Everyone knows that music calms the soul. It doesn’t matter whether you use Android or IOS devices, music lovers prefer to use apps to listen to songs that keep them relaxed. In this article, we have got some amazing apps for music lovers who use Apple products. Now listening to music has become easy because of the apps. iPhone users can download some superb music apps to find mental relief. Mentioned below are some free apps that can deliver you fun with evergreen audio tracks.

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Sound cloud music download apps

SoundCloud is one of the most popular apps used for listening to music. You can listen to various versions of your favorite track on this app. SoundCloud entertains you with a variety of audio tracks. Any time you can pause your track to play the next song. Just click on any part of the screen to play and pause the song. Above all, you can find your friends on SoundCloud for sharing songs you want them to listen to. Also, you can share songs on various social networks to make the time memorable.

With the swipe of your finger, you can go backward and forward to enjoy music. If you are planning to search for an old track, you can find it with ease in different versions. Nowadays, people use this app on smartphones, whereas the computer version is also available. Besides listening to songs, you can also record songs. The option of download is also available, even you can look into other’s profiles to see their collection.

Free Music Download Pro

Free music downloader and player

If you are searching for the best and convenient music apps, you can make effective use of Free Music Download Pro app to listen to massive hit tracks. You can download the app to get your hands on the songs you want to listen to. The app also supports video files, so you can make a playlist you like. You can search for songs with lyrics to enjoy music. With the help of a download manager, you can get access to the maximum files you store.

Thankfully, you can integrate the app with Dropbox to store the audio and video tracks of your choice. If you want to create a library for iPod, you can freely import songs you want. Those who like to play background music can also avail of this facility. Above all, you can exchange music files from your PC. But you can’t download songs or any type of content from YouTube.

iDownloader Pro

iDownloader pro

If you are crazy for music and wish to listen to your smartphones, try iDownloader Pro to enjoy your favorite audio tracks. By using this application, you can download songs from any source, but this option is not available in the Free Music Download Pro App. Overall, the app has got similar features just like Free Music Download Pro. Further, you can also the internal memory to save and listen to songs.



Spotify is a popular music app that gives joy to music lovers who want to entertain with soft, classic, and pop soundtracks. The app covers a wide range of songs for music lovers. It is estimated that more than 300 million songs are available on the app for users. The app is ideal for Apple users, even some users like to use this software on computers. Other than a computer, some use it on TVs and other smart apps. Spotify offers a wide range of services to those who prefer to listen to online music.

It supports a huge catalog so that you may create your favorite playlist anytime without facing any problem. Furthermore, the facility of the radio station is also available in this app. The only problem is that you need to pay for the app after enjoying a one-month free trial. If we look at the advantages of an app, we find that we can easily listen to offline music after downloading the songs. The option of skipping is also available in this app so that you may ignore the tracks you don’t want to enjoy. Also, you can block ads in the app to enjoy hassle-free listening.

Freegal Music

Free Gal Music

If you are using a smartphone with slow memory, you can choose this music app that has more than 9 million songs. The app supports mp3 songs on your devices, no matter if you listen to the slow, fast, and classic tracks. Freegal Music is the best app that covers a range of musical compositions. Enjoy Freegal Music to set up a huge playlist after downloading on your smartphones.



Musify is another popular music app that carries so many music files in mp3 format. You can enjoy online music with comfort, even the facility of offline listening is also available for those who want to download the tracks. The design and interface of the app are simple and easy to operate, even a new user can easily understand the style of the app.

Want to listen to your favorite track without any restriction and limit, download Musify, and enjoy music and live concerts of your favorite celebrities. The app is ideal for many iPhone models, where you can search the song with size, type, and date. Also, you can play music in the background, even when the screen is locked.


zvooq music app

Zvooq is a reputed music app that covers a huge collection of soundtracks. The app allows a user to enjoy offline music as well as online entertainment. A user can create a playlist, as the library contains more than 15 million tracks. You can easily download and listen to your favorite songs anytime without any problem by downloading this app. Not only you find a huge collection of music on this app, but you can share songs with your friends as well. The app covers many directions and genres for music lovers so that they may enjoy quality time listening to their favorite tracks with beautiful wallpapers.

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