Looking for ballistic calculators? What is the use of a ballistic calculator? It is used for long-range shooting and shooters probably use it during training. If you are good at shooting, you can make smart use of a rifle with ballistic calculators. You can also use this calculator for measuring distances. As far as shooting is concerned, the calculator helps to improve the shooting accuracy along with the telescopic adjustment.

There are so many benefits of using a ballistic calculator, as it improves your shooting skills and calculation abilities. Not only do you enhance shooting skills, but it also teaches you around weather updates. So, you always get in touch with weather conditions along with shooting.

The only purpose of using a ballistic calculator is to manage training. It is specifically designed for training purposes. You find the right guidance through this calculator when using rifles. Mentioned below are some apps to use on Android & iOS devices for using ballistic calculators.

Lapua Ballistics

Lapua Ballistic

Lapua Ballistics is a popular calculator app that comes with amazing features. It’s a good tool to use on various smartphones for finding shot accuracy. You won’t have to measure the calculations separately when Lapua Ballistics is there for the right support. You can calculate indicators for shooting using any rifle.

The app combines data on the firearm and tells the shooting direction with weather updates. You can also change the data while making shooting adjustments concerning speed, wind, and target distance. To view the results, you can take a look at the table, graph, or numerical values whichever you find better for viewing.

Strelok. Ballistic calculator

Strelock Ballistic Calculator

Sterlok is an app used for improving shot accuracy. The app comes in different versions, where you can use both free and paid versions of the app to improve your shooting. For all professional shooters, the use of this ballistic calculator app is ideal, as it comes with complete guidance. You can exactly calculate your shot using this app, even with the paid version you can do much better things. Set parameters yourself to manage shooting and make sure the telescopic view doesn’t go wrong. Make the best use of the ballistic calculator when looking for the target from a good distance.

Hornady Ballistics


Hornady Ballistics is a popular app used for determining weather forecast. It’s a perfect calculator that quickly detects the shooting targets along with the live weather updates. It controls weather data and brings some lasting results whenever you plan to operate it manually. You need to sign in with your login password to run the app no matter if you use iOS and Android devices. The app delivers awesome services whenever you look for shooting from a long distance. Also, you may listen to the live weather updates from a nearby station with this application.



Shooting accuracy keeps great importance for shooters. If you are looking for accurate shooting techniques, try iSnipe to bring accuracy in long range shooting. Use this app for perfect shooting with any rifle you use. The app helps you to detect the target from a distance of 700 yards. It’s amazing to view targets from such a distance.

The atmospheric conditions are also kept in mind concerning wind, temperature, and speed in this app. A user enjoys so many benefits of this fantabulous ballistic calculator when it comes to shooting. The app tells you in advance that where you’ll hit your shot, so it reduces the measurement job. Also, it transmits the data and gathers information when gets operational.


Bullet Flight

BulletFight is one of the reputed apps used for finding accuracy while shooting. It brings next level accuracy in your shooting that you always dream for. The app is also used at the military level, so you can’t underrate the app in terms of viewing its performance. You come to know about dynamic solutions whether it comes to checking weather, speed, or humidity. It shows you the right angle that you want to hit with your rifle. The measurement is just great that you can’t challenge.

The app comes with projectiles and you can find several built-in profiles for rifles to speed up the shooting process. The app works fine in military operations, as it was tested with a sniper to make it successful. Thankfully, it came up to the requirements of militants and local users. The most interesting thing is its measurement and accessing weather data.

Winchester Ballistics Calculator

Winchester Ballistic Calculator

Looking for a comprehensive ballistic calculator app? Try the Winchester Ballistics Calculator app to enjoy shooting and hunting with the latest features. The app comes with advanced technology and ideal for various hunting programs. If you want to visit forests to manage hunting, this particular app takes you to the forest for accurate shooting. You can also choose your favorite weapon among the available options.

Get to know about speed, temperature, and wind conditions by using the measurements of the calculator. To get maximum information, you can read the data available in various forms such as a chart, graph, and other views. All the information is handy and guides you around accurate shooting whether you choose forest and any other location.

Ballistic: Advanced Edition

Ballistic Advanced edition calculator

If you are crazy about shooting and want to use the latest ballistic calculator, try this latest edition that is named Ballistic: Advanced Edition. The application is best for users who want to achieve accuracy in targeting shots. It’s a modern calculator that works best for real shooters. The app teaches you some amazing skills concerning the shooting. You also come to know about atmospheric conditions using this app, as it has great calculation ability that guides at every stage of shooting. You may also get weather updates using this app and that’s a key benefit of this Advanced Edition app.

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