Parents always worry about the online activities of their kids. It’s their right to get worried, as kids don’t know enough about using software and online applications. It is the responsibility of parents to keep a check on their online activities by controlling the apps kids use. How to keep kids safe online? If we use parental control software and apps, it will be easier to control the situation. The biggest challenge is the adult content that appears on the screen through ads and sites that kids don’t open intentionally. This is the reason behind all worries, so parents should look for free parental control software and apps to find peace of mind.

If you want to make your children safe from inappropriate and adult content, then use this app to check the screen of your kids indirectly. With this, you don’t have to watch screens directly. So, you always enjoy the benefits of using such apps at home and anywhere to protect your children from adult content. Thankfully, the apps are free and charge nothing from users. This is also one of the great benefits of these free apps. With this, your children can safely use online applications when things are in control. Also, you can block access to some sites to put some limits for kids who are naughty and love exploring new things.

In today’s time, it’s difficult to find free applications, but for the safety of kids, we have got some interesting free apps that can provide peace of mind to caretakers. No matter your kids play games or do homework on computers and smart devices, you can keep a full check with these free applications. Mentioned below are some of the free apps that provide parental control with ease.


Qustodio Parental control apps

If you are looking for a completely free version to keep a check on your kid’s activities, you can start with Qustodio. It offers amazing tools to keep kids safe online. You can operate this app on Android, Windows Mac, and iOS devices. Mostly, kids use personal computers for work, while for playing kids use smartphones. For keeping a check on computers, the app is perfect for parents. You can set time schedules by using this terrific app to block adult content. Apart from handling the free version, the paid version is also available that offers some additional features. Further, you can operate this app on various devices and platforms to control things.

There are so many parental control apps that you can use to limit online access for your kids. Among all names, Qustodio is an app that offers great support to users whether it comes to using Android and Apple devices. The app tracks the location of children easily. Apart from tracing the location, the app can monitor the calls and texts at various platforms. On the other side of the app, there is the only drawback of its paid version price. Indeed, the app is expensive but offers a wide range of features.

OpenDNS FamilyShield

OpenDNS FamilyShield

If you are looking for a range of security features online to restrict your kid’s online activities, you can simply choose OpenDNS FamilyShield to block domains on all devices through a router level. Isn’t it an amazing feature for parents? For putting restrictions, the app is tremendous. It offers free service no matter if you block sites and block adult content, the app works fine. Thankfully, you can run the device on smart devices and computers. Interestingly, you can check the traffic that comes to your devices by using this exceptional free app. So, it helps to change the DNS numbers through the control panel anytime. Using this device is easier if you take care of DNS lookup speeds, so a user has to check the filters and router at every stage while using this app for kid’s online protection.


KidLogger top parental control apps in 2021

Another on the list is the KidLogger that works great to manage the online activities of children. By using this app, you can trace the websites that your kids open. It’s an amazing facility for parents to visit the sites their children open in their absence. Also, it keeps a record of all programs they use. Moreover, it also catches the sound by tracing the online calls and conversation your kids take place. It has a sound recorder activated that does this job. The most interesting part is to put restrictions on devices by using this free app. The premium additions are also available to enjoy more features. In premium additions, you can keep a check on Skype calls and WhatsApp conversations. These features make this app demanding.

This is a parental control app and compatible with the most famous OS in the world. You can install the app “Parental Time Control” for Android, Windows, or Mac and get all info about the activity of PC, mobile, or tablet of your children.

This app lets you know that:

  • How long your child is working on the computer;
  • Which apps were used by kid(Android, Windows, MAC);
  • It lets you know that which websites were visited (Android, Windows, MAC);
  • With whom he or she communicated on phone, SMS, Skype, Facebook on Android phone;
  • Where has been the kid (Android);
  • What photos made by kid(Android);
  • and what he wrote to friends(Android, Windows, MAC).
Other benefits:

Parents can monitor internet usage and log all visited websites by kid. It can work with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. It allows you to know the actual time your kid spent working on the computer or Mobile phone. You can log all USB flash drives, external HDD’s and other devices connected to PC. It can prevent data leak.

Its keylogger option allows you to view keystrokes and texts entered on the computer. This app also records the text copied into the clipboard(Windows).

It occasionally captures computer screen, and you can view captures online. Also makes screenshot when user types a keystroke that includes a keyword for Windows and macOS. This parental control app monitor chats and messengers logs on tracked device for Facebook, Viber, Skype, Kik, WhatsApp etc. Moreover, it makes the screen capture every 15 sec during Skype video conversations.

Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix Free Keylogger

If your kids are preparing online assignments that require typing, you can check on the typing too by using Spyrix Free Keylogger. The name speaks everything about the app, so there is no need for more details. As far as functionality is concerned, you can operate this app on Windows. For spying children, the app works awesome. Besides spying on kids, the app has earned a bad reputation online because of hackers who catch your passwords and details by using this app. This is the negative point of this app, but overall the app works great. It delivers good parental control to parents who are worried about the activities of their children. By availing of a premium app, you can also block content on computers. By using free features, the spying activity works with ease.

This parental control app is a commanding keylogger app for kids and employee’s control. It can remote monitoring on your PC. It can record keystrokes, passwords, screenshots etc.

More Details:

You can enter to your secure web account from any device to view recorded data. Unlike other competitor software, you have no need to get monitored PC physically. Also, you can remove the program on the target computer remotely by using secure web account. This Keylogger Free can record the date and time the computer is used and by whom. The activities of removable drives like HDD, USB and SD can be both checked and controlled. Also included in this app that is the feature of Analytics module which is used for creating report and other services.

