If you are looking for homeschooling options for your kids, you can look at so many available options for educating your kids. Among all options, you prefer to utilize technology well. In this time of technology, everything has turned digital and accessible. You just need reliable internet access to entertain and educate your kids, as the concept of online education has become common everywhere. Nowadays, educational apps have been introduced to help educate your kids. You can rely on educational apps that are free for your kids, some of them require a subscription to enhance the usage. If you want to educate your kids through the app for a long time, you can avail of premium app options anytime. However, most of the apps are free to use. Let’s discuss one by one!

TED-Ed@Home (Web): TED-Ed’s Free Homeschooling Newsletter and Activities

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TED-Ed@Home is a terrific school app for kids of various age groups. The game was launched to encourage school kids who want to grow their online learning skills. The game offers free lessons and good educational activities via a daily newsletter to engage kids and parents as well. Even teachers also participate to help kids, as the newsletter covers lessons on different subjects including literature, math, science, technology, and arts. Now the kids of middle school, elementary, high school, and university can find a great learning experience by using this free newsletter.

TED Talk delivers educational challenges to kids every weekday. Later on, kids start homework to meet their challenges after listening to the instructions of TED. Besides this TED challenge, there are so many other TED challenges available over the web that you can find useful. It’s up to you whether you look for an alternative or go for TED-Ed@Home.

Things to Do Indoors (Web): Free Resources from Roald Dahl’s Official Website

How to Draw learn kids

There are so many platforms you can use to educate your children, but the information and knowledge you get from Roald Dahl’s official website are matchless. The website is based on pages called Tings to Do Indoors, which educate and entertain kids for free. The website is a complete package of useful educational activities that provide peace of mind to parents when their kids get benefits from this app.

With this homeschooling apps, kids can also improve drawing and language skills. Kids like to draw reputed Dahl’s characters by using this app, even they engage themselves in good activities. They can participate in puzzles and take quizzes to enhance their learning abilities. Further, they learn arts and crafts as well to become creative.

Techie Homeschool Apps (Web): Beginner Homeschooling Advice and Curriculum Directory

techie homeschooling tips and inspiration

If you are searching for a reliable educational platform for your kids, you can simply go to Techie Home School Mom to find great learning for your young ones. It’s an online homeschool curriculum directory that offers free courses to kids on a range of subjects. The user can search for subjects according to the grade categories and types. Just type your level, format, and grade to get your desired results. The website is launched by Beth who has shared some useful articles for homeschool children. Being a student, you can find useful and engaging content on a range of subjects. The content on this site is not only helpful for students but provides complete guidance to students who wish to learn extra skills.

Scholastic Learn At Home (Web): Free 4-Week Homeschool Courses

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Want to educate your school kids? Scholastic Learn At Home is a wonderful Homeschooling apps for kids of schools. You can find interesting books to read on this website that are free for everyone. You just need to choose grade groups according to the level of your kids. You can select educational courses of Grades 1 and 2, Grades 3 to 5, and Grades 6 to 9 easily. Now getting online education has become easier for kids. Above all, you can also find helpful educational material that assists your kids to learn lessons.

Kids can read and watch videos to go through articles and educational activities. In this way, they can improve their reading skills with fun. Also, kids become crazy about learning and take more interest in reading. The reading is all free and kids get to know about amazing stories when coming across the BookFlix app. Indeed, it’s a great story-telling app that attracts children from different classes and levels.

GoNoodle Good Energy At Home (Web): Free PE And Exercise Games For Kids

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Parents often remain confused when they don’t find good educational activities online. Thankfully, GoNoodle Good Energy At Home is the best app for kids. It’s an app good for Homeschooling and great learning activities. Kids not only learn educational stuff, but they also engage in physical activities as the app teaches yoga, free movement, and mindfulness videos to kids. Homeschooling is the best activity for kids who stay at home. Hence, lockdown is the best time to start homeschooling, whereas GoNoodle Good Energy At Home provides complete support to kids.

If we talk about the functions of the website, we find that a kid can come across healthy activities every week. If you are looking for free exercise games, you can find endless fun in the form of cardio workout and training that attracts kids. The dance instructor will also appear on the screen to teach kids various dances in easy steps.

Download Free Homeschool Apps Printables

Homeschooling is a good activity for kids. It’s an opportunity for kids to learn about educational stuff and healthy things that build their character. If you are interested in homeschooling with fun and vast learning, you can download the above-mentioned apps for free. Your kids can increase their knowledge by downloading these helpful apps.

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