Living today in a global village, it is essential for all of us to be geo-literate. Because it is the integral part of education, kids should be provided, in particular, with all possible resources that can educate them on world’s geography and understand different types of maps. Practicing map-skills is of utmost importance. With their books and schooling, the other great options come with portable technologies that can excellently help them learn geography and maps. The kids will find here the best interactive apps to help them know atlas, learn geographical facts and go through a verity of maps. Since most kids love to play games, this unique collection provides them with exciting games based on geo knowledge. Bestcartoonapp.com brings 10 best apps for kids to explore maps and geography.

Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas maps and geography apps for kids

It comes with tons of information on world geography featuring an innovatively-designed 3D globe. The kids can spin the globe and find out any place they like. The maps are multicolored and can be amplified to see details. It lets them know geographical boundaries, seas, oceans, rivers, and landmarks of all regions. They can also know flags and political statuses of countries and get information on weather, economy, wildlife etc. It is a comprehensive, digital atlas for kids which can equip them with the best information on geography and maps.

Google Earth

Google Earth maps and geography apps for kids

Google Earth is probably the best app that you can download for your kids to let them know various places on the Earth. It covers over 98 percent of the entire world. The app provides satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS data, allowing the users to travel across the planet virtually. The kids can see all locations at far off places in other countries in 3D images. Their birthday towns and the homes of their grandparents can be seen with a few clicks.

Kids World Maps

Kids World Map

So, Kids World Maps was introduced by the Genuine Company Limited that has already offered worldwide popular children’s educational maps in 40 international languages. Kids World Maps features 6 modes which include physical, political, cities, rivers, mountains and deserts. It also introduces the kids to 445 most interesting geographical facts, comprising fascinating cultural and architectural landmarks. Another fascinating feature of this app is historical maps which help the kids know about certain periods of times, countries and their geographical boundaries.

GeoBee Challenge HD by National Geographic

Geobee challenge maps for kids children 2021 apps

This list of apps on geography and maps will remain incomplete unless we add the most popular informative source – National Geographic Society. GeoBee comes from this acclaimed source and is of great value for kids’ learning. This app asks questions on geography, and shows you locations on world map and asks you to recognize them.  The quiz format of this app swiftly enhances the knowledge of the kids. The app also comes with hundreds of captivating images of worldwide geographical locations and interactive maps.

Tiny Countries

Tiny Countries -Geography Game

Tiny Countries is an animated exciting game for kids that allowing them roam about in 75 countries of 6 continents. There are multiple missions the kids have to accomplish and track Mr. Evil in different continents who appear in the form of a rooster. The players have to help “Tiny the Chick” who run to escape from Mr. Evil and reaches different capitals of countries. This interesting game briefs the kids about so many new things in an easy and engaging way.

Stack the Countries App –MAPS & GEOGRAPHY

Stack the Countries geography apps for kids

It is another unique app to dispense information through questions and answers and help kids know world geography, its important locations, monuments, capitals and landmarks. On giving correct answers, the kids build tower of countries. The app’s amazing features make learning a fun. Stack the Countries will prove the best educational app on geography with colorful and dynamic maps that you can ever offer to your kids. To amaze the kids more, this app offers them lots of flashcards as well as collaborative maps.

Kids Maps App (iPad, Android and Kindle)

Kids World Map

This interactive puzzle game has an interesting history. The app was created by a father for his 3-years old kid to introduce him to US geography. This app features a puzzle to be completed by dragging various parts of the US map and place them in their right location. The prime objective behind creating this app was to introduce the American kids the geography of their country and exact place of the different US States. There are funny hints for the users to help them do the puzzle which make the game more interesting. 

Geo Walk HD – 3D World Fact Book

Geo Walk - World Factbook 3D

This app presents you an interactive globe model that contains worthwhile information on world geography. There are brief articles on more than 500 historical places, people, wildlife, plants and inventions. Geo Walk HD is rich with information and can impart to kids the best knowledge and exposure of the world. For consolidating information, the kids can follow the quiz mode of this app and answer multiple choice questions.


GeoMe geography app for kids

Geo-Me is designed to enhance kids’ map skills and get important information on the world’s demography. On each landmark, the kids will find the glowing caption “Geo-Me”, clicking it will unlock important information about that location. In addition to that there are animations, videos and even songs and all of them are meant to add something interesting about a country, city, and place in your knowledge.

State Bingo and Road Trip U.S. –MAPS & GEOGRAPHY

State Bingo Road Trips for kids geography

This app brings to you lots of information and fun activities. The most amazing feature of this app is that it introduces the kids to historical routes and trails along with facts about the US land formation, demography and topography. There are two games for kids on this app; road trip and bingo. They can opt for any. Both of them have quiz for kids and impart them important information about the United States.

There is a particular concentration worldwide to educate children with the help of technology and many international organizations are working to ensure it. In educational institutions, conscious is growing more and more to integrate syllabuses with modern technology. In this scenario, apps such as given above become extremely important to introduce to kids and enhance their learning about world geography and maps.

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