Creativity is a natural talent and may be the platter of a few special ones but to love creativity is universal and is not limited to a specific group. The best manifestation of creativity is to play with colors, create images and drawing scenery. More than adults, kids are prone to take interest in drawing and using colors. At school level, it is confined to the outline of the syllabus. But this special collection of websites offers the best opportunity to your kids to let their imagination run wild. They can interact here with art through interesting art activities and playing fun art games.

PBS Kids Coloring Games

coloring games for kids

Ranked as one of the topmost online sources for teaching art to kids at elementary level! This website offers art activities, games, videos, quests and other interactive content to help kids drawing and coloring. This is an eminent educational source and has a safe content to be used by any parent to educate and provide fun to kids. It is also useful to teach kids letters and numbers and there are 10 special games designed for the purpose. Each game has characters from popular PBS TV shows to entertain kids.

 Sesame Street

collection of art games for kids

This interactive site will boost the interest of your little one in art by doing simple but the most engaging creative activities. The site offers you a bunch of interesting art games. Your kid will certainly take delight in painting Elmo the furry muppet or chase Cookie Monster to strike it with paint brush. With Sesame Street Art Maker, it is easy to teach the kids how to use different media such as crayons, oil paints, or watercolors and other art tools on a variety of canvases.


art games designed for girls

This website offers free online games for girls. They can learn fashion makeovers, hairdressing, decoration, cooking etc. There is a huge collection of the cutest and coolest online games to accommodate different tastes. Playing these interesting games, the girls can learn taking care of homes, prepare tasty dishes and make virtual dresses. There is a special collection of animal games on this website that allows you to meet all types of animals. The kids can feed, groom, and play with them. This website continuously updates its content; hence you have always new games.

Smithsonian for Kids and Teens

Activities and Games for kids

Smithsonian is a great source of learning for science, history, nature, and art and craft! The content of this website is for kids of all ages. Smithsonian Learning Lab is full of engaging activities. The site uses multiple learning resources to help kids expand their knowledge on a variety of subjects from art-making robot to coloring sheet activities. It is among the top rated art websites and can be used as a serious educational resource by parents to help kids in studies as well.

Tate for Kids


Tate for Kids is a brilliant source of learning and entertainment. This wonderful website is divided into 3 different sections that are Make, Games and Quizzes and Explore. Each section is further divided into sub-sections and offers multiple activities to the kids. They can paint, draw, cut, paste, color etc. The most impressive feature of this website is the quizzes on artists and art movements that add significant information to kids’ knowledge. Then there are several art games that provide the best amusement to the kids.

Toy Theater

art games for kids

Toy Theater is an adorable platform for games, art and design activities, puzzles, maze and virtual manipulatives for kids of elementary school level. You can teach kids from kindergarten level to grade three in special. There are separate sections for each category and all are rich with interactive content. This amazing source is extremely helpful for parents to coach their children with readymade activities and engage them in visual learning skills. The kids can learn here idea expression and develop their design awareness skills in particular.


arts games

It is another great source of interactive art games for kids to provide them healthy entertainment as well as art education. The website features a collection of smart 107 art games which will attract kids of all ages. They can start painting the walls of New York in virtual reality. There are further games in surrealist art, allowing kids to display their creative knack. Still there are a bunch of games marked as “Flash go”. These Flash games are being offered on the website for a limited period of time that will end up in December 2020.


online drawing game for kids

Being a fun draw and guess game, Drawize proves to be the best interactive art learning source for kids. It invites them to think new ideas and develop them in drawing. To engage them more, the website offers daily art challenges and instigates them to try their talent in drawing and painting. Drawize also offers online activities. Moreover, the kids can join their friends online or make new friends. Drawize is compatible for both Android and iOS systems.

Quick, Draw!

drawing games for kids

This art game is Google A.I experiment that is designed to engage kids in multiple drawing activities and allow them to play against the neural network. Basically a research project, Quick, Draw has amazing image recognition ability. You can also use it to engage your kids to doodle drawing game, Pictionary. The game’s neural engine guesses what drawing your kids have made. There is 20-second time for a drawing without any pause and if the engine recognizes the image correctly, the game is over. The game doesn’t require perfection in drawings, so kids can easily play this game and test their intuitional skills.


A.I powered game for kids

AutoDraw is another A.I powered game offered by Google with a little difference from Quick, Draw. Here you have an automated bot to recognize the doodles made by your kids and later will offer a perfect drawing of the same image as an answer. This is an opportunity to the kids to know how perfect their drawing skills are, matching them with the clip art of the skilled artists.

If the above websites are helpful for polishing the creative talent of your kids, they are equally useful to save money from buying expensive paints and canvases or papers. The kids can feel free to jumble up stuff to draw something new each time. This interaction with art may also foretell their creative knack. With drawing and paint activities, these interactive fun art websites can also entertain your kids with several art games.

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