If you are preparing for Halloween, you can find a range of toys and ideas to celebrate the event with your kids. Further, you can also work with crafts to engage your little kids. Halloween always comes with great fun and entertainment, as people love to wear costumes with funny and horrible faces. Some people live in imagination before the vent comes, so they do full preparations to make the most of the event. If you want to celebrate with your kids, how do you prepare for the event? You can work on many ideas. What about painting your own crafts? Let’s find out some interesting Halloween crafts for kids!

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Lantern

Toilet Roll Pumpkin

There are so many ideas that can enlighten your mind with Halloween crafts, but you can try with toilet paper pumpkin lantern to entertain your kids. It’s an innovative skill to design crafts at home with kids, as it improves the cutting skills of your younger ones. Would you like to try it? It’s full of fun and entertainment.

Today we had a love/hate relationship with this Halloween craft. We tried making this pumpkin toilet paper roll lantern art project and it was more tough than we anticipated. Maybe we are just gifted or it was harder using a toilet paper roll rather than just cutting paper. We would recommend this to older children because the frustration level could get high. These crafts are seamless to hang up for some Halloween garland in a classroom or at home

Materials Required:

  • Tape/glue
  • Orange, green, and black paper
  • Scissors
  • Toilet paper roll.

The first thing you do was wrap a toilet paper roll in orange paper then you fold another sheet of paper in half and cut slits in it (We measured the height of the toilet roll first and it was a little long. You will have to experiment). After that you need to tape both ends to one side of the toilet roll. Make sure the middle sticks out further.

Then you need to rap the complete thing around and tape it closed. You would use glue but it was super hard to wait for it to dry. Then cut two strips out of green paper, one for the top and one for the lowest.

Then, cut out some black jack-o-lantern face pieces and glue them on. Also, make sure you hold them down for a while or they will fall off. After that, cut a skinny green strip of paper and tape it to the top inside of the toilet roll to be the lantern’s handle. So, that’s it.

Masking Tape Mummy

Masking Tape Mummy

Masking tape mummy can also add fun to your kid’s life. It’s an attractive activity for kids that can keep them busy for hours. If you are looking for simple and easy Halloween crafts, then you should engage your kids to mask the mummy with tape.

This was an idea we remember making in elementary school. So, when we was asked by a daughter’s 3rd grade teacher to help teach art one afternoon, this fun craft came to mind. Also, the class loved it as much as we remember loving it. So, here is how to make it:


  • black paper (we used card stock)
  • white pencil
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • glue dots
  • googly eyes
  • craft sticks, optional.


  • You need to trace the outline of a mummy with your pencil onto your black paper.
  • After that, tear off strips of masking tape and lay them in a random criss-cross pattern all over the body of the object.
  • Then cut the body of the object out.
  • Then stick glue dots where you need the eyes to be, then place the googly eyes on top of the dots.

So, that’s it. Have fun.

Paper Cup Ghost-Halloween Crafts for kids

Papercup Ghost Halloween Craft

If you are looking for creative ideas while making crafts for your kids. You can try a paper cup to make a ghost. Add eyes to cups along with construction paper to make your cup ghost. It’s a creative task that can enhance the creative skills of your kids.

Craft a paper cup into a friendly ghost. You can make many of these adorable ghosts to decorate your space for Halloween.


  • Paper cup
  • White tempera, poster paint, or acrylic paint
  • White construction paper or cardstock
  • and White crepe paper or plastic bag
  • White glue
  • String or yarn
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush
  • Black permanent marker or crayon
  • Wiggle eyes (optional)

1-Prepare a paper cup.

For this, a plain white paper cup is the best choice for making a paper cup ghost. Nevertheless, any paper cup can do as you can always paint white color on it.

2-Paint the paper cup.

If your paper cup is not completely white, then paint it white using tempera, poster paint, or acrylic paint. You can use acrylic paint if the surface of the paper cup is glossy. Then, set the painted paper cup aside to dry.

3-Draw a pair of arms.

Keeping in mind the size of paper cup, you need to draw a pair of ghost arms on white structure paper or cardstock.


4-Cut out the arms.

Then cut out the pair of ghost arms.

5-Punch a hole on the cup.

Once your painted paper cup is dry and ready, use the tip of a pencil to punch a small center hole at the bottom of the that cup.

6-Cut a piece of string.

Then cut a length of string to make into a handle for your paper cup craft. Our is around 10 inches. If you want to hang the ghost from the ceiling, then you can cut a longer string.

After that, make a large knot on one end of the string. The knot should be bigger than the hole you made on your paper cup.

7-Attach the string.

Then insert the opposite end of the string through the hole from inside the paper craft. Pull the string all the way until the knot traces the bottom of the cup.

8-Glue one arm.

After that Fold one paper arm at the bottom to make a tab. Glue the tab on the paper cup.

9-Glue the other arm.

Likewise, fold the other ghost arm at the bottom to make a tab. Also glue this arm on the opposite side of the cup. Your paper cup now looks slightly like a ghost!

10-Create a face.

Now draw a pair of eyes and a mouth using a black permanent pen or marker or crayon. Also, another option is to glue a pair of wiggle eyes and a mouth cut from paper, craft foam or felt.

11-Cut strips of crepe paper.

Then cut white crepe paper or a white plastic bag into 6 or more strips approximately one inch wide and ten inches long.

12-Glue the strips.

Glue one end of every strip around the inside of the paper cup’s mouth.

13-Use your paper cup ghost.

