Sniper games are full of fun whether you play alone or you play with your friends, you always enjoy sniper games. If you like army combats and gun shooting, you can explore so many sniper games. For all gun shooting lovers, we have found some best free sniper games for Android and iOS users. Check out our game list mentioned below!

Sniper Fury

Sniper fury game

Sniper Fury is so popular on the internet, even smartphone users also enjoy this game on their Android and iOS devices. Sniper Fury is free and takes you to many exciting locations full of thrill and adventures. You can enjoy the environment of urban jungle, haunted, and exotic places. The addition of weather effects makes this game more valuable for thrill lovers. The game covers around 130 action missions that are full of challenges. Every new mission is tougher when compared to the previous one. The game is free, so the ads can disturb you. So, you can avoid seeing ads by playing the paid version of this game.

Sniper 3D: Shoot to kill

Sniper 3d

Sniper 3D is a nice addition for shooting lovers. It’s a perfect shooter game that is best for kids above 7 years old, even a kid of 5 years can also play this game. The game covers so many levels that get tougher as soon as you advance in the game. Just keep going and never look back when you want to open the deadlocks. You can make it. Just trust yourself!

The game comes with so many missions, whereas every mission is different from the other. At one time, you stay in the company of police and army, and at the other time, you hunt zombies. Also, you have to save the world from world war three. You can find around 100 missions, so keep moving forward whenever you begin this adventurous sniper game.

Contract Killer Sniper

Contract Killer Sniper game

Contract Killer Sniper is a popular shooter game that comes with amazing missions. The purpose of the game is to complete missions that are almost 250 in this game. The game is attractive, but it requires effort to play this sniper game. The graphics are awesome that grabs the attention of every single player who likes to play sniper shots.

The game has a different theme, where some organizations kidnap scientists to create cyborgs and things that are harmful to humanity. Your job is to stop such organizations and become a hero after killing your enemies and targeting their base. Overall, the game is full of fun and entertainment for shooting lovers.


Lonewolf sniper games

LONEWOLF is a sniper game that is best for teenagers who keep a sense of playing adventurous games. The game is full of violence that covers so many issues at one time. You have to target your enemies secretly by becoming a part of their organization. You read instructions and get on to the mission after clearing the situation. The background music of the game is amazing that adds some thrill to the game. The game covers around 35 missions and it comes with a 5-hour story. Soon you develop an interest in the game and things become smooth for you when playing this sniper game.

Sniper Arena

Sniper Arena

If you are fond of playing sniper games, then you should try this gorgeous sniper game. It looks like a real game because of the sniper you use. The game is based on eight people including you. The mission is to kill all seven people to become victorious. The one who kills maximum players wins the game and it’s so simple.

During the time you play the game, you come across handy weapons, arms, camouflage, and equipment that you need during the mission continues. Credit goes to the graphics that make this sniper game look real. If you want to enjoy original feelings, download this game and hunt as maximum enemies.

Sniper Ops 3D Shooter

Sniper ops 3d

Sniper Ops 3D Shooter is a free sniper game that is a kind of war game. The game is about killing terrorists who create violence in different regions. Your role is to kill enemies to promote humanity by using the sniper that gives you a 3D view. The game can be played offline, as it facilitates uses who love to play offline. When moving forward, you can find sniper rifles that can help you hunting some enemies. The game has excellent graphics that develop your interest when you start killing the enemies through your sniper.

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper game

If you are looking for wonderful sniper games that take you to amazing graphics, try Hitman Sniper to find some fun and entertainment with your sniper. The app covers some exciting missions that require you to kill enemies who break state laws. You can switch to zombie survival mode to bring some thrill to the game. So, we come to know that Hitman Sniper is full of thrill and adventure, and it quickly improves your killing speed.

Kill Shot Bravo

Killshot Bravo

Kill Shot Bravo is a good game for beginners who have never experienced any sniper game. The game has 3 different modes, where you can participate in online battles or you can gain points after clearing stages. For gaining points, you have to complete around 2400 missions. It is the only way to make your career by clearing missions one after the other.

You may come across useful weapons during the time you clear missions. You can find some amazing machine guns in extraordinary special locations that provide you 3D view. Your job is to fight against evil enemy forces to save your state from crimes. It’s your goal to hunt terrorists, zombies, and criminals to make land enemy-free.

The game comes in online mode, so you get a chance to kill enemies using your best quality snipers. The game graphics are awesome that offers you cool views. To find endless fun, download and start playing the game.

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