Top parental control app is a free key logging software that allows you to record and monitor of every single keystroke. This freeware app can also take screenshots of the active applications at stated intervals so that you can monitor all the activities going on your computer. It can also generate reports about apps that are running.

Other benefits:

Many of people believe that spying is one of the wickedest things people can do. Some believe it is a vital component to keep an eye on activities that will directly affect and influence on you. Also, it purely depends on the drive that the act of spying is being conducted for. It is also dishonest for spying people in order to steal their personalities but spying on your kids using parental control apps so that you are well aware of their online doings might be important.

Kaspersky Safe Kids-Parental Control Apps

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Among all free apps, don’t forget to use Kaspersky safe kids for protecting kids online. It’s a magnificent app for controlling kids online that you can operate on Android, iOS, and Windows with ease. No matter if you use it on desktop and mobiles, the device delivers a range of parental control services. It’s up to you whether you go with a free version or paid version, you get splendid protection services. In free addition, you can prevent kids from seeing adult content easily. With the same features, you can restrict the usage of games and specific sites you like. Further, you can also control the devices by using the features of this app. For different features, try paid versions to keep track of location. It has got a GPS tracking system with paid versions, so don’t miss such benefits.

Kaspersky is another parental control app that helps parents to monitor the activities of children. It’s an app that allows parents to block websites that carry adult and inappropriate content. In addition to blockage, parents can easily put restrictions on children’s online activities along with tracing their locations. For safety purposes, the app is a terrific parental control app because of its affordable price.

Other benefits:

In today’s time of technology and digitalization, parents remain worried about the online activities of their children. It’s not safe to hand over smartphones to children under 10 years of age. Many parents give smartphones to kids to engage them in some activities just to keep them quiet. It’s a good solution to keep kids calm for some time, but it’s not a lasting solution. There are drawbacks of giving smartphones to kids, as nothing is safe online. Adult ads may pop up on the screen anytime that kids can’t avoid. Children click on the ads unintentionally that may lead them to nudity and inappropriate content.

Later on, kids become curious about such sites. Hence, their craze to visit such links keeps on increasing with time. How to stop seeing such websites? The only solution is to install parental control apps to keep an eye on the phones of children. If you have teenagers at home, it’s a must for you to install such apps. Teenagers often open sites that can harm them in the future. Keep a check on their activities, because you can’t sit with them all the time. The idea of installing an app works great.

More Details:

The best parental control apps provide a range of facilities to parents when their kids operate with smart devices and computers. Being parents, many times you notice that your children hide the screen when suddenly you enter the room. You never know what’s going on there, so the smart solution is to find parental apps to check the devices and screens of your children. These apps also trace the location of your children; even you can put a limit on the devices and some particular websites that children open. Also, you can block some calls and texts. Indeed, these apps provide an opportunity to put restrictions.

You can avail of plenty of benefits from these apps, as everything has turned online, so there are chances to explore apps that can control the online activities of your children. You can monitor the tablets, smartphones, and computers by running these apps on your system. A lot of parental control products have been launched, but these mentioned below parental control apps are exceptional in terms of performance. What are the best parental control apps? Let’s take a review of some popular parental control apps!

Net Nanny Parental Control

Net Nanny Parental Control

There are so many parental apps used for checking children’s online activities. Net Nanny Parental Control is one of the best apps for iOS devices. Not only the app is good for iOS, but Android devices also suitable for this parental control application. Web technology is just mind-blowing in this app along with great design features. If you are looking for an excellent parental control app with filtering features, you can trust this particular app. It has updated versions for both Android and iOS technology.

By using this app, you can trace the location history of your children. If your kids handle apps that they shouldn’t use, you have got the option to block all such apps. Moreover, the app offers the facility for content screening on various social media platforms. Besides these favors, there is the only drawback of this application. You can’t monitor calls and texts.

Norton Family-Parental Control Apps

Norton Family

If you are looking for the best parental control app for Android, you can use Norton Family to protect your children online. You can track time, location with web filtering facilities by using this app. The text-message monitoring option is also there that makes sense for users. Ant-virus protection facility is also available in this tremendous parental control app on various devices including PCs.

OurPact-Parental Control Apps

OurPact Parental control apps for kids

Need parental control with an attractive design and awesome features? You can go with OurPact to check the suspicious online activities of your children. The app is ideal for Apple devices that help parents to put restrictions on their children’s devices. Screen time facility is also available on this app along with scheduling options for parents. Using this app, parents can monitor calls and texts on both Android and iOS devices. The option of blocking apps is also available and that makes it a reliable application.

Screen Times-Parental Control Apps

Screen Times Parental control apps

Screen Times also add great fun when it comes to blocking unwanted websites that can affect the life of your children. For Android devices, the application works great. If you are further looking for a remarkable feature such as monitoring calls and texts, you can install this helpful application. The best is to check the screen of your children and it is the advanced feature.

ESET Parental Control for Android

ESET Parental Control for Android

ESET parental control app is specifically designed for Android apps. It offers a location tracking facility and that’s the only good point of this app, as you can’t monitor texts and calls using this app.

MMGuardian-Parental Control Apps


MMGuardian is a typical Android application, but it works on a few Apple devices. For location tracking, the app is mind-blowing. Further, parents use it to filter the web pages scrolled by children. The option of blocking numbers and texts is also available that make the app reliable.

What are your favorite Parental control apps for kids? do let us know in the comments. As always best cartoon app will try to keep this post update through out the year.


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