If you are curious about using apps for checking weather forecasting and snow day calculators, you can find so many apps available on the web. But, you hardly know about Android & iOS apps for forecasting. You can come across so many apps to check the weather forecast, but for snow predictions and calculators, you need specific apps. Indeed, apps tell about all weather predictions, but we’ll discuss some particular apps used for checking snow forecasting only. Thankfully, such applications are available for various Apple and Android devices that only tell about snow forecasting.

These apps are specifically designed for tourists who love visiting cool places where snowfall remains a blessing. Besides tourists, sportsmen also use apps to check snow forecasting who play sports in snow and winter. For all interested users, we have got some interesting snow day calculator apps for all smartphone users. Let’s view it one by one!

Snow Report & Forecast


Snow Report & Forecast is an app typically used for checking snow forecasting. If you want to know about snowfall predictions in the coming days, you can confidently trust this app. It provides hourly updates about snow weather. For the locations in Canada and North America, you can know the snow weather update for every location on the map. Not only do you come to know about snow, but it also tells you about the wind, temperature, and rain.

You get a detailed snow report that satisfies you about upcoming weather. If you are worried about the authenticity of the information, then you don’t need to worry about the weather updates, as all the information provided by this app is correct. Regarding this, the rating of the app is also good, and it works as a safety app for travelers. Thankfully, travelers can wait until snow comes to halt.

Snow Day Calculator

Zip code, Snow Prediction

Are you searching for an accurate weather forecasting app? Snow Day Calculator works great to make you understand the exact weather predictions. If you want to know about the exact time of snowfall, this app can tell you fast. If you are a traveler and planning to visit hilly areas, you can know the predictions of snow through this application. Just you need to set up a zip code of your area to know the accurate predictions of snow. More likely you get snow predictions in percentage along with other weather details regarding temperature and wind. The app fetches data from National Weather Service to make people excited about snow predictions in the areas they set up with zip codes.

Snow Forecast

Snow forecast

If you are curious about knowing snow weather predictions, you can use Snow forecast to get snow updates in your town. You can also know about nearby locations to know about storm and weather conditions. The app is specifically designed for sportsmen and tourists who love visiting hilly areas. With the help of this app, they come to know about snow predictions in the areas they choose. If you are willing to plan a trip with your family members, you can easily know about weather forecasting using this perfect app. The app notifies you about snow updates in the coming days when you stay in the resorts. It helps a tourist to decide whether to stay inside or outside.


Map based snow report

Open Snow is also a nice addition for athletes who show up in winter sports. All the sportsmen who participate in winter sports have to get weather updates, especially in stormy and snowy seasons. The app works in the countries of Europe, the USA, and Canada to deliver detailed weather information to users. You can also plan your holidays using this advanced app, as it guides a user to know complete weather predictions on an hourly basis. An athlete who plays winter sports can know about snow updates every week, even tourists find it effective in winters. Above all, the app tells you the blockage of roads and things stuck in the snowy weather. This particular feature makes the app special and amazing for users!


snow forecast

A lot of snow apps are working for sports fans and tourists, but nothing beats iSKI USA when it comes to seeing the accuracy of results. A user can know exact weather updates by watching maps and videos installed in the cams. For ski resorts, the app works great by delivering the right piece of information about snow forecasting. The snow forecasting is the target of every user who installs this app, so for tourists, it works as guidance. They can easily know about the weather conditions before visiting the resort, so it tells them whether to make a plan or not. The app also covers extra features along with offering weather forecasting services. It provides information about slopes, ski resorts, and mountains. It further assists tourists to track their activities and check-ins.


The snow weather apps come in many forms, but the above-mentioned apps are lasting for various users. The apps we discussed above are vital for sportsmen and tourists who make a plan for holiday trips around the globe. They not only come to know about weather conditions, but they also track their activities in some particular versions. They can trace the conditions of ski resorts as well by using these effective snow apps. These apps offer great benefits to tourists who reside in countries like the USA, Canada, and all countries in Europe. The app works in areas, where snow remains in all seasons.

Apart from tourists, sportsmen also have to use these apps to know about the weather conditions. Those who participate in winter sports have to know about snow weather updates. Importantly, the snow apps make their day when they gather information about upcoming weather changes. Thankfully, snow apps deliver hourly updates to various users. These are the features that make these apps valuable and demanding.

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