Teaching writing alphabet and numbers to kids at an early young age is a Herculean task. They can’t easily be interacted to hold pencil and paper and concentrate on drawing letters and numbers.  With this scenario in mind, this collection of intuitively-designed handwriting apps is more than just a help to parents and teachers. The exercises on these apps encourage kids to develop their interest in basic writing and literacy skills. And to make them engaging, the exercises are backed with sound effects, animations and rewards for kids on doing a task successfully. With the help of these digitalized exercises, the kids trace and draw more perfect writing than the shaky crayon-letters on paper.

For parents they offer comprehensive writing syllabus for their kids that move from simple to complex exercises as well as options to customize exercises for their kids. They can develop worksheets to be used in printed format offline for kids.

Letter School (Android & iOS)

Letter School is an intuitively-designed writing app for toddlers to teach alphabet and numbers by tracing them. The app is supportive for parents who are teaching their preschooler kids using its very basic writing prompts and practices. Its design allows toddlers to draw lowercase, capital letters, and numerals moving their index finger on the screen. This unique app is equally helpful for Montessori and nursery teachers as well as for occupational therapists to get simple writing and learning activities. There are especially designed interactive tutorial demos to engage toddlers on how to start writing each alphabet and number and where to end it.

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What make this app more interesting are its sound effects and animations which your kids will love. These features will boost the interest of kids in learning and encourage them to continue their practice. It doesn’t end up here. For each letter and number, there are four exciting games to check the kid’s progress. Each step on this app is full of fun and excitement and absorbs kids’ attention and does not let them feel that they are learning. For its innovative and lovely features, this app is rated among the topmost engaging writing apps for kids.

iTrace – writing apps for kids

iTrace is another fine choice for teaching handwriting to preschoolers providing you with options to adjust the app according to your kid’s learning speed and interest. The exercises on this app have been designed with a view to make learning interesting and easier for kids. They have over 600 rewards, animated scenes, made by combining objects and a lot more. On completion of each task, there is a special reward for the kid. If you want offline exercises for you kid, you can create PDF worksheets from this app’s exercises and get them printed.

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The parents and teachers can select from a range of letter writing methodologies. They also can replay the exercises to get the kids familiar with tracing letters and develop their muscle memory by repeating tracing of each letter or number many times. The exercises move from simple to complex and you can monitor the progress of your child by turning to history. For lefties, the app can be switched the app to left-handed orientations and to cursive letters. iTrace is free from interruption of ads or any other material that can distract your child’s attention. This app can be used on iPhone and iPad.

Writing Wizard for Kids (Android & iOS)

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Writing Wizard for Kids is one step ahead than the previous two apps. Along with helping kids to learn to draw numbers and alphabet, this app also helps them pronounce phonetic sounds and name letters. Thus this app is a complete syllabus with a set of simple to complex exercises to help parents to customize a teaching plan for their toddlers. There are separate lessons for teaching uppercase or lowercase letters and numbers. They can also learn to write full words, draw various shapes and win multiple rewards on each success. On new steps, the app offers animated guidelines to help kids learn things easily. To help them more, the tracing lines are supported with arrows, simple directions with sound effects. To delight the kids, the exercises and tracing lessons are blended with animations, fun stickers, games and sound effects. For kids this app proves a fun more than mere learning yet benefitting them a lot.

iWriteWords – writing apps for kids

The Best iPhone Apps for Kids

If you need more simple tracing practices and writing prompts for your kids, try iWriteWords. The kids have to drag their index finger on the dots to trace letters and numbers. The app is rich with unique options that make each lesson interesting. Your kids can easily learn to learn and draw lower and uppercase, pronounce sounds of individual letters and simple sight words. With each letter, there are images that begin with that letter. They can also learn to trace numbers from 0 to 20. The app also features a cartoon character Mr. Crab” who guides kids tracing and learning the entire content of the app.

Each time the kid completes tracing a letter, he/she is rewarded with a pretty photo of his/her writing. To engage kids more, particularly those who are reluctant tracers, the app features sing along songs, animations, music and a lot with each practice that amuse the kids and maintain their interest in learning.  The app also allows parents to customize options according to their kids’ needs and response. The only drawback of this app is that it is meant for iOS devices only.

 These apps can serve all parents well who want their kids to learn alphabet and numbers speedily and be prepared for schools. The element of fun in these apps makes them more engaging and interesting for kids. The kids never feel bored doing exercises multiple times. To make them more exciting, there are simple and funny animated games too which encourage kids to continue their exercise never taking it heavier to learn sight words and short sentences too.

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