Using a calculator is a common thing that everyone at the workplace and school uses for doing complex calculations. Students who study math have to use a calculator for doing calculations. Mostly, students use calculators for calculating time. No doubt, it’s a tricky job to calculate time by using simple calculators. Time has changed and technology has brought some innovation in calculations, especially when we talk about time calculator apps.

Nowadays, people prefer to use websites and apps to calculate time and doing math work. It’s a daunting task to calculate hours, minutes, and seconds without using digital calculators. This is why apps have been introduced for making this job easier. Mentioned below are some of the best apps that you can use for doing quick and easy time calculations.

Time Calculator: Hours Work & Time Between

Time Calculator Hours Work & Time Between

If you are searching for complex calculations, the use of Time Calculator: Hours Work & Time Between is the best app to consider. You can perform so many calculations using this app. The app covers superb features for people who want to calculate years, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds. They can also find these buttons on the app for making calculation job easier. Also, the app supports a user to convert time values from one unit to another. Time calculator apps comes with so many benefits, whenever we talk about its uses. The option of using the convert button tells everything about the specialty of this app to users. Doing calculations with the date isn’t an easy task, but this superb app makes it happen without any confusion.

In this app, you can calculate hour for work very easily with its simple methods.

This Time Calculation apps for android and iOS can help you calculate Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Years, Weeks, Days and you can also convert it.


  • Like 8 hours + 2 hours 7 minutes = 10 hours 7 minutes
  • For example: 4 hours 12 minutes x 3 = 12 hours 36 minutes
  • For example: 456 minutes = 7 hours 36 minutes = 7.6 hours
  • Also, you can calculator time between:
  • From the date Nov 9, 2017 to Dec 22, 2017 = 6 week 1 day
  • This is the simplest-to-use Time Calculator with the modern flat interface.
  • It has fast calculation, you can save the most recent calculation results for simple reference.

Time Calculator

Time Calculator

Time calculator is a wonderful app for the students of math. It’s a kind of a calculator that helps a student to complete regular and complex calculations. Other than math students, anyone can use this app for doing routine calculations. You can use the app for doing time calculations with ease, as the option of the convert is available on the calculator. If you are looking for a time tracking service, you can use the app for tracking purposes. But the genuine use of the app is to make the easy calculation of years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Moreover, you can convert time units as well by using the option of different time units. You don’t have to put the burden on your brain, as Time Calculator apps does everything for you with ease. The use of formulas to enter values is an easy process when it comes to managing calculations. You just need to select the value and add the number, the rest of the calculation is done by the app.

This is a Professional time calculator apps. It covers a simple general calculator and is also a time calculator that can add, subtract, divide, multiply and convert time units. This Time Calculator app for android and iOS is vital for professional occupations related to time quantity. Also, you do not have to convert time units in this app (years, days, hours, minutes, seconds) and don’t have to look up another regular calculator again.


  • It’s the calculator that can compute year, day, hour, minute, second.
  • It has Combination of time units.
  • This app can Convert to other time units (year, day, hour, minute, second).
  • You can Record the formula of the calculation and reuse it by selecting it from the record at any time.
  • This time calculator app can also be used as a general calculator.

Time and Hours Calculator

Time and hours calculator

Another on the list is the Time and Hours Calculator. It’s a perfect app used for calculating time values. The app can help you manage your future tasks, as you can set dates and times you want to avail of in the future. Thankfully, the app can be used as a reminder for events and upcoming actions. You can easily calculate the duration between dates and times by using this professional application. With this, you may come to know about the total number of years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Isn’t interesting?

If you want to attend an event in the coming time, you can set the event as your top priority. Further, the app assists you with the subtraction of two dates with ease. You can easily subtract two times using this app. It counts every single minute and second, so you may know about the leap year as well. If you wish to calculate the number of holidays in a year, the app works great to do so.

Add Hours and Minutes

Add hours and minutes

There are so many apps you may use for calculating time, but this particular app is outstanding. Add Hours and Minutes is an app that can help you manage calculations quickly. Indeed, the app works fast, so you may use it anywhere you want. If you want to measure time, you should not use any other when you have got access to Add Hours and Minutes for measuring time. Further, the app covers so many features including the addition and subtraction of time and date. Besides measuring time, math students can also use this app for doing complex and easy calculations.

A decimal calculation option is also available that helps you to cover your course. If you are crazy about knowing your age concerning days, minutes, and seconds, this app tells you the exact age. Other than calculating age, you may find time zones of the world with ease. Above all, you can calculate your savings by using the advanced features of this application. The most exciting feature of the app is its user-friendly service and free availability.

This Time calculator apps for android and iOS allows you to add and subtract hours but also to divide and multiply time hours by a given value. Also, you can function with hours, minutes and seconds.

In this time calculator apps, once a calculation is finished by pressing “Equals” button, you can find the record in history option. Moreover, the history can be empty at any time. This time calculator app has two themes: Blue and Dark. You can select the one that mostly fits you. Also, you can use the button “Now” to bring the current time in the calculator.

Time Calc

Time calc

Want to calculate the time between two indicators? Time Calc is the best app to use for making things happen. The calculator performs a wide range of operations and performs accurate calculations in a few seconds. If you want to use this multifunctional calculator for measuring year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and even second, you never face disappointment with this app. The facility of subtraction and addition is also available in this app whenever it comes to choosing dates you want to calculate and measure for some reason.

Importantly, you may calculate your working days and holidays by using this app in no time. You feel excited when you come to know about the exact time to get a paycheck. Above all, you may calculate the age of your friends by using this app. It would be no more than a surprise for your friends. Above all, the app is best for both time formats, it’s up to you whether you choose 12-hour format or 24-format. Both work great! This is an easy to use time calculator apps for android and iOS with a neat design.


  • You can add, subtract, multiply and divide time mechanisms.
  • You can calculate time between two-time values, for example 12:30 to 15:45 = 3h 15m.
  • Also, you can convert calculated times by clicking the equals button again. The calculation can then cycle through all time units.
  • You can see all your earlier calculations in the history option.
  • Its history entries can be used as memory recall later.
  • It also has commas with time units and its common in time reporting systems.
  • This time calculator app supports 12 and 24-hour clock system.
  • It very easy to operate. The time calculator apps shows you which buttons and calculations that can be done.
  • It has Jelly Bean design on all Android OS versions.

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