Once the glue dries, hang your paper cup ghost craft where it can catch a little breeze. Also, watch how it moves and floats in the air.

Spider Web Plates-Halloween Crafts for kids:

Spider Web Plates

A lot of ideas can hit your mind, as creativity never ends. If you want to make some interesting crafts for Halloween, you can try spider web plates to show your imaginative skills. If you get bored with painting crafts, spider web plates can change your mind, and you feel great with such crafting.

Halloween Paper Chain Countdown

Halloween countdown

If you want to request your neighbors for free candy in a costume, you can try a Halloween paper chain countdown to engage your kids. It’s a wonderful artwork that requires hard work and patience. With this, your kids can improve their crafting skills nicely.

This DIY Halloween countdown activity is good for kids who love rejoicing Halloween.

Moreover, make the paper chain together or hang it up as a fun classroom beautification. You can simply download and print the templates. It is totally designed and permitted by qualified teachers. These Halloween paper crafts are not only easy to make, but are attractively illustrated and perfect for young kids.

So, how can you help your kids get excited for Halloween? For this, why not use this craft paper chain as a countdown calendar in your classroom or at house? You can create one of these great Halloween paper crafts in the weeks before Halloween and remove a link every day. Your kids can see the paper chain becomes shorter and shorter as you get closer to the day of Halloween. This ghostly celebration originally came from an antique Celtic festival called Samhain. During Samhain, people would light fires and attire costumes to ward off ghosts.

Clothespin Button Bat

Clothespin button Halloween Crafts

Kids can also make a bat by using their creative and adorable skills. Clothespin button bat can be made with a good practice that improves the motor skills of kids. It’s full of fun to make this Halloween craft.

Frankenstein Sensory Bottle

Sensory Bottles

Ideas never end whenever it comes to crafting Halloween costumes for kids. Among all ideas, you can also make Frankenstein Sensory Bottle for your kids. It’s awesome work to design this bottle, as the task requires hard work when you add construction paper, glitter glue, green color, and an empty plastic bottle. It takes time to craft Frankenstein Sensory Bottle, so engage your kids in this activity.

Spooky Woods

Spooky Woods

You can also make spooky woods to bring some fun on Halloween. If you have tired of using painting skills, you can try natural woods to show crafting skills. Teach your kids to design spooky woods with the help of googly eyes, glue, and sticks.

Toilet Paper Roll Mummy

Toilet Paper roll mummies

Apart from making pumpkin lanterns, you can also try toilet paper roll mummy to bring some fun to the event. Add googly eyes along with black crayon and toilet paper to make a mummy for entertaining your kids. Also, your kids can make this toilet paper roll mummy in a short time.

Cotton Puff Ghosts

Cotton ball ghost

Cotton Puff Ghosts is the easiest one to make for kids. You just need a piece of cotton and minor crafting work to make cotton puff ghosts. You can also add tissue paper to this ghost, but don’t forget to add eyes and nose to complete the ghost.

Monster Hand

Monster Hands

A monster hand is a good addition when it comes to improving crafting skills. If your kids want to make something different this Halloween, you can ask them to go with a monster hand. They just need scrapbook paper and dried beans to create a monster hand.

Leaf Jack-O-Lantern

Leaf Jack

Creativity has different ways; you can show your creative skills on a leaf. Your kids can make awesome leaf Jack-O-Lantern on Halloween. It’s another pumpkin addition that your kids can make with the help of orange leaves.

Halloween Soap

Halloween Soap

Halloween soap is a common Halloween addition that you can easily make with your kids. You just need plastic spiders to insert in the hand soap. Further, you can also add bats and skulls to the soap to make things exciting.

Beaded Spider

Beaded Spider Halloween crafts

Beaded spider also grabs the attention of kids. You need a pipe cleaner, googly eyes, pony beads, and a black pompom to make a breaded spider. It requires good crafting skills to make this Halloween costume. Are you ready to make one this Halloween?

Frankenstein Sun Catcher

Sun catcher

Among all the Halloween gadgets, you can try Frankenstein Sun Catcher to have some fun with your kids. You need tissue paper and sticky contact paper to craft this Sun Catcher.

Pumpkin Stress Balls-Halloween crafts for kids

Stress ball halloween crafts

As you know pumpkin is the most favorite Halloween gadget that can excite your kids. You can make creative pumpkin shapes to have fun on Halloween. To bring some entertainment, try pumpkin stress balls by filling it with sensory items like rice, small beads, buttons, and stones.

Pine Cone Bat-Halloween Crafts for kids

Pine cone bat for kids

Pine Cone Bat is a wonderful Halloween invention for kids. Kids can add googly eyes to some pine cones to make a masterpiece.

Tealight Clay Ghosts-Halloween Crafts for kids

Clay Ghost

You can also make tealight clay ghosts for your kids. Ask your kids to gather air-drying clay and tealights to make clay ghosts on Halloween.

Paper Pumpkin-Halloween Crafts for kids

Paper Pumpkin

Once again, we have got pumpkin crafting. Your kids can have fun with paper pumpkin as it requires cutting skills to design a paper pumpkin on Halloween.

Peekaboo Ghost-Halloween Crafts for kids

Peekabo Ghost Halloween craft

If you are looking for surprises, try Peekaboo Ghost ideas on Halloween and Halloween crafts for kids. Peekaboo ghost ideas bring great excitement for kids, as it comes with instant popup action.

Enjoy this Halloween these cool new crafts with your kids. You can share your thoughts regarding these or some other cool Halloween crafts for kids in the comments below. Also checkout over post regarding best apps for kids here.

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