Typing has always been fun for kids. There are so many fun activities for kids on the web, but to learn typing keeps them engaged and busy. It’s a good activity for kids to learn about typing because typing helps in so many ways. Typing is a skill that kids should learn at an early age. Many kids learn this skill from experts after getting admissions in schools. Not all kids go to school to learn typing, as some kids learn itself. How do they learn on their own? Online learning is the only option that can teach kids about typing. In today’s time of technology, everything has turned into digital. The concept of online marketing has made learning easier for kids, no matter if they learn typing or other skills. To type faster, let’s find out some best typing games for kids!


typing game for kids

TypeRush is an old game that has entertained many kids in the past. Still, the game is known worldwide. Kids like to learn typing with the help of TypeRush, as the game is based on the race car track. It gives chance to kids to become a fast typer because the game gets momentum when the car keeps advancing on the track. Further, a kid can open unlocked cars with fast typing. Overall, the game is perfect for kids.


Keyboarding Made Fun for kids

If you are searching for a colorful typing game for your kids, TypeTastic seems to be the best choice for your kids. It’s a game full of fun and colors to grab the attention of your kids. After finishing the first stage, your kids can move to the next level. Further, the game also improves the typing skills of your children who are ready to go kindergarten.

Alpha Munchies

The Leader in Educational Games for Kids!

For kids of elementary school, Alpha Munchies can make their day. It’s a perfect free typing game for your kids. Your kid can take start as a beginner but soon becomes an expert. The game is based on flying hungry alpha critters that want to sit on the food with alphabets. The job of the kid is to hit the right letters before hungry critters sit on the food.

Key Seeker

typing choice for kids

Key Seeker is an exceptional typing choice for kids. It’s for the kids of different age groups, especially for kindergarten the game is precious. Kids are to learn and recognize letters on the keyboard. So, they learn to strike color-coded letters by using the correct hand on the keyboard. From a learning point of view, the game has earned positive feedback.

Dance Mat Typing

typing is the fastest way to communicate while writing to others

If you want to improve the typing skills of your kids, then play Dance Mat Typing to improve the typing abilities of your kids. Your kids can start to learn slowly by playing this game because it teaches the correct typing technique along with the correct positioning of fingers on the keyboard. Further, kids receive a certificate after clearing the initial stages. It creates a sense of competition in the kids that is good for learning.


typing games with lot of options for kids

It’s a fun typing games for kids. The game is ideal for small kids who wish to improve their typing skills. The target of a kid is to pop the balloons before they vanish from the screen. For this, your kid should type the correct letter when it appears on the screen. There is a risk of losing point if your kid types an incorrect letter.

Type Type Revolution

hitting the right key at the right time for Kids

Among all free typing games, Type Type Revolution is another popular game for your kids. The target is to hit the right key at the right time. So, your kid has to focus on the screen to increase typing speed. The purpose is to hit the letters on time, so the game not only improves typing speed but timing as well. Further, letters come in a row and the job of your kid is to recognize and hit the letter. It’s so simple!


Advancing keyboarding skills for kids

KeyMan is an adventurous tying game for kids. Your kid has to type faster to stay in the game or else things don’t work for your kid in the game. Typing is an art that can make your children skilled and fast, so the faster your kid types, the faster he/she learns about typing. The job of a kid is to navigate the Keyman when it appears on the screen or else ghosts can catch him. It’s all about fun and improving skills at the same time.

Typing Ninja

Practice typing skills for kids

Typing Ninja is also an exciting game for kids who are eager to learn typing. Your kid has to type the text box by hitting the monsters. The game has different levels and suitable for kids of all ages. The game begins with three lives for each ninja. Gradually the game improves when your kid clears difficult levels. The target is to beat the monster by hitting text boxes.

The Typing Of The Ghosts

typing game suited for older kids

The Typing of the Ghosts is an adventurous  typing games for your kid. It’s a free game full of fun and adventure where your kid has to type fast before the ghost standing in the background approaches. It is the target of this typing game to defeat the ghost by typing fast.

Keyboard Climber 2

typing game for kids who have just learned the alphabet

Keyboard Climber 2 is an exciting name for typing. Your kid has to learn the alphabet while playing this game. The game is without timing, so kids get a chance to learn more. You can see a monkey in the game, who is stuck in a cave. The job of the monkey is to jump on the right platform by recognizing the letters. The right answers bring bananas, while the wrong answers can hit a coconut on the monkey’s head. Isn’t it an exciting game for kids?

Typing Chef

Fun game for kids to type and type and type

Typing Chef is also an interesting game for kids who want to learn typing. The game is good for elder kids who already know about typing. The kids have to type fast to get a higher level kitchen job before the word goes away from the screen.

Alphabet Shoot

destroy each letter typing game for kids

The Alpha Shoot is an impressive typing game for kids. It’s about shooting the right letters with the help of a mouse and by pressing the right finger. The shots are limited, so a kid has to play smartly.

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