This collection introduces you to the 10 best tools for creating animated GIFs, images, and videos that have ingeniously designed editing options and effects for animations. They can also be helpful for making any content interesting and eye-catching and supportive to maintain the interest of the audience. With fun and excitement, they can also be helpful for educational purposes to explain complex topics that need visual content to propagate details. The animated GIFs, images, and videos have their entrepreneurial side too. You can deliver your message more powerfully if it is supported with audio-visual content.

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Test Drive Whatfix For Free

WhatFix is the best tool for digital adoption. You can guide anyone online on using a software developing a flow chart, displaying various steps and thus making a complex topic easy. This tool also allows you to embed widget on your web page and share source links with your viewers that will support the steps on your page. Except for developing extension for Firefox and Google Chrome, the rest of the process of building widgets is simple. You can use some of the features of this tool free but for advanced feature you need to subscribe.



If you want to create instant GIFs and preview animations of lengthy videos, this tool will be your best choice with its intuitive interface. It offers you powerful options to create stunning GIFs using your video files. You can also edit GIFs using image filters and applying overlay texts. Its innovative features provide you real time support to convert quickly your selected stuff into animations. It also allows you sharing GIFs on Pinterest, Instagram and to your own blog. GIFBrewery is workable on both your Mac OSX and PC.

Gyazo –  Cool Animations

Share screen captures instantly

This wonderful tool is actually meant for scree-capturing, however, it also allows developing GIFs and videos and saving and sharing them in few seconds. Gyazo is one of the most popular tools that has been used so far as by 1.5 billion time and it is enough to prove its functionality and superb results. It can work on Windows, Mac, and Linux with convenience. You have also access to all social media platform for sharing GIFs and videos. If you have a little creative knack, you can use this tool for business-related activities.

Recordit – Super Animations

Let’s Make a Video!

This screencast tool ensures fast and the quickest results because it offers you simple drag and drop options. You need only to spot your video clip, click record and your stuff is ready to share with your viewers. However, you must note also that you can get recording of maximum 5-minutes with this tool and not more than that. You get moving slides of the captured videos which you can turn into GIFs.  You can run it on both Windows and Mac operating systems.



GIFDeck is a premium quality tool to convert slideshares into animated GIFs conveniently. Before the introduction of GIFDeck, SlideShare was the widely-used tool for sharing presentations. GIFDeck has smartly replaced its predecessor for easing the task of sharing by turning decks into GIFs. This tool also allows you to use GIFs in your emails and give them a hilarious look. Gmail allows this tool while you can share your GIFs on Twitter too.

Make a GIF

Make a GIF

Make a GIF is a great hub for GIF making. It allows you to develop GIFs from all types of videos whether they are in your video gallery or on YouTube. It also supports you as a free image hosting site. You can link any GIF you like from your gallery and request to delete it whenever you like. You can also go through the GIFs available on this website and take great ideas for inspiration. No subscription is required to develop an account.

GIFYT – Easy Animations

screencasts into GIFs

GIFYT is a great source for turning YouTube videos and screencasts into GIFs. It is immensely helpful for creating original content. It offers you an easy process to get GIF within no time. Just select a particular scene on a video, capture it and turn into an instant GIF. However, you must know that GIFYT doesn’t support long clips. It’s easy to use tools don’t require any editing experience. There is no subscription required for most of its features.

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PowToon – Admin Choice

create professional and fully customized videos

The next tool on the list is PowToon which enables you to piece together multiple clips, characters and themes and create a stunning animated story. It provides you with breathtaking options in layouts, themes and stylish and pretty backgrounds to multiply the impression of your videos. With PowToon, you can share your animations on YouTube with a few clicks. You can use this app through subscription only.


Make your own whiteboard video fast

VideoScribe supports Mac and PC and features a particular specialty. With the help of this amazing tool you can develop whiteboard videos that are mostly commonly used to create drawing animations. They are helpful for animating texts and create drawings on a digital canvas. The best part is that you can download this app and use it offline too. It is free to try but you have to subscribe to enjoy its full features. There are different packages available depending on which tools and features you want to get.

Vyond – Animations Maker

Make Your Own Animated Videos

Vyond gathered a large fan group when it was introduced by the name GoAnimate. It was downloaded by a great majority of people for providing them with the easiest and adorable options to create animated cartoon videos. Like its former version, Vyond offers a great arsenal of tools for eye-grabbing animations GIF, images, and videos. Vyond has a special collaborative option which helps you coordinate through it with a larger group.  You need to subscribe $79/month or $599 a year to enjoy it.

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Animations excel simple videos and make your message softer, hilarious and far more engaging. The options given above can be used for several purposes. It doesn’t make any difference if you haven’t tried any of them before. These wonderful tools are easy to run and you don’t the skills of a pro to create animated GIFs, images, and videos of your own likeness. If you are running some business, they can help you generate leads and buyers and give a boost to your business too.

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