If you want to play crazy games on your smart devices, you can go with the best cross-platform PC Android iOS games. Video games make a big difference in the life of kids. Mostly, children play video games in their leisure time to make the best of their time. It’s a way to find fun and spend quality time. It is understood that video games don’t have benefits for children, but to some extent children find entertainment. Nowadays, smartphones are used for having fun, even kids and adults play video games on smartphones. The use of a smartphone is easier when compared to other devices. Those who search for the best video games on smartphones can find some interesting names mentioned below.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Want to play a game with cross-platform? Try Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition to find endless hungry adventures. The game is about finding food and shelter to manage survival. The game is about Wilson who is a crazy scientist who moves around the wildlife in search of food. Wilson feels hungry, so he must find food to survive in the wildlife. During the adventure, Wilson can find the map to seek guidance. On the way to adventure, you can also find new items that are of great use. To get food, you might meet a monster to find food.

Now, you don’t have any other option except to fight the monster. During the time you move inside the harmful wildlife, you have better build a small home in the daylight. It’s not easy to survive in the woods, so arrange for food and water. Try not to sleep at night because you have to awake or else you’ll die. Darkness is not a good sign for you, but you can create a new character after death. So, it could be another adventure. Other than adventures and fun, the game comes with excellent graphics that build the interest of the player. You never get bored with the game.


Roblox is a popular game that has millions of fans around the world. It’s an online game that you can play with multi-players. The game is specifically designed for kids and teenagers. Anyone can play this game, as it comes with full fun and joy. The game covers creative aspects for those who wish to utilize their designing skills. Interestingly, you can create your own location to play with your competitors. Also, you can join the company of friends across the border, as the game covers online setup.

You just need to create a Roblox account to begin this game. Also, you can create your own characters by adding clothes and accessories. The game is free, but for enjoying advanced features you can choose the paid version. Interestingly, the platform doesn’t matter for the game, you can play it on any device.


Badland is another amazing video game that brings full entertainment to a player. The character of the game looks like an animal that goes out for a journey. The goal of a character is to visit deserts and forests with magical moves. However, the game is full of challenges that our main character has to face while setting on a journey. He finds traps and dangers on the way, and the job of a character is to overcome all the challenges.

It’s all up to the skills and powers of a character that how he manages to escape during the adventures. After clearing one level, the next level you find more interesting and challenging. Badland is a good addition and you can find creativity in the game, as it provides a platform to learn.


Crashlands is a famous video game that children of 2020 love to play on smart devices. The game takes you to the world of adventures and creatures. You don’t find unlimited stock around you, as you have got limited access to things, as the game is a kind of handicraft. You have to struggle hard to survive in the game, as you often crash on foreign land where things don’t go in your favor. How do you overcome the challenges?

You stay on the territory of the enemy, so you have to make a strategy to defeat the enemy on new land that doesn’t belong to you. For your survival, you have to collect objects and things that help you to survive in the crash land. The more you discover about the land, the more you can save yourself from the crash. So, get to know the history of the land. Make effective use of handicrafts to fight against enemies. Never give up and keep moving forward to avoid the crash.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone is a wonderful addition for children who are crazy about adventurous games. It’s a kind of card game that requires you to make a strategy to play. You have to stay ahead of the game to make a long term strategy. Indeed, the game looks easy to play, but it’s quite a technical game. You come across interesting Warcraft characters in this game, so you may easily choose your favorite character. Choose your deck and make a selection among the cards available to you. Try choosing different combinations to destroy your enemies.

The selection of character is the most important thing in this game, as you may defeat your enemy based on the selection. Make a strategy that helps you till the end of the game, but don’t forget to choose combinations to find victory. For getting power, you may buy advanced packages to play faster. For playing smart, you may do investment. The high rated players often use expensive packages to get access to crucial cards. It’s a way to get an edge over your competitors.

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