with code you write yourself

If you want your kid to learn to program with fun, Swift Playgrounds make a good impact in the life of your kids, as they learn coding without having coding skills. It’s a terrific app ideal for iPad and Mac devices. The lessons are designed for Apple devices, so children only have to fill the puzzles to complete coding sessions. With this, kids do experiments to learn about programming in a fun style, where robots and drones assist while seeking commands. Further, the game is full of challenges that grab the attention of kids of different ages.


learn to code before you learn to read

Kodable is a fantabulous app for programming apps for kids. The app is specially designed for kids up to 11 years old. The app is perfect for all devices and there is no subscription required, even parents can join the program without facing any difficulty. The lessons are well directed that make coding an easier job for kids. They can learn to program with new characters, so it makes JavaScript learning easy for Kindergarten level. Interestingly, kids can create levels with the help of funny characters. Moreover, kids can also take quizzes and tests to practice coding.


Empowering Kids to Create with Code

If you are searching for free coding courses for your kids, you can go with Tynker to find a range of coding courses. The game has almost 3700 learning modules available on subscription. Kids find a sound online environment when coming across awesome programming courses at different levels. It teaches kids to develop games of their own choice. Age group is not a problem with this app, a kid of any age can utilize this app to learn to program.

Stencyl – programming apps for kids

Stencyl isn't your average game creation software; it's a gorgeous, intuitive toolset that accelerates your workflow

Stencyl is also a complete package for kids for teaching them exceptional coding sessions for free. The app is suitable for Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and iPad devices. The kids above six years of age can develop an interest to learn website coding. It’s a user-friendly app that has eye-catching graphics and features. Kids can edit text-based code easily, just there is a need to download the app for use. Thankfully, kids can learn game development easily by using this handy app.


Games for tomorrow's programmers

Blockly is last in the list, it’s a coding game used for teaching different programming sessions to kids in a new and funny style. The kids above eight years old can easily operate this app. Further, the game uses a block-based approach to handle JavaScript and other programming material. Kids can find great learning in this programming apps for kids, as it is designed for kids who are ambitious to learn to program. Moreover, kids can know about programming through puzzle games when they have to solve logics to complete coding sessions. Overall, the game is mind-blowing for kids.

Ready to Start Your Kids Coding?

Are you ready to teach your kid the tricks of web development? Prefer the games mentioned above, as all these games are interesting and full of adventure for your kids. All the apps offer great learning experiences with fun. How can you miss such a great mind development of your kids? If you have any other interesting coding stuffs for kids feel free to share in the comments below. Best Cartoon App is keen to hear from you people.


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